what would you do if you won the lottery?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by dmarco, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. dmarco

    dmarco New Member

    how would you spend a million dollars?
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  2. Betty19

    Betty19 New Member

    First I will pray and thank God for this wonderful blessing.Second I will tell my family and buy things that would definitely help us to live our life comfortably and also pay all my debt.Third creat a business that will provide not just for me but also to other people.Last save some and then share my blessing to those who really need it the most that It will change their life too.
  3. Lee355

    Lee355 New Member

    Honestly I'd spend about $5k on clothes, electronics, and a few nights of partying, and then invest the rest in all sorts of different ways. I'd look for property or land to invest in, and I'd buy a lot of cryptocurrencies, maybe $500k worth on the blue chip cryptos like bitcoin, etherium, litecoin.
  4. Onof

    Onof New Member

    If I am the luckiest won? I think First what my family needs and for my future.Mybe I will buy house and some of the money is send to secure bank acount of me.I do not want to spend if I don't need it.
  5. enuh bler

    enuh bler New Member

    If I won, first, I will put up a small business for my family, because here in the Philippines If you have a small business but you will earn a lot it's okay. I want a small business in our house like a small grocery store here in our village. Because, here in our village there's no mini grocery store here. The grocery is so far you will go outside the village to buy foods.
    And of course I will save my money for my daughters future.
  6. palamunin07

    palamunin07 New Member

    I spend it to buy a lot of properties. Invest my money to the trusted companies. I will helped my families. I will put up a small business. I'll buy a luxurious car. I'll by sports car like Ferrari. I'll buy a mansion like the NBA basketball players. I'll buy expensive diamond necklace, rings and bracelet. I'll buy all the Jordan shoes and also Lebron shoes. I'll buy the most expensive laptop in the world. I'll buy the telecom company here in my country. I'll help people who don't have house. I help more charity. I thanks God for this opportunity. But, sad so say this is impossible to make it true. Dream big aim it someday. That's all
  7. Andrea123

    Andrea123 New Member

    I would invest most of it. I think that's the smartest move to do in this modern world. Buy some properties, maybe a few cars. Maybe more than a few cars. Donate part of it to some charity, give some to my family and close friends. Too bad winning the lottery doesn't happen more often.
  8. Eljo12

    Eljo12 New Member

    It depends how much money i would win. If it was a big ammount i would donate a big part of them in charity to poor people. Then i would spend a part of them in scientific research and development because as a new scientist there are a lot of things that stimulate my curiosity. Therefore i would leave a part to my family to manage this money because i'm not so good in it.
  9. Kathryn Brock

    Kathryn Brock New Member

    If I won the lottery I would do a couple of things with the money. First, I would donate a huge portion of it to a charity that helps people with mental illness. Secondly, I would buy my mom and dad a house and fully furnish. Finally, I would love to take a trip to Europe and travel around to see the historic sights.
  10. Jennifer Ruskowski

    Jennifer Ruskowski New Member

    I think the first thing I would do would be treat my boyfriend to anything he wants. I am so in love with him, and he honestly deserves so much more than I could ever give him. He is an amazing human being, and I want him to be incredibly happy.
  11. cathylene

    cathylene New Member

    I always dreaming to win in a lottery even if i don't play that. If I won, the first thing i will do, I will put a half of it in my bank for my family future security, because here in the Philippines . Life is so hard.
    And of course I will save my money for my daughters schooling. The rest of it, i will buy the things i never had before.
  12. Abundance11

    Abundance11 New Member

    I have won the lottery is an affirmation I often repeat. I would invest in properties in the UK and the Caribbean. Open a shelter for individuals who are homeless and help them to access education, employment, benefits and housing. I would also donate to the charities I already support.
  13. David977

    David977 New Member

    First I would made me a anonymous winner, I would not want anyone to know that I won the lottery, I'd like to keep it to myself.
    Then I would go on and invest the money that I won into something that will set me up for life, probably real estates and something similar, maybe buy some bitcoins and similar things.
    Really that is all that I would do, I would just invest in things.
    I want to first set my life up so that I dont have to do anything other then to just lay back and let the money drip slowly into my bank account.
    When I think that i set everything up as it should be then I can take a break and enjoy life, help my family, help my children.
    So they don't have to strugle in life at all.
    That is what I want.
  14. Rowie

    Rowie New Member

    Honestly, the first thing I would do is buy myself a hundred pairs of shoes. I would shop for one whole day before doing the more serious stuff. Then I would give parts of it to people who are so dear to me. A few millions to my parents and a few to my friends and of course a good part of it to my self and my own family. Then I would hire a professional to help me have some great investments. Last but not the least, help the world. Probably start a foundation, send kids to school or donate to charities.
  15. Jade30

    Jade30 New Member

    Well, if i win the lottery, i will use it to build or buy a house for my family, since we are just renting out a house here. I will also buy a car for myself because i don't want to worry about how i will go home from a late night meeting or gathering. I will also invest half of it in a business. And i will help my relatives and friends in need by giving a part of the prize. Lastly, i will put in the bank, so i can secure the my future and the future of my family.
  16. JM D Looper

    JM D Looper New Member

    Im a #ManfromPru so the first thing on my list is to Invest and get more Life Insurance.
  17. Kingmeezy

    Kingmeezy New Member

    Before acknowledging I was the winner:

    Hire an accountant or financial advisor.

    Set up an anonymous company to collect the winnings.

    Collect the winnings anonymously.

    Only tell my wife that I've won, once the money is in the bank.

    Pay off the mortgage. That's my only debt.

    Continue working for a while.

    Eventually quit my job, telling people that I want a career change, change of scenery, etc.

    Start doing charity work.

    Splash out a little. Newer car, upgrades to house, nice holiday.

    Help people close to me - family, friends. All via anonymous white envelopes. Give myself an anonymous white envelope too. Would help to remain inconspicuous.

    Invest a little.

    Enjoy it, but without going wild.

    Never have to work for someone else for the rest of my life...
  18. Andrew Leith

    Andrew Leith New Member

    That's a good question. I would pray long and hard and think about it. I would not just go crazy about it and waste it on stupid things. I would invest most of it have some fun and help people. I would love to travel the world on cruise liners and go to wonderful, beautiful exotic places and share my success and my dreams with family and friends. There's so much you could do with a million dollars.
  19. erosss

    erosss New Member

    I'll use the money wisely. I'll give some to my parents and my siblings. I'll buy our needs and most importantly I'll invest it in a small business. Having a small business will help me to let the money flow in my hands. In that way, I will be a millionaire not just because of winning a lottery but because of being wise.

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