What Was Your First Concert!

Discussion in 'Music' started by SeeTrees, Jul 11, 2014.

  1. deejbee

    deejbee New Member

    Hey! I was lucky that my first concert was Madonna "Like a Virgin" tour in Leeds UK. It was 1987 and my boyfriend took me there as a treat. It was fantastic, lighters in the air and sweet cider, cuddles on the coach going home. Ahhh the joys of teendom! :)
  2. chrisosorio

    chrisosorio New Member

    The Chemical Brothers in 2011. Changed my life. They played at a festival here in Chicago and they absolutely blew my mind! Would really like to see Tiesto in June.
  3. SamiRyan

    SamiRyan New Member

    Nickelback! I get ripped into about this all the time, but I was 12 and my mum absolutely loved them. No regrets, would go again in a heartbeat.
  4. Duck59

    Duck59 New Member

    I have not the foggiest idea...we are talking mid-1970s here. It certainly wasn't anybody famous. I can say with a fair degree of certainty that it would have been some local punk band, but beyond that, I'd be struggling to come up with a name.

    A few that I did see from around that time: XTC, The Damned, The Clash, Tom Robinson Band, Dr Feelgood, Ian Dury & The Blockheads, X-ray Spex, Squeeze and a few reggae bands like Black Slate and Aswad.
  5. NiecyB

    NiecyB New Member

    My 1st concert was erykah bdau. it was actually only a few years ago. I was very picky on who I wanted my 1st concert to be so it took me a while to choose. it was so awesome and I think I made a wonderful choice. She is very talented.
  6. CEva

    CEva New Member

    My first concert was Hanson at the Hollywood Bowl. It was when Hanson first came out, so tickets were expensive and hard to come by. Because of this, we were pretty far back - but that didn't matter because I was there.

    I was able to get a brand new tour shirt at the concert, threw it on, and was ready to rock out.

    I still remember screaming and singing along to every song. I also remember the next day as the first time in my life I had lost my voice.

    Since then, I have been to at least one show of almost every Hanson tour. One band that I would love to see live is U2.
  7. begonia313

    begonia313 New Member

    I don't remember how old I was, but my first concert was Natalie Merchant at the Oakdale Theater. I can't remember if she was with the 10,000 Maniacs back then or if it was just her. I think I went with a friend and her mother, who had an extra ticket. I was probably 9 or 10 years old, if I had to guess. I don't even think I knew very many of her songs, maybe two or three, but it was fun and we had good seats.
  8. dStancliff13

    dStancliff13 New Member

    My first concert was the Grateful Dead when I was eleven. My parents would go each year and I had asked for two years prior to go and they said "you aren't ready for all that culture just yet." Looking back I get why they didn't want my young mind to see all of that "culture" The Grateful Dead had a huge following of pot smoking, twirly hippies. My parents boldly tried to shelter my innocence for two more years. I finally got to go and it was a people watcher's delight! I had fun, saw more than I needed to, and grew up that summer in wisdom. My son is nine this year and I will be taking him to his first concert along with his six year old little brother. We are going to see a sweet singing Hawaiian artist named Anuhea to bring them into the concert scene, only because I think 6 and 9 might be too young for Kottonmouth Kings or Mastadon.
  9. FirstLady

    FirstLady New Member

    I went to a few Christian concerts with church groups as a child, but my first "real" concert was Pearl Jam! I was in the 8th grade.
  10. regina_m

    regina_m New Member

    The first and the only concert I have ever attended was last 2012 which is a kpop group named Bigbang and it was INCREDIBLE. They made me love them more ^_^ even though my position is quite far (bummer) because the tickets are too expensive for me (student here and no income whatsoever).
    The next concert I want to attend is another Bigbang concert just because I love them and Ill never get enough of them.
  11. raryje

    raryje New Member

    My first concert was Kenny Rogers :) It was AWESOME!
    Hopefully my next concert will be either Bon Jovi (you can take the girl out of the 80's but you can't take the 80's out of the girl ;) ) or Garth Brooks.
  12. mallorybayers

    mallorybayers New Member

    The first concert I ever went to was Metallica in Florida! I went with my Dad and sister when I was in middle school. Stephen King was a big Metallica fan, and we actually saw him there! GodSmack opened for them, and the stage rotated, so everyone had a great view! They also had the drummer of GodSmack come out and play with them the whole time, the two drum kits were also on spinning platforms, so the whole thing was pretty intense. Although I don't listen to Metallica anymore, I'm really glad I got to see them for my first concert. I felt like the coolest girl in school.
  13. MissySedai

    MissySedai New Member

    I could carry on about my first concert for DAYS! It was Def Leppard, at the Toledo Sports Arena, on July 7th, 1983. It was not only my first live rock concert, I bought the ticket with my own money! Hey, $15 is a lot of money when you're a broke 12 year-old!

    I will never forget it, particularly the distinctive "Gunter glieben glauchen globen" at the beginning of Rock of Ages, and the crowd exploding in screams and applause. I saw them again recently in Clarkston, MI. They've still got it, and I will never tire of them.
  14. Andrew Lagaluga

    Andrew Lagaluga New Member

    I saw Skid Row! They were fantastic, it was when they had just come out and they ran out of songs to play but kept going, the crowd was on fire.
  15. Andrew Lagaluga

    Andrew Lagaluga New Member

    Wow! You saw Def Leppard so early!That must have been amazing - Ive always wanted to catch them - they were so big at one time.
  16. Andrew Lagaluga

    Andrew Lagaluga New Member

    Yeah I saw Van Halen too but I didnt think much of it - They had that extreme singer as their lead singer and he knid of ruined it - Has anybody seen them with David Lee Roth lately?
  17. Andrew Lagaluga

    Andrew Lagaluga New Member

    Wow! its times like these you want to remember!
  18. Andrew Lagaluga

    Andrew Lagaluga New Member

    That would have been a trip to remember!
  19. Andrew Lagaluga

    Andrew Lagaluga New Member

    Yeah I saw metallica too - they are a wicked live act - Lars is one of the best drummers in the world!
  20. Cher15

    Cher15 New Member

    My first concert was Rush in Montreal. Honestly, I don't remember much about the whole experience because it was so long ago and I was, um, quite "medicated".
  21. Felicity

    Felicity New Member

    The first concert I went to was a Spanish concert that was paid for by my Spanish teachers and the students that were going to attend. We went to see Justo Llamas in Clarleston, West Virginia, and I can honestly say that I had a blast. No matter what song Justo was singing he always made sure that he was energetic as well as active with the audience. Not all of the students I attended the concert with were as fluent in Spanish as I was at the time, but they all loved the concert. We all couldn't help the happiness and energy we felt when we entered the concert venue doors. Justo had such an inviting personality that all of us including the teachers loved. Justo definitely made my concert experience a wonderful one, but sadly that was his last concert. I am very glad that I decided to go, and that I had such an amazing experience.
  22. jkeith9

    jkeith9 New Member

    My first concert was at a Superchick concert. It was at a purity retreat that our school made us go to and they performed and there was also someone who spoke.
  23. Patrick Wadle

    Patrick Wadle New Member

    My first concert was Garth Brooks it was a great concert. I went with my brother we had a good time.The lights and the effects that he did in the show was awesome.
  24. pjack213

    pjack213 New Member

    My first concert was Lollapalooza 1996. The Ramones, Rancid, Soundgarden, and my favorite band at the time, Metallica. Best lineup I've ever seen, and to top it off it was the week of my 15th birthday. Truly a special and memorable day.

    Funny thing, during the day they had a mystery act who wasn't announced until right before they went on stage. At our leg of the tour, the mystery act was Waylon Jennings. 15 year old me totally didn't care at all about Waylon Jennings, but these days I would be totally amped for that show...
  25. Alex_D

    Alex_D New Member

    I bet I was seeing the Nutcracker ballet with the orchestra at the of 4-5 at a local theatre. I remember it as a touchy and long-lasting experience.
  26. Destinyeve

    Destinyeve New Member

    My first concert was about five years ago, I went to the Hardrock Casino and saw my favorite Hispanic band, Aventura. It was exuberant for me, my first time and all, and I bounced around and screamed with excitement.
  27. Brit333

    Brit333 New Member

    I remember my first concert like it was yesterday. I was so excited. It was a smaller venue in Chicago, and it was for Christoper Drew, The Ready Set, and Stephen Jerzak. I remember my dad dropping me and 3 of my friends off and the concert scene was so new to us. Since it was a small concert everyone that had performed came out after the show and was signing things and taking pictures. I remember I had no money for merchandise so I took off my white shoes and had everyone sign those! To this day I still have those shoes and they hold some very very fond memories of that first concert. I will never forget it.
  28. nonasurvey

    nonasurvey New Member

    I saw the country singer Chely Wright and met her. She was a sweetheart and I'm still a huge fan!
  29. lucky77

    lucky77 New Member

    Black Sabbath! I remember they had roses taped or wired all over their drums and other equipment. After the show one of the members, I forget which one -maybe it was a roadie -untaped them and threw them out into the audience. I got one! Like a sap I turned around and gave it to the girl I was with. Always regretted that.
  30. Paige Hilderbrand

    Paige Hilderbrand New Member

    The first concert that I ever went to was when I was 13, and that was Florida Georgia Line. My friends and I were up in Pittsburgh for the fireworks, it was The Fourth of July, when we discovered that they were going to be doing a free concert in front of Heinz Field! I was so excited because I had never been to a concert before, and I really didn't know what to expect. It was incredible, that day I discovered the thing that made me the happiest and I fell in love with concerts. Standing right in front of the stage, dancing and singing along with the whole crowd to "Cruise" while the fireworks went off in the background, I never wanted to leave.

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