What was the main reason why you joined Postloop?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by angelsherrykudo, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. kleanguy

    kleanguy New Member

    My interest in Postloop was strictly pecuniary until I came across qualitative contents in the site which changed my perception. It is incredibly awesome here.
  2. yosleve

    yosleve New Member

    Am a Nigerian from the southwestern geopolitical zone. Steve is my name, an innovative individual who strive to manage challenges within a specified duration while improving self worth in an an enabling ever changing social environment... Joining this platform would assist my skill set development while making extra income for the pursuit of happiness.
  3. Philes

    Philes New Member

    frankly speaking, i joined Postloop to make some extra money. but I have noticed that if i stay here a little longer I can some improve on my typing and blogging skills.
  4. Meagan1985

    Meagan1985 New Member

    I am new to Postloop! I am looking for ways to make some money and to improve my communication skills. I moved to Switzerland last year from the USA and I'm struggling to find a job. I'm hoping that this will be a positive experience and I will learn some useful skills. I look forward to the opportunity to help others!
  5. markbru

    markbru New Member

    I am from the Pearl of the Orient..Philippines. I joined Postloop to make some money as a freelancer. So far I am enjoying commenting and reading other post. It helps me also to express what is on my mind. I love Postloop. I hope and I am looking forward to have friends here no matter where you are and share our thoughts. In Postloop We are the commentators.
  6. eli414

    eli414 New Member

    Hello! My name is Eli, and I joined to make a little extra money before I move in with my soon-to-be husband. I'm still trying to figure out exactly how this works, so I'm posting here to see if my post count goes up! The forum says it shouldn't. We'll see!
    I hope you make some money and improve your communication skills like you want. The Philippines seems like such an interesting place! I've never been out of the continental United States before. I hope to see more of the world before I settle down completely. I'd like to at least go to Europe once before I retire.
  7. RickyDojo

    RickyDojo New Member

    Hello, my friends call me Ricky, and I've found out about Postloop while looking into the chance to make some extra money! I'm hoping to not only earn the additional cash but also to improve my writing skills, and try my hand at something new. I'm very excited to try this out!
  8. Nightvolt

    Nightvolt New Member

    Hi! I am also new here. I joined the post loop community to try to gain passive income while participating in meaningful post (well at least the ones which are meaningful to me(",) anyway). The idea behind this is actually good especially for people who already likes making comments on different forums at least this way you can express your thoughts and may a few bucks at the same time.
    So to all the newbie here and out there, lets start engaging on different topics and i hope we get some tips from the veteran post loop community. Good luck and enjoy everyone!
  9. carlyy-KdF3

    carlyy-KdF3 New Member

    good morning postlooper peeps

    I joined Postloop because it seems like i can earn some money here and also the best way to practice writing and to express my opinion on various topics that people are interested to talk about. But i'm having problem getting subscribe and i can't seem to figure out how to know if my posts are verified to start earning? I've already posted more than 10 but i haven't been notified if my account is under review or what. Please enlighten me. Thanks
  10. brylleblog

    brylleblog New Member

    Hello i'm also Filipino I Joined Here to Have an Extra Income To Help My Parent and I Search Alot of Site That Doesn't Scam people And I Found This Site Are Safe Many People Using It And I'm So Excited To Sign Up for The First Time i Thought Blogging Is Hard But I Think Blogging Is Not That Hard you Just Need To Think Properly
  11. wyethdegala

    wyethdegala New Member

    Hi. I joined Postloop for the opportunity to work from home. The income in working from home is not as much as I am gaining now. But waking up with the family is the best feeling than receiving a higher monthly wage away from them. And I believe, throughout the chance that this site offers, everyone of us will have the ability to practice and enhance their writing skills.
  12. karen.angeel

    karen.angeel New Member

    The main reason I'm here in Postloop because of a vlogger who basically gives Filipinos and other people who doesn't have time and those who wants extra income, he entice and motivate me to become someone who may become an independent through what I love which is giving opinions and expressing myself through blogging and writing things that may help me improve my skills and to learn more in this platform while earning amounts that would give me extra funds for my future savings. I look forward in giving ideas for others and learning more things in this forum with diverse ideas, culture and beliefs in different areas of life.
  13. Wilvelo88

    Wilvelo88 Member

    I joined postloop not just to earn dollars but to express my thoughts, views , opinion on a certain topic. I want to share my abilities and knowledge to inspire people and postloop is a great platform to do that. I enjoy reading posts and as well share my post to them. I hope that more people share quality post for us to learn new things and techniques.
  14. mythalot

    mythalot New Member

    Well, I join Postloop because I'm not very happy with my earning right now. My money gets quickly depleted even though I work many hours. I guess I'm a big spender and I could use more money. I thought maybe I'd be able to make my life more better with extra cash. The world runs on money without it we would struggle. I wish I could just not have to pay for anything in life. I just hope that I don't have to work one day and I can just finally enjoy life with people that matter to me.
  15. Ednadhet

    Ednadhet New Member

    Hi! A Filipina here, too. I joined Postloop because I want to socialize with different people, sharing ideas to one another and I feel like I was talking to a long time friend. Also, I want to earn extra income as I’m just alone in home and no one to talk to.
  16. Madamdyosa

    Madamdyosa New Member

    I joined Postloop because I want to try and take new adventure in my life that might help me to boost my confidence more because it's really hard for me to express my thoughts, opinions and ideas because I am afraid of rejections and I believe that this is also a way to learn from different point of view of people in a certain area of topic.
  17. Pinkchips

    Pinkchips New Member

    Hello! I'm also a Filipino as well. The reason Im joining postloop is to try a new experience and to have an extra cash at the sametime. I hope I get a lot of money here in postloop.
  18. rokverohi

    rokverohi New Member

    Hi, i'm Rok and from the UK. I basically join for the obvious reason to see if i can earn money doing what i love doing, blogging, posting and writing.
  19. kawaiirinchan

    kawaiirinchan New Member

    Hello! I'm a high school student from the Philippines. I found out about Postloop on Youtube. It seemed like a good way to earn money during my spare time so I decided to give it a try. The second reason is that, I've always loved writing. I believe that Postloop can enhance my thinking skills as well. I want to communicate with people around the world and possibly share my interests and knowledge with them. I am just new here and I am looking forward to posting more!
  20. lizel.online

    lizel.online New Member

    Hello everyone... it's actually my first time posting here. I am still trying to familiarize things here in postloop and learn how things work. I happen to come across this forum while browsing one particular forum on how to earn money online. I am a first time mom and would like to take care of my baby myself while earning money. Since taking care of my baby is not possible in a regular job, I opt in finding home-based work instead. I have always preferred writing rather than expressing things verbally so when I discover postloop, I feel like it's the perfect job for me. So, here I am, trying to get approved and hopefully be approved soon. Wish me luck! And Cheers to all!
  21. #robin68

    #robin68 New Member

    Today is my first day on this site. I joined to talk about things that are of interest to me and to share information. Robin Laurain
  22. AiMisaki

    AiMisaki New Member

    Hello! I'm new here and I am a Filipino too. One of the main reason why I joined here is to have an extra income. Since, I'm just 16 years who's still studying in high school and still relying on my parents, I always think of ways on how to have an extra income so that I can support myself and help my parents as well. Until, I found some good feedbacks about postloop saying that it was legit and paying fairly so, I thought that it might be a great opportunity for me so I didn't hesitate to try this. Aside from earning money I also thought that it may be a good thing to do whenever I have a free time. At the same time it is also an entertainment for me whenever I'm posting in any kind of forums,which I honestly enjoy.
  23. mark joseph vinco

    mark joseph vinco New Member

    Hi! I'm also a Filipino, I joined Postloop because i think this will be the way to help me with my financial since i need to have a part-time because my salary is not enough to provide daily need of my family. Hope i will get accepted in this community. Thanks!
  24. zaichi

    zaichi New Member

    I want to expand my knowledge and skills specially in writing and expressing my self that is the main reason why I join postloop. Second Is, who would have hate writing and expressing yourself and in the same time earning money? no one right? :) expressing yourself and getting involved in a highly viewed community where you can showcased your ideas and belief is a great deal.
  25. bijoupali

    bijoupali New Member

    I joined Postloop after reading about it tonight on Reddit. I have been searching for ways to make money doing things I enjoy, and it seems to fit the bill. It's difficult to find opportunities like this that are not a scam. From what I have read, Postloop is a great site to work for and pays well. I sincerely hope the posts I read are factual and not posts made by writers who are paid to write whatever the site may ask of them.
  26. althealoui03

    althealoui03 New Member

    I joined postloop to earn money since I don't do anything right now, might as well use my free time on earning money.
  27. kavitha123

    kavitha123 Member

    Hi,I'm newbie in this work.I have to give my knowledge in this field.
  28. Divinelyrich

    Divinelyrich New Member

    The main reason I joined Postloop is to earn extra income with my writing skills.
  29. smartwrite

    smartwrite New Member

    Hello, the main reasons why I join Postloop is to make money using my writing skills and to share great ideas with other writers who are also tapping from this great opportunity given to me by Postloop. I love Postloop!
  30. Arshi

    Arshi New Member

    The main reason to joining postloop is making some money. Nowadays i really need money, so i came here. I get informed about postloop on Pinterest and it really caught my attention. I figure why not give it a shot, nd now i hope that i can earn some money with this site. This is looking a vry good site because of here u can learn nd teach with people nd improving your writing skill or intract them. so i talk about my frnds too joining the postloop.

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