What would you do first if you suddenly wake up being a billionaire?

Discussion in 'Business, Politics, & Debates' started by Louiesolenn, Apr 23, 2018.

  1. Louiesolenn

    Louiesolenn New Member

    I will first bite my arm just to prove that I am really not dreaming. Then calm myself and let that great news be absorbed in my system. Then I will immediately checked my bank accounts if its real. And most importantly to remember what I did why I suddenly became a billionaire? Oh, yes! I won the jackpot in lottery!
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  2. mariacarlapozon

    mariacarlapozon New Member

    First and foremost, absolutely I will make a prayer. Thanking and giving praise to God first for the blessing that He has given me this day. I will ask for guidance on how to handle such blessing and also, in my prayer I will ask God for His Divine protection from all harm that would come my way. Furthermore, I would like also to ask God for more strength to carry on His huge task in managing such abundant blessings.
  3. Jurexblue

    Jurexblue New Member

    Build my dream house. That will definitely be the very first thing I will do if I suddenly wake up being a billionaire. It’s a dream that is long overdue and has not been realized up to this day. I have always wanted to have my own place. A place where I can lock myself up from the outside world in times when my introvert self kicks in and I don’t feel like socializing. So if I wake up a billionaire, putting my dream house into a reality will surely be my top priority. Once it’s done, then what’s left of my money will be spent travelling on cruise ship around the globe of places I still haven’t been to. That includes kayaking through the glaciers of Antarctica, climbing the highest peak of Mount Everest, visiting the magnificent Taj Majal and so on.
  4. jenny30

    jenny30 New Member

    Well, first thing I do is to thank the Lord for the sudden blessing He has given me. I would thank Him again and again because He did an extraordinary miracle in my life. It really is a miracle waking up with billions of riches. Next thing I would do is ask the Lord's guidance and wisdom to help me manage the money He has entrusted me. A billion of money is worthless if it's used selfishly. I would ask His help to not allow me to be trapped in temptations. Temptation will be great especially when it comes to money offered in front of you. Then I will follow His guide in using it. I would follow the highest good, not just thinking only of myself but also of others. I would put in mind that it's not mine, it's God's.
  5. Judyjhong24

    Judyjhong24 New Member

    first thing that i am going to do is to have our church renovated, because as of now its still not finished .but I know God will provide.
  6. fariqussalam

    fariqussalam New Member

    first thing i am going to do is pay all my debts, then buy a house for my family to stay. then i will invest time to learn about business and investing.

    after that, with my skill i will make a startup on artifical intelligence and blockchain since thos two technology will strive in the future.
    Then i will make a scholarship to fund kids that suffer from divorce and irresponsible so that they can become succesful too
  7. jkim1494

    jkim1494 New Member

    I will tell the whole world that I am now a billionaire!!! Kidding.

    I will thank the Lord for giving me such money and I will tell my parents that I already have the solution to our problems.

    These are the first things that I will be doing after those I've mentioned earlier.
    1. Pay the debts of my family.
    2. Build my dream house.
    3. Have my eyes operated because yeah.. I am tired of wearing eyeglasses for more than a decade.
    4. Buy a new car.
    5. Buy the gadgets and devices that I need.
    6. Book plane tickets for vacation.
    7. Invest some money for business.
    8. Buy insurance plans.
    9. Donate some money to the less fortunate people.
    10. Deposit the rest of the money for future use.
  8. ILYSNC1897

    ILYSNC1897 New Member

    Fist of all, to pay back to my parents; buy them an expensive new house, buy the latest and most expensive car. My sisters would go in the best educational institutions and I would also keep enough provision for their higher studies and any other pursuits of their interest. My mother, I would just load with the best of clothes and jewellery, to grant her wishes, as well as my father. With all this being done, I think my family and I would be well secure for the present and the foreseeable future. After this, where would I spend the rest of the money? As we all know, money begets money and my money would continuously grow if properly invested. I would next take advantage of the many bank schemes and deposit huge sums from the amount that is a few millions in long term deposits. This would thus keep on increasing by means of interest given in banks. A few millions I would deposit in a way so that I get a monthly income from it. With this monthly income, I would now start on my way of philanthropy. Helping the weak, the poor, the old and the disabled would now be my concern. This, I would do by adopting a few old age homes, a few schools and a few health centres. All these institutions would be working with my financial help every month. The interest of my fixed deposits would be used to finance these projects, and yet, the principal amount deposited would remain intact.
  9. yellow

    yellow Member

    Exactly what I was thinking too:
    1, To check is it dream or not?
    2, Where is the money and how can I use it?
    3, Then let's go to have fun with life!!!
  10. Mardiemason

    Mardiemason New Member

    I will definitely check if it isnt a dream.Then I will think of ways on how to allocate my resources in a very good manner.Also I will buy shares of stocks to make it more profitable.Then I will give some portions of my blessings to charitable institutions.I will establish a company that will help unemployed fellow men to have a decent source of income to alleviate them from being a poor.Lastly I will travel abroad together with my whole family and enjoy the quality time being together.
  11. Analyn026

    Analyn026 New Member

    I will first slap my face to know if i was dreaming or not. If i'm not dreaming i will give some money to those who people who needed it so much.
  12. nonprofitflight

    nonprofitflight New Member

    I would immediately set aside half of said billion dollars, to make sure i'd never have to work again. THEN, i'd buy a nice, newish car (not off the lot. never off the lot) and THEN, I'd drive around the country, maybe the world, for probably about a year, just exploring, to see what I could see.
  13. gemmarae

    gemmarae New Member

    I don't think I could actually fathom having that much money. I would buy the building that I've been wanting to turn into a dance hall, renovate it, and make it the business of my dreams. Then I would open another in another city, then another. I would buy a house and hire someone to clean it. A boat, a new (to me) car...I'd take up beekeeping. Maybe get a few more cats.

    Eventually, I'd start scholarships. Support lots of local businesses. Put most of the money back into the community and hope that what comes out of it is something good.
  14. yuzupon

    yuzupon Member

    I would hope the dream would never end because that is a reality that would never ever happen. I think it'll be hard to live as one. I'll make sure to keep my family with me for constant advice cos honestly I'm bad at handling money. I think I'll go poor the next day which is highly likely to happen.
  15. forumjunkie

    forumjunkie New Member

    The first thing I would do is to jump out of bed and go to my attorney to thresh out legal matters. It will take out complexities around applicable statutes. Next, I would go to my financial planner to craft solid strategies for my new found wealth. I'll tell him to take calculated risk to maximize returns in a short period of time. Also, I'll remind him to look at cash flows, net present value of investments, payback period, capital budgeting and quantitative techniques. I'll go to my tax accountant to ask him about using high-end systems software and Last-In,First-Out method for costing inventory.

    But behind all of these, I would probably go first to my luxurious lavatory and brush my teeth before heading out to the door.
  16. Lady_Seah

    Lady_Seah New Member

    The first thing I would do is pray to thank God for the abundance of blessing. Then:

    1. I'll buy a right size of house for my entire family.
    2. Set funds for each one of us.
    3. Set insurance for each one of us.
    4. Buy just the necessary things for the house and for your myself like gadgets.
    5. Buy three cars.
    6. Set up several businesses.
    7. Set funds for vacation for my entire family.

    Lastly, I will donate the rest of the money to charities. I don't need billions of money to make me happy. I just want the rest of my family to feel secure and happy.
  17. APM1011

    APM1011 New Member

    If I suddenly woke up a billionaire. I would call my family to set up a will so everyone will get a fair share of the money. Then I would get bodyguards who would protect me 24/7. And I would by a brand new car that is very big to protect me from a car crash.
  18. vintorez21

    vintorez21 New Member

    Honestly the first thing i will do is to travel to places to find very poor community and i will think a way of how can i help them, like building a factory for them to make jobs for them, for them have their incomes and lift them up in the society. You asking why i chose this? It is simple.. being a poor like me i know there is people out there much poorer than me suffering doubled or tripled of what i am suffering now, because of lack of education they cannot find a good job, and some times they do bad things just to have food for their families, so that i want to give them the chance to work in a right way without underestimating them because of their status. Because i believe these people only needs chance to be accepted by higher community. Since i waked up a billionaire i can give them that chance to make them feel that they are also humans. And they need to be treated equally.
    Why not just give them money?
    Money needs to be earned. If i just give them money i am not helping them.
    They need to work for it,so that they will learn how life works in a right and equal way. It is about work and earn process. My only help is to give them jobs and treat them equally and fair as a human.
  19. rosinovapolo23

    rosinovapolo23 New Member

    When I wake up as a billioner, first I will do is to thanks god for the blessings.Sharing and giving for my family.Donating some from charity instution and off course to all my neighbors.It was to great to have a blessings like that.Sharing is the key on how you spend your money but wisely.I have lot plan for that and I want to sure that I will share it wisely to the people who needs it not wants it.
  20. Beatle262

    Beatle262 New Member

    If I haven't dropped dead ....I'd begin by paying off any debts I owe. Next I'd finally have the chance to bring my sweet girl friend over from Europe to live with me. We'd get married money would be no object now. The rest is easy live happily ever after !!!!!
  21. BaltteriVottas

    BaltteriVottas New Member

    My partner and I are planning on going travelling in January so I'd be upgrading all of our flights and accommodation options first of all! I'd probably also give my bank a call and set up a meeting with regards to how to not waste it all. Then I'd buy VIP packages for each and every Grand Prix left this year and then next year as well. I'd also take my Grandma to Australia as she's always wanted to go but never had the money to be able to do it properly. I think it would be really difficult to spend that much money. A billion pounds is just incomprehensible. I'd also buy lots of things I didn't need like several houses and donate some to charity.....*yawn*
  22. HORR

    HORR New Member

    I will share my blessing by creating my own enterprise or a business I am most comfortable. As Jack Ma said "“If you put Bananas and Money in front of Monkeys, monkeys will choose Bananas because monkeys do not know that money can buy a lot of Bananas. IN REALITY, if you offer JOB and BUSINESS to people, they would choose JOB because most people do not know that BUSINESS can bring more MONEY than wages. Profit is better than wages, for wages can make you a living but profits can bring you a fortune.” Business or Enterprise provide jobs. It creates employment and help the people. I will also be more on charitable works that will give social justice to those less in life.
  23. auradominique

    auradominique New Member

    1. Check if I was dreaming
    2. Check if I was dreaming (because you need to double check)
    3. Super check if I was dreaming just in case there's something wrong on the first two checks :D
    4. then I would buy my family and some of my relatives (those who really need it) a house and lot, just enough for all of us, it would be cool if it's a compound :)
    5. I'll invest some with businesses and anywhere where I can secure our future expenses. Also, give my relatives source of income as well.
    6. I'll support my cousins, nephews and nieces education. (those who really need it)
    7. I'll travel the world. TRAVEL THE WORLD.
    8. I'll go back to study (prolly visual graphics, video/film making or production)
    9. Since I'm already a member of an internationally recognized NGO, I'll help support our projects and do more charitable works since my mom does it even if were not that well off.
  24. Jenyagrant

    Jenyagrant New Member


    I would first ensure that my family is supported and children are set for their future.

    Thank you!
  25. EmmaRose456

    EmmaRose456 New Member

    I would help out my family - I would pay for them to go on holidays and treat them lots. I would also help out my closest friends if they wanted to accept my help. I would personally continue studying because it is important to me. I would be able to afford to go to better universities and maybe do unpaid internships. I would travel the world and go on lots of trips abroad and take my friends with me. I am a big foodie so I'd go to amazing restaurants. I'd also establish a charity which helps young people study and establish businesses.
  26. Dave_H

    Dave_H New Member

    The very first thing I would do is thank God Almighty. Then, I would take the money and invest into other business ventures.
  27. finlan

    finlan New Member

    If I woke up and suddenly and discovered I was in a Billionaire status, I would first thank almighty God and take ten percent off the top and set it to the side for a Tithe.

    Secondly, I would make sure my mother was well provided for and would not have a need for anything during her retirement years. My children would have a Trust fund set up to be divided and disbursed evenly between them. Putting myself last, I would take my family on a well deserved cruise and pamper myself while on it.

    Finally, I would make sure to have a business that provides aid within the community while making further investments that would enable me to make deposits into any leadership or organization that I have gleaned from throughout my years.
  28. noaha

    noaha New Member

    Billionaire? First, I would be downgraded to a multi-millionaire because of all the ridiculous taxes that would accompany that kind of money (think you can magically acquire $1B without anyone noticing..). Then I would find the most legal tax-haven I could in the states to avoid any excess legal trouble operating outside the country (probably New Jersey, New Hampshire maybe).
    Finally, I would set up self-sustaining trusts for each of my family members, their direct descendants 3 generations down the line, and ensure any debt I have is fully squared up and out of the picture, as well as the debt of any relatives or close friends.
    Even if I was only left with $10Mm after all of that (more likely I'd still have hundreds of millions), a low-risk portfolio generating a safe withdrawal rate of 4% per year leaves me with $400k before taxes. I could easily live off of that.

    Any excess beyond that would go to charitable foundations, scholarships for as many people as I could afford, and ridiculous things (one thing I've always wanted to do is re-pave all the crappy roads in my city just for the smoother drive).
  29. Nkinnocent

    Nkinnocent New Member

    If I am not dreaming. And I realize suddenly I am a billionaire, I will begin to elaborate and plan my dream for people's needs around me. I will create a great deal businesses and employ million of people. I will create a beneficial system which multiplies my wealth to be allocated to new businesses for more people employment and so forth. In a nutshell, I will distribute my money for people wellbeing without losing the single cent.
  30. ZSDayag

    ZSDayag Member

    First, I'll pray and thank God for all these blessings then, I'll go to the washroom to wash my face and brush my teeth and then I'll eat my breakfast.
    Second, I'll start planning on where to spend my money.
    What will I do with my money?
    I'll buy my dream house, cars, health and life insurances, investments and I'll start my business. After securing my family's future, then I'll start giving back like helping foundations, help the poor youths to have a good education, help and support organizations that help the environment and will never stop looking for things I can do to help other people.

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