What website do you visit first each morning?

Discussion in 'Internet' started by Kait, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. Shaunie13

    Shaunie13 New Member

    The first website I used to visit was Facebook. There are so many different learning tools available. I have gained so much knowledge through connections with different people. YouTube as well. I call YouTube my university. You can learn just about everything from watching YouTube. I was addicted until I weened myself away from it. Now its my Gmail account.
  2. Fishing Girl

    Fishing Girl New Member

    The first website i check is my email,and then i go to facebook to see what going on.. And then i post the ((( WORD OF THE DAY ))) what is in the Bible...
  3. Phillip

    Phillip Member

    First thing I check is the Weather, Next is my email hopping if there any job opening near my home. Then I go to work on building my web pages. It's slow, and I take my time double check everything. At other times I check my bank account then every so often my face book.
  4. kevinnguyen

    kevinnguyen New Member

    The first website I visit when I get up in the morning is Product Hunt which hosts a bunch of the latest new products. It's awesome. Afterwards, I tend to check Facebook and Twitter once but then I make a point not to check them again until around 4 or 5 PM because I get my best work done in big batches without any interruptions.
  5. StellaG

    StellaG New Member

    The first website I visit in the morning is Tumblr. I absolutely have to know if I missed anything big while I was sleeping! I follow a lot of fan blogs so I'm always up to date on what's going on with my favorite actors, TV shows and upcoming movies.

    After Tumblr, I go to my email, Facebook, etc. I guess that shows where my priorities lie...
  6. Craig

    Craig New Member

    I always check my mail and my news apps on my phone when I wake up. Then I might browse Reddit for a little while before dragging myself out of bed.
  7. hectormartinez16

    hectormartinez16 New Member

    I don’t know the exact website I visit after i get up in the morning. It could be Youtube, I really like watching new videos from top artist like David Guetta, Afrojack, Avici etc. They are really good, i have seen on Youtube their concert and the special effects on the stage are awesome.
  8. azguard

    azguard New Member

    Work days. coffee reading news and sport news with something interesting off course.
    Weekends. Only funny stuff
  9. Queenie Jenkins

    Queenie Jenkins New Member

    I normally go to Yahoo to check my email address.
  10. Amber C

    Amber C New Member

    The first website I go on when I wake up is Google, so I can check my e-mail.
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  11. mlynn9738

    mlynn9738 New Member

    From the second I sit down at my computer the first thing I'm going to be doing is checking my email for important messages.
  12. chico107

    chico107 New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I allways check my fivver account.I just love the comunity.

    And I have great news! Write your e-mail in this post an I will send you an invite for fiverr with a free gig of your choosing. :)
  13. Freeflare

    Freeflare New Member

    Yahoo, so I can check my e-mails.
    Then Youtube after that so I can add the latest videos from my subscriptions to my watch later playlist. That way I can watch them...later.
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  14. ernestineshinga

    ernestineshinga New Member

    Each morning I visit a website called cash slot. I like the fact that I earn points that can be redeemed for cash, starting at $1.00. I check-in and earn points for that, then I can choose to spin the lucky wheel, play scratch off tickets or play the slot machine to earn even more points that I can eventually redeem for cash.
  15. gibz1000

    gibz1000 New Member

    I go on twitter and get a feel of what mood the world is.
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  16. PeteHubinsky

    PeteHubinsky New Member

    I go look at my email account (gmail) first thing in the morning. I see what new things I have to deal with are in it. There are a few other sites I also go look at before I go anywhere else online or do anything else.
  17. proapp

    proapp New Member

    I Just open my blogger for make a post..and then read many info in goal dot com because I like sport :D
  18. Lauren Alvarez

    Lauren Alvarez New Member

    I like seeing what news NPR has highlighted and getting my current events briefly. But I am a sucker for waking up every morning to read the FML app. Others misfortunes just remind me to make the rest of my day as enjoyable as possible.
  19. roxaus

    roxaus New Member

    The first thing I open in the morning is YouTube. I will usually have a few videos to watch while eating breakfast to get my mind thinking about other important topics than just what I have to do that day.
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  20. Dusan

    Dusan New Member

    When I wake up and drink my first cup of coffee, first I like to visit facebook and see all the news on this social web.
  21. Victor Silva

    Victor Silva New Member

    Depends on the day, but most of the time is Facebook, there are days that I go first to my email, or to twitter, youtube, Pinterest and it keeps growing.
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  22. Jordan Ristow

    Jordan Ristow New Member

    Usually I check ESPN first thing in the morning. Usually while I am drinking my first cup of coffee. I've found this is a great way to let my brain really warm up and ease into the day.
  23. overren

    overren New Member

    Reddit or youtube. Gotta get my morning fix of mindless entertainment! I like to watch a youtube vid while eating breakfast too. Sort of like sitting in front of the television and watching the news, but more fun.
  24. AlexaLakes

    AlexaLakes New Member

    I am ashamed to say I visit Facebook first thing in the morning. The only reason I am ashamed of this fact is because Facebook is also the last thing I check before bed. I don't have a lot of international friends so almost everyone is asleep at the same time I am. From 11 pm- 6 am there is hardly ever a new update. :(
  25. graciouste forever

    graciouste forever New Member

    I use to visit Facebook.com everyday. But now I am a YouTube junkie . I am just addicted to that website, whether for movies, music video, seminars, audio-books, tutorials, vlogs, or news , YouTube is the website to go. If I am looking for information besides going to Google, I will also use YouTube .
  26. patrick zuva

    patrick zuva New Member

    I almost always have to check my Gmail account first to check my mail and notifications. After that i will spend some time on twitter, make a few posts and join one or two discussions with my favorite accounts. After that i will go straight to work. Sometimes i will check the news sites first. I like Aljazeera.
  27. Goodwin17

    Goodwin17 New Member

    I first go to my email (Gmail) and see if there's anything new. Then I head to Facebook to see what's going on with all my friends and family.
  28. KiprasN

    KiprasN New Member

    The first website that I visit each morning is Reddit. It's like the whole internet in one place. Not only that you can see what is going on around the World, you can also find funny pictures and many many more content that you will definitely enjoy.
    The best thing about Reddit is that we, the people, control what should be popular or not. It's called "upvoting", the more upvotes the post gets in the fastest time, the higher the place it gets on the website. And it's gone after half a day or so, because popular posts change everytime time. The type of the post is assigned to "Subreddit". "Subreddit" is a topic of the posts that are in it. Couple of examples are "Funny", "TIL (Today I learned)", "Videos".
    You can also post whatever you like, just choose the correct "Subreddit", because otherwise it might get deleted by the moderators. If your post/picture/video is good, entertaining or just simply awesome, you might even get to the front page.
    The highest my post ever got was at 5th place, that really made me happy and feel good about myself, because I posted something other people enjoyed.
  29. dnaka

    dnaka New Member

    A fellow redditor! :)
    Same here, Reddit is my go-to website in the morning. It's actually where I heard about postloop. I check the front-page and the subs I'm interested in while drinking my cup of coffee. There's always new and interesting threads to check out, and I can basically get the news I want from any subject from there.
  30. aeries

    aeries New Member

    I have my browser set up to automatically load my Gmail account and my Memrise page. Memrise is a free language-learning site that works by testing you on vocabulary flashwords. I thought setting it to be my homepage would help me stay more on track with my learning goals, but instead it's just become part of the background for me.

    The first site I type in other than those two are usually Facebook or Twitter, unless I've been reading those on my phone before getting up and getting to my computer. :)

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