What was the main reason why you joined Postloop?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by angelsherrykudo, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. vonsellner2012

    vonsellner2012 New Member

    I was researching different ways to earn an income online and came across Postloop while watching a Youtube video. This seemed like a good way to start earning an income while sharing my opinion on different topics. Since I do this for free anyway it seemed like a good way to make some extra money.

    So, in short, my main reason for joining is to earn money for something that I already do for free.
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  2. CarrotBunny

    CarrotBunny New Member

    Today I was looking around trying to figure out how to find people to refer to sites with a referral system when you don't have anyone to refer to them? (More like I don't want to bother people I know with referrals. ahaha)

    Then I came across a page that was talking about sites with referral services, even though it wasn't what I was actually looking forrrr, I started to read a few of them and saw 'PostLoop' mentioned and read that it would pay you for posting on forums.
    So I was like "Woah, you can seriously get paid to post on forums!? I do that all time time anyhow, sign me up!" ahahah xD
    So here I am! :D
  3. Remziel

    Remziel Member

    Hello Everyone!
    I'm newbie here. The reason why I join Postloop is to earn real money and to help my family financially. I found this site also more interesting. I want also to enhance my skills and meet new good people here.
  4. ElSch7

    ElSch7 New Member

    Great answer! I second that motion!:)
  5. ElSch7

    ElSch7 New Member

    I have been doing micro working and crowd sourcing jobs online for a couple of years or more. It's been an enjoyable way to earn a bit of extra money for crafting supplies, gifts or little indulgences. I enjoy the challenge of learning new things and doing a variety of tasks. There have been times I've struggled to find the kind of side gigs I like the most. From time to time I search for other legitimate places. While searching last night, I came across an article which listed Postloop as a great paid to post website.

    That reminds me, I need to leave them a review and a BIG thank you soon! I am thrilled to a new member of this awesome place! I love writing feedback and reviews. Blogging is on my to learn to list soon. Working here should help me brush up on my skills while bringing home glitter money. Or rhinestone money. Or mama's dreaming of Sia tickets money!
  6. annasay26

    annasay26 New Member

    Hi everyone..I'm also Filipina here....I just want to make some passive income here that's why I joinned postlooped...I hope you can guide me here and teach me because Im newbie here...Thankyou very much.
  7. Carusia

    Carusia New Member

    Hi All! Newbie here, a 41 year old mother of two boys, also from the Philippines. I joined Postloop to get passive income to support my boys. I used to love writing but the full time work and kids got on the way. I was hoping I could spend my passion for writing here and gain some extra income to support my kids. Wishing everyone a great day!
  8. mye0621

    mye0621 New Member

    I am here to try to earn a little extra money on the side the honest way. I work construction but since we are in the middle of winter here in Indiana work slows down a lot but the bills keep coming. I don't want to look for a different job because i love what i do and its not worth it to me to start a new job and have to leave what i do behind but since I'm only working a couple of days out of the week i need something else to keep me busy on my free time. I have never done anything like this but i like trying new things and like to put effort into everything that i do.
  9. Shane Simmons

    Shane Simmons New Member

    I joined in 2014 to try to supplement my freelancing income. With any luck on my part, I'll write 10 quality posts someday.
  10. AWoodlock

    AWoodlock New Member

    I am a student and to be quite honest I have been searching for a way to earn money on a flexible time schedule. However, I have discovered that i quite enjoy reading others responses and seeing other sides to debates which I have not considered. It has allowed me to open my eyes and learn more on controversial topics that I may not have known before.
  11. ohoohooh

    ohoohooh New Member

    I joined here because I saw I video online on how to make money, thought that this also would be a nice way to talk to some new people:)
  12. nanjb12

    nanjb12 Member

    I joined here to make extra income. And I think it is a good way to learn new insights as well.
  13. Kinsy

    Kinsy New Member

    I like that you can improve your own communication/writing skills while making some income on the side. Getting paid to improve your own personal skills is definitely a motivator, haha.

    I joined because I was looking for ways to make an income from home. I injured myself three years ago and since then it has been difficult to find something I'm capable of doing regularly. I like the idea that I might have found an option to make a few dollars without killing my back. I think this is a good opportunity for people who want to do a little work from home.
  14. GioMatos

    GioMatos New Member

    Hey there girl! Nice to meet you. Speaking quite frankly, I joined this website because I wanted to have an additional income. I want to move out from my parents' house! Any extra money I can get will be useful. I'm also saving up to buy all the things I'll need. So far I've bought a stove and some cutlery haha :p
  15. chdz42

    chdz42 New Member

    Being completely honest, I joined to make extra money on the side. Currently, I'm in school still and I just don't have time to get a job with a shift or set period of time I have to work. So far, being only my second day on Postloop, I have enjoyed it. I didn't know or think that writing, random tidbits, in my opinion, would be so engaging and thought-provoking. It seems like there's a really great community behind this site and I can't wait to possibly make friends with some of the people in it.
  16. monicaS27

    monicaS27 New Member

    Good day everyone
    As I browse more with all the threads here in Postloop, I am amazed with the camarderie, encouragement, sharing and supportiveness of members and guests in their postings. Because people here are with the same feathers like mine... very informative and it gave me an outlet and the place to share my knowledge in life and also you can express yourself freely and make friends along the way
    I have plenty of time to spare at work and definitely I will enjoy reading all postings here.
    Definitely I gonna love Postloop
  17. Danna0305

    Danna0305 New Member

    I joined postloop because i like answering surveys in the internet and the money that i can earn so that it can help to my financial studies without even demanding a money to my father.

    TANPOST Member

    Was told I could earn 50 to 100.00 a day - posting comments on websites..
  19. ishayhra

    ishayhra New Member

    I joined Postloop after I watched a video posted by Tristan in Youtube. It's kind of interesting to know that you can share your ideas and point of views and earning at the same time. Who doesn't want an extra source of income? I joined because I want to earn money for my kids. What I love about postloop is that you can work at your own pace and are not required to submit a specific number of comments within any time frame. I also love the flexibility it offers.
  20. Smoz

    Smoz New Member

    Hello, I'm 22 and from the United States. I am in college full time and I have a part time job. My job and my full time schooling doesn't allow me a lot of time to get another job because they often ask first priority when in reality they are going to be third. This normally doesn't settle well with them and so I looked online for a stay-at-home job that gives me the freedom to work when I need to. Unfortunately, I have gone through a couple online jobs that just don't pay enough for my time ($3-5 an hour). I am checking out Postloop to see if it's worth my time. Hopefully this will help me pay for some of my schooling.
  21. angelinepenaflor

    angelinepenaflor New Member

    I have decided to join postloop basically because of the idea that you can write whatever it is that's on your mind. I call Postloop as a world of free writing. You can write the things that hurt, bring joy, or whatever it is that interests you. Here in postloop, you are allowed to have endless ideas. That alone made me happy.
  22. leodavid09

    leodavid09 Member

    I have been a member of some forums before but not for earning but for learning. So I have heard of this site and I got excited that you can post here and earn at the same time.
  23. nspreloved

    nspreloved New Member

    Hello! Please call me Nica. The reason why I joined Postloop is because I wanted to earn some extra income. I am currently self employed but I want to earn more to support my passion of travelling. I joined Postloop yesterday because of a recommendation of a Youtube channel.
    I used to join some forums before, and I find it interesting because I can get to share my thoughts and experiences about a certain topic and if I am lucky enough, I can get to know some people and become friends in real life.
    I also want to practice how to write some content and gain some feedback from my fellow Postloopers. I hope I can discover more interesting topics that can make me express my thoughts more.
  24. Etaypink1

    Etaypink1 Active Member

    maybe need making money
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  25. bloodybrain

    bloodybrain Member

    hello, can I ask you a question? so for the long you using postloop how much you get paid?. i just want to know hehe
  26. shaamei

    shaamei Member

    Hey everyone, and to all the Filipinos here.

    For me, my primary reason in joining postloop was to earn extra income while looking for a freelance job online. After joining and reading some of the posts here, I learned that aside from earning I could also learn a lot from here like improving my grammar and writing skills.
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  27. Etaypink1

    Etaypink1 Active Member

    How to Making Money?
    anybody wants to help?
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  28. Rooneey

    Rooneey Member

    Actually, i joined here because it's interesting. Saying what you want to say is such a relieving. Sometimes, i express my feelings here. Maybe, money is just a bonus for me! But, i enjoy reading of those who have opinion. I've learned a lot here.
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  29. Allanjohn30

    Allanjohn30 Member

    Hello everyone! I am Allan and I am a Filipino. I joined Postloop because I found it really interesting. Aside from earning money, I can also express myself and share my experiences and knowledge to others or at least inspire them. I have been looking for legit website that will help those people who want to earn money using the skills that they are capable of.

    I am hoping that I can find and build friendship here to improve my social relationship. Thank you to Postloop. :)
  30. NETTE

    NETTE New Member

    Something interesting to try I don't have a job and I am a student so its a fun way to earn money that I really need.

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