What was the most addictive game that you have ever played?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Abesh, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. ewapc101

    ewapc101 Active Member


    May 29, 2018, 5:44 AM
    The most addictive game I played was World of Warcraft. Back when I was still playing it, I would get up in the morning, log in and not do anything other than play WoW the entire day. During summer break, I'd even turn my alarm on to 6am, so I had more time to play. It was insane, that game was basically my life for the better part of 3 years that felt like 10.

    I kind of miss being able to get so absorbed by a game in that way, but I am also not 18 anymore and don't have the time to spend so much time on one single game.
  2. ewapc101

    ewapc101 Active Member

    May 29, 2018, 7:03 AM
    World of Warcraft for sure. Interesting story, but that game changed my life. I met my wife while I was playing. She was 1000 miles away at the time and we played together for years until we decided to go to the next level and meet up. We did... now we are married (9 years) with 2 kids. And yes, we still do play sometimes.
  3. NGear

    NGear New Member

    Most addictive, huh? Well for me, it was DEVIL MAY CRY 3 and 4; both tied up for "most addicting", mainly due to how complex the combat system can be if utilized masterfully. It's the very core of a game that's "easy to learn, but hard to master", one that's thrilling to play as you blaze through various levels, while learning, improvising, and adopting your very own unique chains of combos. Seeing many fun combos to try and do motivates me to become better while still having fun. (I NEED MORE POWER!!)

    Having an upcoming sequel to them next year amps up my will to master them again. Now, I'm MOTIVATED!!
  4. Ixba

    Ixba Member

    The most addictive game I've played is tetris. I'm still playing tetris and I've been doing it for years now. I started since I was 5 years old with a normal tetris, then I switched to console tetris and nowadays I have been playing tetris blitz on my cell phone for years.
    Without a doubt it is a game that makes me the most addictive and fun. The version that I play on my cell phone has many powers to use and not only levels to solve. You can play it against others and win tournaments or play one against one. You earn coins and fragments to raise your powers and be the best.
  5. classical-guitarist

    classical-guitarist New Member

    I will have to say Skyrim. I first got it on my 360 the day it came out and I believe I probably spent close to 300 hours on that save file alone. Since moving to a pc build I clocked another couple hundred hours on the GOTY edition. When the remastered version came out I again added another 200 hours into the game. In the grand scheme of things, I have a fairly low play time compared to others but I feel the biggest thing is that you never run out of things to do or see. The developers made it a priority to add small events that lead the player to create their own story and lore. Once you add in the mod community then there is no limit to what you can do in the game. I even got my mum hooked on Skyrim and she's not a big gamer!
  6. Retspihied

    Retspihied New Member

    I'd have to say Runescape. It was the first MMORPG PC game I played, I was only 12 years old at the time so it has a special place in my heart. The combat, skills and exploring were my favorite part about it. There's an in-game economy that allows you to grow your own wealth! (That to me was the most addictive part about it)
  7. junjun-RwEM

    junjun-RwEM New Member

    Given the fact that I don’t have the capacity of being a ‘gamer’, I still do enjoy the hype it brings to each one. I’ve played the early versions of Warcraft and Starcraft. I do aim for their power and construction upgrades, although I find it hard. These role playing games enables me to be ‘in-charge’ once in a while.
  8. spanner7

    spanner7 New Member

    The most addicting game I've played was DOTA (1 and 2) because its a quite complicated game with different approach and strategies to win the game. First, I'm having difficulty to play this game because you need fast reaction time on eyes and fingers to cast your skills and item properly and be attentive and focus on the map and to your selected hero to avoid feeding the enemy team. With practice and dedication to be a good player, for sure you can be play different heroes with different roles in the game and help your team to achieve victory. I usually play for 3-5 hours a day to rank up. Its still depend on how you and your team cooperate to win the game
  9. sasarus

    sasarus New Member

    Probably Gothic 1,2 and 3. Its a RPG game and it has the best ingame story ever, no doubt. If i was learning for my exams that many hours i wouldnt be on this forum and i would not try making money on postloop. The game is like drugs, although i have never tried that thing. Just saying...
  10. fernando22

    fernando22 New Member

    The most addictive game that I ever played was, by far, Age of Empires II. This game presents an entire universe of possibilities about resources management, which are necessary to build your own empire and complete the tasks of each scenario of the game. Besides, it has an accurate hystorical background, so it is a really entertaining game and by playing it, you can learn one thing or two about history of the medieval age.
  11. angie828

    angie828 New Member

    Rollercoaster Tycoon! I loved that game when I was in high school and beyond. I played it every day, and on weekends. We only had one computer at the time, and it seemed that I was always on it playing that game. But it was so much fun to create an amusement park. I really do miss that game!
  12. noellemartin999

    noellemartin999 New Member

    The Sims 2 and lately City Skylines can suck me in for HOURS. It's honestly sad how much time I've spent on thos.e two games. The other day I was on my ps4 for over 9 hours just building my city in CS and could. not. stop.
  13. JuiceAndJam

    JuiceAndJam New Member

    The most addictive game I ever played has to be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It's hard to say that I was addicted to it, for I played a large amount of games, but I remember always playing about 6-7 hours a day on MW2, playing the multiplayer and unlocking everything. I haven't toughed on it for some years now, but I can easily say I have played a 1000+ hours on it alone. No other game in my life have I wasted so much hours on.
  14. Yumyan

    Yumyan New Member

    Skyrim. It was the first that I played in which involved an open world. My dream. To be in an open-world and to have the freedom to choose what you wanted to do made it truly addictive. I played it everyday. I miss it.
  15. gettothemoney

    gettothemoney New Member

    The most addictive game ive ever played is resident evil 4. I don't know exactly what it is about those games I just love going through and hacking and killing the enemies its fun and exciting. Ive sat and played for hours on end not want ing to put the controller down whatsoever.
  16. hountanie

    hountanie New Member

    Ragnarok online, since I'm a grade school up to now I'm still playing it
    it has so many features and it is adventurous for people who want an incredible gaming experience
  17. dragonfruit

    dragonfruit New Member

    Back when there was no android or iOS application for it (nor was there either device at the time) years back I spent as much time playing Graal Online back when Era was p2p, I remember trading another player 3k gold + uzi (in game) for a paid account since I was young and didn't have a credit card and used that account for literally hundreds of hours of game play. Good memories and ones that filled my life years before I started using drugs heavily and subsequently having constant struggle with addiction to opioids and methamphetamine even to this day that I write this. Just subsituited one habit for another (games -> substances)

    Another game I invested many hours into was the original Monster Hunter, PS2 through its online capabilities once the network adapter was available for the system. Now I enjoy the Witcher 3.
  18. dragonfruit

    dragonfruit New Member

    Man back in highschool I would spend hours up late playing that game on adderall rather than studying for finals haha
  19. karriz

    karriz New Member

    DOTA2 or Frozen Throne was the most addictive game that I ever played. I started playing it during my high school years and for me that time I feel bored or I just ask myself why many people addicted on this kind of game. On the days gone by I started to understand more and realize how the game was being played and I just started loving it and being hooked with it. The competitiveness and the challenge of the game gives me more reason to play more and gives me reason to be addicted on it. My day is not complete when I can't play even a single game on it. Dota 2 is not just a game for me, it is one of the things that gives me a stress relief and it easily gives me a positive mood throughout the day.
  20. mak2x123

    mak2x123 New Member

    For me its the Dota 2, I played it while Im in high school but now that I finished school in college I still played it. I miss it when I don't play it as much but now I'm work I really need to stop it. But good thing, some of my coworkers, also plays dota 2
  21. senshin19

    senshin19 New Member

    Almost all of the games I had played I got addicted to it but I guess the game that made me more addiction was the Clash of Clans. Way back to my college days, I got really addicted to this game and my studies got affected because I have more time playing Clash of Clans than reviewing my lessons and there are times that I dont attend on my classes just to play this game.
    Good thing is, I got graduated from my college. I thanked God for that and I promised to myself that I'm not going to get addicted that much to any games.
  22. vannag

    vannag New Member

    Most of the games i have played were very addictive and sometimes you can't even sleep thinking of how will you improve in that game, how will you level up more, what will happen to your base after you sleep and sometimes you'll even stress just thinking about it but for me, the most addictive game i have ever played was Mobile Legends because the game itself is really good the quality or graphics, the sound, and of course the fun you get while playing it.
  23. ripplegrin

    ripplegrin New Member

    Assuming we mean a single game that absorbed a large amount of my time and life, I would have to say league of legends. It was honestly a terrible influence on me. I was irritable after playing games, I was a worse person when not playing the game and it wasn't fun unless I was winning. Its a reason why I avoid playing player versus player type games these days. If we mean a series, Pokemon. I was an obsessive collector as a child and the idea that I could collect hundreds of monsters, which were another obsession of mine, was the greatest dream I could have ever had.
  24. jhoyce

    jhoyce New Member

    Addictive game? i really love playing SUPER MARIO, it might be old but back then I always makes time playing mario game. It's super cool and sometimes makes me cry if I overplayed it and my parent make me stop, until now I always come back in downloading its application and play it. There are times that I need to erase it due to full memory but then I find time to re-install it and play.
  25. renzyow

    renzyow New Member

    for me the most addicting games ive ever played is monster hunter since i was in high school its thrilling there is no level up in that games all you need is your pure skills in playing , im also playing mobile legends now its fun because you can play it with your friends
  26. Assa

    Assa New Member

    The mos addictive mobile game that I ever played is the Mobile Legend as of now. Before I thought that playing a candy crush can make you addictive on it until I've learned how to play Mobile Legend. By playing mobile legend I can freely freely express my emotions or opinions, whre I can be able to chat and express with my teamates. Playing which team work is the best way to accomplish the victory is good practice as well to apply in your workplace. In mobile legend you should not be greedy you need a deep understanding also interms of some of your team are that aware like you in many things that should be consider playing it, you should advice them instead of doing profanity.
  27. SChesson41

    SChesson41 New Member

    The most addictive game that I have ever played was Monopoly. The first time that I played Monopoly I was in kindergarten I was 5 years old. We played the game for about 40 minutes until I became bankrupt and I had to leave the table. I was so upset!

    From that point on, I would watch when my parents would play Monopoly with their friends and some of our relatives. I was thrilled when I became a little bit older and I was able to play a bit more strategically and stay up past my bedtime. Whenever we played Monopoly it was such a long game!

    As a teenager, my friends and I loved to go to the dance clubs. However, I really enjoyed it more when we played Monopoly instead. For one thing, it cost a lot less money to enjoy ourselves. We seemed to have a lot more to eat at my girlfriend's house and we usually did not finish playing Monopoly until 10 a.m. or 12 noon.the next day! I loved the competitiveness of the game, I love watching other people negotiate deals at the table, and I really enjoyed when there was one person left. Winner-take-all!
  28. Andja98

    Andja98 New Member

    My all time favorite game is Assassin's Creed for sure, and by far the game that kept me glued to my chair. I really love it because you experience different time era's in first person. Also, it's kinda educational, but take this with grain of salt. I can't decide which one I like best, simply because every one of them was breathtaking.
  29. rickmervin

    rickmervin New Member

    The games that makes me addicted is League of Legends, League of Legends (abbreviated LoL) is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows and macOS. The game follows a premium model and is supported by micro transactions, and was inspired by the Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne mod, Defense of the Ancients.[1] In League of Legends, players assume the role of an unseen "summoner" that controls a "champion" with unique abilities and battle against a team of other players or computer-controlled champions. The goal is usually to destroy the opposing team's "nexus", a structure that lies at the heart of a base protected by defensive structures, although other distinct game modes exist as well. Each League of Legends match is discrete, with all champions starting off fairly weak but increasing in strength by accumulating items and experience over the course of the game.[2] The champions and setting blend a variety of elements, including high fantasy, steampunk, and Lovecraft horror. Actually this game is expensive, because I don't have a pc to play this and so that I paying on internet cafe to rent a computer to play this game.
  30. chickfillay

    chickfillay New Member

    The most fun I had with games is GTA San Andreas. Its a game where could virtually do whatever I want. It's same as Sim's but the unrated version. I could run away from police, go to strip clubs, and earn money by killing people. It sounds disturbing but it's just a game yet its exciting and fun! you could even enjoy it if you know some cheat codes.

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