What was the main reason why you joined Postloop?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by angelsherrykudo, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. Noypi20

    Noypi20 New Member

    The main reason i joined Postloop because it is extra income for me also and postloop it is a good resource to get earn money online ... :):):)
  2. Newcastle-qAee

    Newcastle-qAee New Member

    I am a member of several online survey panels open to anyone to join by registering their basic details and answering a number of questions, usually by ticking boxes. Whilst searching online for more thought-provoking ways of making money, I came across Postloop which sparked off my interest in writing again as I had got a bit out of the habit. Postloop specifies that applicants must pass a test before being accepted. If successful this would give me a strong sense of achievement. Postloop is more interactive than survey panels. Being part of an online community by exchanging views with others on a wide range of issues, experiences, lessons learnt and to share writing tips would also give me a sense of belonging. I am unfamiliar with the concept of a content exchange marketplace which makes me want to delve further.
  3. vikky042

    vikky042 New Member

    wow,joined for several reasons which may include:
    a:Assessing several informative forums and acquiring knowledge in different aspects.
    b:writing and commenting on threads to teach and en-lighting others,thereby learning too.
    c:To make new and great friends from different parts of the world and all works of life.
    d:And making some extra cash is always a pleasure.
  4. Jomari-QyEG

    Jomari-QyEG Member

    i joined for income as possible
  5. wakethenight

    wakethenight New Member

    I learned about Postloop on Reddit. I'm a writer by trade, but I feel like I've lost how to write in a short, succinct manner that usually doesn't play well in my genre of writing. Also, since I'm an expat and live almost exclusively on my computer, it would be great to post content and get paid for it as well.
  6. eymi13

    eymi13 New Member

    My friend refer this online job. Why I joined this kind of online job? I joined Postloop to earn money with my spare time. I thinks it's the easiest way to earn money.
  7. Lhea932

    Lhea932 New Member

    Hello everyone, Im a new member here. I learn from the youtube about this great oppurtunity to earn income while at home. Im always on the internet just scrolling feeds on facebook, instagram and watching different movies in youtube so ai thought I could change that and at the same time earning points which eventually turn into income. And beside of that, I love writing content and at the same time I got to learn something from other post. It so beneficial and hope to read, post more and earn.
  8. simplyjoy

    simplyjoy New Member

    It has always been my passion to write. And through the course of many years, I have set this passion aside focusing on a regular job. However in doing so, I just felt somehow empty and unmotivated. I have come across postloop along the way as I search for freelancing and home-based opportunities.
  9. Shally

    Shally Member

    The main reason i joined this postloop is because i really want to earn and gain some friends..i really love chatting and sharing my opinions.i know that theres a lot of people relying on Mr.Google and copy paste for them to make a good answer.But for me i want to share my opinion and my knowledge tru my experience and journey in my life..so ill be glad that i used to become a part of this wonderful site that gives a lot of great opportunitiesto have an extra income whie doing this at my free time only..
  10. shaoshao1083

    shaoshao1083 New Member

    The main reason I joined Postloop is for extra income, productivity and sharing my views on things. I like good discussions. I like exchanging views on certain topics and the knowledge to gain from it. I am also saving for a house renovation and having extra income is a huge help. Recently, I have been having a lot of free time and I want it to be productive so joining Postloop allows me to do that with extra income.
  11. ansitech

    ansitech New Member

    I will be honest as I am unemployed right now want to raise some money that's the reason I am using it and hoping it will help going through in my goals.
  12. Lucy8888

    Lucy8888 New Member

    Hi Everyone! I'm Lucy and I'm also a newbie here. The reason I joined postloop is I'm looking for an extra income and at the same time to explore more about the internet on how you will earn during your spare time and most especially sharing my personal thoughts and ideas to other. It's my first time to joined in this kind of forum and I know I will enjoy doing this and hope to help others to learn and make new friends.
  13. domagas

    domagas New Member

    Hello. You can call me Gio, I'm from the Philippines. I signed up here in postloop because I want to learn a writing skill and I know this is a good place to start. I always say to my friends and even to my self not to be contented with what you know, always make a way to try and explore new things and ideas in which you might learn something. Another very good reason is while I try to learn a skill here, I can hopefully earn a few bucks while doing it.
  14. Misterme

    Misterme New Member

    Hello i have joined this site in hope of finding some extra income to help my financial commitments and to pass the time ,i have recently had an accident at work and have broken my leg so i am searching the internet daily to find good reliable websites to work for.This site looks good and promising from what i have read , good luck to all and happy posting .Thanks Jordan Durante
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  15. jakeandrew

    jakeandrew New Member

    Hello everyone!

    I joined Postloop because I want to earn extra money, I want to make the most out of my free time, I want to explore new things and enhance my skills for future purposes and also, I want to indulge myself in writing and be able to write my opinions regarding the things I want to know and never limit myself in gaining knowledge.
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  16. MOkada

    MOkada New Member

    Mainly, I joined this platform to hopefully earn a bit of money to save up for a Japan trip that I have planned in advance with my friends. I love Japanese culture as much as I love writing, so therefore, I decided this was an ideal way to attain some funds. I really want to impress some people also with my creative writing skills, though, there are so many talented writers here already. I'm uncomfortable with posting my thoughts online, so doing this also helps me become accustomed to that. Thank you!
  17. Sonnyboy

    Sonnyboy New Member

    Hi guys,

    I joined the postloop cause l wanna try different career and make extra income from it hopefully
    I could get a good feed back on them.
  18. Boki

    Boki New Member

    Hello, I am also a newbie here and my main reason is also to earn money like the rest of you, what a coincidence!This website seems cool and i thought, hell yeah I can try it out since I need some money.Also a legit way to learn some stuff from other people aswell.Have fun everybody and keep postin'!
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  19. sweatbar

    sweatbar New Member

    Hey folks I'm Shehan from Sri Lanka and I found about postloop from a forum. Came to check things out and guess what? I liked it so far. This is my first post in postloop and looking forward to grow my creativity and my knowledge while sharing happiness :) with you all.

    Almost forgot here to make some pocket money as well.
  20. superkiromaru

    superkiromaru New Member

    Hi everyone!!
    I am also a Filipino and I found Postloop while watching on YouTube. I think this site is interesting. I hope I will learn so much on reading and posting as well. It also caught my interest because I love to read informative forums and stuffs. See you around guys!
  21. tinenapadaingmeow

    tinenapadaingmeow New Member

    Honestly, I joined this because I want to earn money. I'm not really good at expressing my thoughts and opinions but I would be glad if I'd do so in exchange of money xD But seriously, I wanna improve my writing skills since I'm a senior high school student and I've chose the HUMSS track. We have to have a broad and creative mind in order to have a high grades. Fortunately, Postloop helped me with my little problem. This is like my training ground every time I post my thoughts regarding certain topics. It also enhances my vocabulary since I've found great number of writers and I've been thinking of being a writer someday. Wish I could let my thoughts out more rather than keeping it to myself.
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  22. SerenityLove

    SerenityLove New Member

    Hi everyone. I am 19 years old from the Philippines. I joined postloop solely because of its promising passive income. I've wanted to have this kind of job mainly because I need to experience doing a job for me to know what is the feeling so that I have an idea what is ahead for me in the near future. Postloop also have this kind of interactions to people, it is really nice to talk to someone and make a conversation about things that interest the both of us.

    I'am glad also for the features because it is more easier to navigate to go somewhere here. Also I love the idea of earning points. It builds the hype all the time. Aiming for something bigger and better is my goal in life. I'am really happy that I have found Postloop.

    To conclude all, being in here is a pleasure for me. I've got to practice my English writing better because to be honest I'am not that good on this language although I can understand English. and at the same time making some money. As I've said I love the interactions that going in here as I myself is really talkative to something that interest me. So I hope I aim bigger on Postloop. Goodluck to me and to everyone herr and Godbless us all.
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  23. rockpen23

    rockpen23 New Member

    This is a better way to support all the people who rely and believe on us aside from the financial aspect! A small token like a handwritten letter could go a long way in making them smile. In this fast phase environment where almost everything is an instant. A good post can influence on how we interact with our colleagues and people who eye on our thoughts. This is a world where everything is possible especially keeping a warm relationship and that's the essence of writing. :laugh:
  24. Pedong

    Pedong New Member

    Hi to all! Honestly, I'll join this Postloop site is to earn money and I wan't to expand my knowledge this is a really big help for me and I love reading, so this is a perfect for me and I look forward to all members here to share their knowledge.
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  25. Powitsebony

    Powitsebony New Member

    Postloop was recommended to be by one of my friends and I thought it sounded pretty cool so I joined. Writing on forums is really a convenient way for me to make some extra cash outside of my part time job and college classes. Hopefully, I'll also be able to learn new things and have access to new topics via the forums too.
  26. Hdenny

    Hdenny New Member

    Hi. I'm Canadian. I'm hoping to improve my writing skills, and to make a bit of income on the side. I don't have a lot of spare time at once but I do have small pockets throughout the day.
  27. tumpagreych

    tumpagreych New Member

    I joined postloop to meet and join discussions with great people. Know ideas and opinions coming from different type of nationalities and views. Its nice to know that having fun and sharing thoughts somewhat rewarding. Good thing that there is a site which is postloop that could help its subscribers earn points and gaining friends.
  28. triumphforks

    triumphforks New Member

    Hello! I joined because as a translation university student I spend a lot of my time writing and analyzing texts so I think this is a good way to improve my skills and occupy some of my free time, especially during the tedious weekends and the many bus and metro rides.
  29. jownerd

    jownerd New Member

    Hello, everyone! I’m a newbie here. I joined Postloop mainly because I wanted to a have more productive way to spend my free time.

    I had always wanted to be a writer. When I was younger, I had dreamed of becoming one. When I was about to go to college, I had my second thoughts on being a writer as a profession. I had my fears that there are a LOT of better writers than me. I was afraid that I may not excel on this field.

    Here I am now, in my mid 30s, accomplished in a completely different craft, and I have a successful career in the profession I chose. I am looking forward to write a whole lot of posts here in Postloop. ;)
  30. rapmartin

    rapmartin New Member

    Good day, I am a newbie, I joined Postloop after watching some interesting reviews on YouTube about this site. I am a Filipino working abroad and this site can definitely make my time worthwhile.

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