What was your first job?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Natalyatarasenkova, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. Natalyatarasenkova

    Natalyatarasenkova New Member

    Picking blurberrys
  2. willpostportal

    willpostportal New Member

    My first job was GO-FER in a furniture store
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  3. AnaKatOK

    AnaKatOK New Member

    My first job was distributing flyers for a real estate agent when I was 12. I think she gave me $50. My first "real" job was as a waitress for dinner service at a convalescent home.
  4. 48DarkWaltz

    48DarkWaltz New Member

    My first job was at Wendy's and I was 16 years old. I worked my way up the corporate ladder all the way from dishwasher to cashier. *sigh* ahh the good old days. It was actually a great first job for a 16 year old. Fast food don't get enough credit for some of the disciplines that it teaches. Communication being among one of the main ones.
  5. PomMom

    PomMom New Member

    When I look back in time to my first job I have to laugh. I was in high school and one day I walked into town right after school trying to find some part time work. I went in and out of many local businesses asking if they would consider hiring me. After many negative replies, I entered a local fish market. I sheepishly inquired if they would hire me and their response was "you want to work here???". They were all shocked as the smell alone in this place was quite foul! I said that I would love to work there and was hired on the spot! My nose did eventually acclimate to the fish smell and I didn't even notice it anymore but unfortunately for my friends and family this was not the case! Let's just say that is was tough to find someone to come to pick me up when I got off of work! :laugh:
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  6. Valavar

    Valavar New Member

    I don't really have a job per say, I get paid to teach judo and do judo clinics every now and then. I actually almost qualified for the olympics for judo in 2012, but fell short by 1 spot. Other than that I just train in judo, so that's why I am here. While I am decompressing after training sessions I am hoping to pick up some cash on the side.
  7. LKF

    LKF New Member

    I was a bagger and cart girl for a grocery store.
  8. vicereine

    vicereine New Member

    Wow, my first job ever, that was a while ago, but it was as a secretary for an Ophthalmologist. To be honest I really didn't like the job at all but it was work and I needed it. It was great pay but I did end up leaving it to do something better in my opinion, I just couldn't be locked in an office all day doing ten jobs for one pay.
  9. Annac514

    Annac514 New Member

    My first job was cashiering and stocking at a local family owned produce and garden center.
  10. quantumnirvana

    quantumnirvana New Member

    My first job was at a call center, working for 9/hr from 3-10pm. We'd answer all kinds of calls, from doctors, to Red Cross, to Viagra! It was a trip but it paid off :)
  11. wwjw

    wwjw Member

    Translate Chinese into English for a writer is my first job.It's an easy job but it paid well,at least when I was in the college at that time.I still miss that period when I think of it.
  12. Parkergolf

    Parkergolf Member

    My first job was a mowing company I started awhile ago and I had about 3 mowers every weekend and we would mow peoples wards for $15. It was a small business but It kept up my school funding for sure.
  13. Junkbots

    Junkbots New Member

    I delivered pizza for only about three months. With tips, I was surprised with the amount of money I made so quickly. I was offered a shot of vodka as a tip once. Of course, I couldn't accept. I was on the job after all :sneaky:
    Anyway, I ended up quitting because of an awful accident. I was lucky I wasn't hurt more. To all of the young folks out there considering becoming delivery driver, please consider road hazards. Think about insurance costs, what would happen to rates if an accident does occur, possible medical expenses, and lawsuits. Oh, and robbery or rape. You're going to strangers' homes all day everyday. It's more common than you might think.
  14. jenubouka

    jenubouka New Member

    I worked as a busser for a high end Golf and fine dining place in my home town. It was actually pretty awesome. We got to play free golf to which I crashed a couple of carts and lost a couple of clubs. Plus there was the food too, free and so good. The customers were a little pricky but eh, what do you do when you only 15 and making 2 bucks an hour.

    I ended up an exec. chef in the end now retired so I guess it paid off nicely.
  15. NewSues

    NewSues New Member

    My first job was as a receptionist at a funeral parlour.

    I was very impressed at how respectful the staff were towards the deceased. Our senior partner insisted that all members of staff must knock on the door of any room that the deceased were in before entering. If rearranging the deceased in any way, the member of staff had to tell them what they were doing and why.

    When I die I am going to request that this funeral parlour arrange my funeral.
  16. Jackykhoo3930

    Jackykhoo3930 New Member

    My first job is Sales Massage Machine! It is when I was 18 years old! Waiting for SPM exam result! I read newspaper and looking for a job and I interview it with my friend! I being cheat because they told us that we need to do sales then can get salary! Never ever believe at something that write High Salary! High Income! It is SCAM!
  17. Amanda Lyn

    Amanda Lyn New Member

    My first job was as a waitress in a diner when I was 14. I wanted to get out of the house after school and didn't have a vehicle at the time but it was within walking distance of my house. It was an okay job but not something I'd do again. All the employees, no matter what your job was, made under minimum wage (at the time was $5.15) and we made $2.40.
  18. Paula

    Paula New Member

    My first job was washing dishes in a hotel when I was 15. The only thing worse would have been if I'd had to 'doll up' like the waitresses & flirt with the smelly oul men in for their evening tea for tips. Even though I hated this job, it did teach me a few valuable lessons; do not give up piano lessons to wash dishes, do not slave long hours for £3/hour, waitressing is actually better & last, but by no means least....there is nothing funnier than witnessing the most hateful chef in the land accidentally chopping off his own finger! Oh, the memories.... :rolling:
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  19. OMGaTalkingDonkey

    OMGaTalkingDonkey New Member

    my first job was right after high school and it was in a friends furniture store. the store was more for display because people would just come in and look at stuff and then they went to order something custom made from our factory... i left this job on a hot august day when i fell asleep on a couch in the shop (because of the boredom) and dreamed of a better future for myself :D
  20. Martin B

    Martin B New Member

    My first job was baling hay at the neighbor's farm for $5 an hour. It was hard, dusty work under a hot sun, but it paid well and really built up the biceps. At the end of the day a cool dip at the swimming hole made it all worth while.
  21. ben toolson

    ben toolson New Member

    My first job was working for my dad as a filing clerk. It was pretty boring and I was very happy when I graduated high school and was able to get a better job that wasn't nearly as boring.
  22. Shizelle Acres

    Shizelle Acres New Member

    My first job was a kitchen assistant and cashier at a Chinese restaurant. I was only 15 years of age and was still attending school. I worked there on school vacations to make up money to purchase my things for school.
  23. atypicalwayfarer

    atypicalwayfarer New Member

    Working at McDonalds. As a recent high school graduate at the time, I didn't really have many options and my sister worked there too, so yay for nepotism I guess XD But honestly, it wasn't actually that bad and for my first job, the pay was good. My co-workers were nice and were really helpful to me during my first few weeks, which made the experience much more enjoyable :)
  24. casscillac

    casscillac Member

    My first job was waking up in the morning that was the most important job of all the rest. and my 1st A) would have been working in my dad's country grocery store. My first summer living in ALABAMA. The pay was great for me $70 a week. While the others went off to other grown jobs I was at the store sacking groceries.And getting tips for taking peoples groceries to their car. As a 13 year old. That was good money to save up and go back to KY know that my mom didn't have to by my school supplies for the year cause I had bought them while I was in ALABAMA. It made me feel good to be able to lift the load off mom some.
  25. Diamond Robinson

    Diamond Robinson New Member

    My first job was working for this company named Bimba Manufacturing Company. I absolutely hated this job. It was so boring, and the work was grueling. I felt like I was dying, and I had long hours also.
  26. justrelex

    justrelex New Member

    My first and only job so far was a custodian at my local barber shop. Now as bad as the job title seems it was probably the best job ever. The best days were the not so busy days, after doing a very little cleaning for the day, me and the coworkers would just hang out around the shop, eat, and play video games. Best job ever!
  27. juno

    juno New Member

    Aside from the various early attempts at making money, such as babysitting and pet care, I eventually ended up in retail like many teenagers before and after me. The place I worked was a unique storefront chain where customers wrote orders on a slip and then we retrieved the item from the warehouse. We carried a large selection of Star Wars toys, and in retrospect I should have applied my employee discount and bought several cartons.
  28. Jaslyn86

    Jaslyn86 New Member

    I had quite a lot of babysitting jobs that paid great, however my first real job was at Stop and Shop. I was a bagger girl, and stocked shelves. I did like the job and my employees were all very nice.
  29. islandie

    islandie New Member

    My first job was "retail Selling" i loved that Job so much, cause i was in my comfort zone. i love been in contact with people and giving them my opinion about how does it fit on them. i like it also because i was always busy specially on a island like mine, where alt of tourist visit. :)
  30. Jwathol

    Jwathol New Member

    I started fresh out of high school as a medical transcriptionist and have been doing it ever since, which is only about 9 years. :) I used to love it, but the industry has changed in the last few years to not be very employee friendly.

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