what would you do if you won the lottery?

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  1. Maryjoy123

    Maryjoy123 New Member

    I wish i won! And If I won ,Will travel my whole family around the globe, Then started investing for business, like franchising to big and well known companies, will buy a farm to develop as a mountain resort with a big rest house for refreshment and to relax when in vacation. And of course to share the blessings to others, will establish a foundation for the poor people, will give them a livelihood project for their daily lives.
  2. edisut

    edisut New Member

    Investing for make money or capital business. After multi profit take it to fun.
  3. Caio Santiago

    Caio Santiago New Member

    I would pay my debts and invest the money to live off the income. If possible I would travel the world with my wife experiencing as many things as we could.
  4. Dearrose101988

    Dearrose101988 New Member

    Haysss... i wish! Hahahaha
  5. Amanda Otto

    Amanda Otto New Member

    If I was to win the lottery, I would be very ecstatic. No way could I blurt it out to the public; it's a clever idea to not put yourself in such risky situation. I would pay off most of my parents debt to help them catch up to current status. I would then, pay off the place I am living at the moment and look into new housing for myself and my family. I have three children and a husband, and together we have a cat and a dog. We would then invest in our own restaurant, something we have always dreamt and talked about.
  6. If I win the lottery, I'll buy a house for me and my family, no more renting and address changes. Then I will invest the rest in lots and houses that are rent to own. When you have encountered situations where you need to evacuate asap because of flood, when the house your renting was already own by a bank and you need to look a for a new one, those kind of scenario that I have face I don't want to experience by others.
  7. Marian Mijares

    Marian Mijares New Member

    If I will win a lottery, the first thing I would do is to buy a beautiful house for my parents to thank them for everything. I will also buy house for my own family. And then, we will go on vacation with my family and close friends. Invest money in a good business to secure the future of my kids. The rest will be put in bank and spend them wisely.
  8. jenteo

    jenteo New Member

    I find this forum really interesting and exciting. Of course, as what they say, money is freedom! Freedom to do things you want to do, freedom to eat what you want to eat, freedom to experience all the best life has to offer. If I win the lottery, I will first search for people who needs money in a crucial time and I will help them. By doing that, I'm returning the blessing God has bestowed upon me. After that I will invest some money to a reputable organization who helps the needy. I will also try to find ways on how I can safely secure what I have, for my future children's generation. I plan to travel the world with the love of my life and see for myself the different cultures on some parts of the world.
  9. Devil007

    Devil007 New Member

    If I would win a lottery and if it is a huge amount then I would start a business out of it and would buy necessary components for my business. I would invest some money in Bitcoin and put the leftover money to buy clothes for me and increase more and more people in my friend circle to raise my business.
  10. MmClavel1890

    MmClavel1890 New Member

    If I win the lottery I will keep it a secret to anyone even to my family. I don't want to put my life or their life in danger if you know what I mean. I'll buy a house for me and for my parents as well, put up a business I loved to like restaurant, coffee shop or pet shop, build a foundation or charity ( as a thanks giving for the blessings ), then the rest I'll look for a bank that I can entrust my money that offers a reasonable interest rate for deposits. Oh! Don't forget to travel of course!
  11. atan

    atan New Member

    if i won a lottery i will buy a house and lot. and i will buy all the most expensive jewelry because the value of jewelry are getting higher as the time is past. The longer the time the higher the value of jewelry's.
  12. extrahotchili

    extrahotchili New Member

    The very first thing I would do if won a million dollars is buy a land. I would then build my dream house there. Invest maybe a quarter of my winnings. I would donate a portion of it to some charitable institutions. Save for my children's future. The rest of the money will be spent for travelling. I would travel to the beautiful spots in my country and then the world.
  13. latinashaila

    latinashaila New Member

    If I won the first thing that I will do is to pray and thank God for the biggest blessing that he gave to me, second I will save 50% of that money for the future of my son and family, third I will open a new business to earn more money and also I will buy a new house and lot for my parents as a gift and last I will donate to some charity or to cancer patients.
  14. Miski345

    Miski345 New Member

    A million dollars? I would catch up on all the bills, pay off my credit card debt, pay off my students loans, finish paying off my van to the bank, pay Ashford University the 3k I owe them outright so I can finally access my transcript again, pay more bills and debts off, and if there was anything left, I would put it into a fund for my three sons so they can use it once they have graduated high school to go to college or tech school or whatever they chose to do with their lives.
  15. sefie23

    sefie23 New Member

    There are actually numerous things that I would do if I won. First, of course thank God for this wonderful blessings. After that I'll pay my parents debts so that they could stop stressing about it. Maybe get a good health card for my family since most of the time my brother and grandmother is sick. Invest some of the money. Save some in banks. And of course by a new home for my loved ones and a family car (A blue fortuner). And of course buy the things that I want - Photography equipment!
  16. Yanivosso

    Yanivosso New Member

    If I won the lottery I would definitely buy my own island of the coast of Fiji .. a island that is completely Self genetrated, all the food and power will come from natural sources.. there will be many little huts for all my guests.. and of course the rest of the money I will invest in a business I see profitable to continue growing my money while I sleep and surf on my island in Fiji
  17. Roch Lazada

    Roch Lazada New Member

    Wow I can only imagine what would it be like but if I will win a certain lottery especially if the cash prize is really a huge amount of money, then honestly I will buy a house. I will find a place where me and my family would settle in, that is the first thing that i would do. Then, I will deposit it in a bank of course and then I would like to give for other institutions or organisations that conducts activities like outreach programs, environmental advocacies and just other groups that I think would be worthy. And well, I would like to start a business and if it went well then I would like to travel. I think that is really awesome if that happens.
  18. Luckyalyn

    Luckyalyn New Member

    I will thank God first of all. After the longest time of betting in a lottery He has given me the chance to win. First half of my winnings will be given to my church. I'll share a part with my parents and siblings. I will keep some for my son's education and the rest will be for my business.
  19. Luckyalyn

    Luckyalyn New Member

    I will thank God for the blessings that He has given me. After the longest time of betting in a lottery He finally gave me the chance to win it. I will give a generous amount to my church. I'll save some for my son's education. I will use some to start a business. I will share with my parents and siblings. I'll save the rest for my son's future.
  20. Luckyalyn

    Luckyalyn New Member

    I will thank God for the blessings that He has given me. After the longest time of betting in a lottery He finally gave me the chance to win it. I will give a generous amount to my church. I'll save some for my son's education. I will use some to start a business. I will share with my parents and siblings. I'll save the rest for my son's future.
  21. JBenj

    JBenj New Member

    One of my motto is ''Help yourself before you help others that is your privilege"... I'm single. The first thing I would do is contain my happiness and get a hold of my warcry... Hide the fact you won knowing that SOME COUSINS THAT I NEVER EVER SAW IN MY ENTIRE LIFE WILL SPROUT OUT OF NOWHERE CLAIMING THAT WE ARE BLOOD RELATIVES. AND YOUR GRUMPY NEIGHBORS THAT SUDDENLY BECOME TOO CLOSE TO YOU because you just won in the lottery... Deposit the money unto the bank thats the second, and then invest in a small business such as grocery store/ convenient store. Then donate some of your earnings unto charity, help my family... invest another stable business if there is a chance, this time, I'll try an apartment or rent a room. every month I have money... Again donate to charity or help again your family... Money flows like a water this days, a million can be wasted easily.. So be smart remove the unwanted attention and make a progress on my new life...

    It seems I'm a bad man but truth is true you win a millions, and just wasted unto people thats outside your family, they never deserve it...
  22. kimlevisolis

    kimlevisolis New Member

    I would have to put some thought into how to share and stretch that million dollars. I'd want to invest some so that it would keep growing as I put it to work. Since I was very young I've had strong connections to dogs and children and my world has revolved around both. I remember crying while watching the Jerry Lewis telethons. The stories so powerful and donating to UNICEF. If I could find a way to combine my two main passions I'd be happy. Maybe I could help provide therapy animals to children who'd benefit. I'd also want to travel the US and find that beach home..but I'd want to have the beach home first (nothing real expensive) but I'd need it to refresh and have a place of peace while exploring and helping others.
  23. ruedasmarlon94

    ruedasmarlon94 New Member

    Invest in trusted companies, Built an ordinary house for my family, Take some of my money to the poorest.
  24. Ian161

    Ian161 New Member

    The first I'm going to do is go to church and thank God for the blessings, second is pay all of my debts and third make a business and build a house. One of my wishes is to win a lottery but I don't believe in the luck I believe in the power of Jesus Christ who died for me and for us just to wash our sins.

    I believe the plan of God for me and I'm keeping my faith in him because he loves me and he also loves you. If you want to win a lottery pray to God so the blessing will come. Sometimes will put you in a serious matter but keep on faith in him and you will be bless. A life is totally a lottery for me because for so many many persons I am the one who code God to live in this world.

    So I will go go church and pray to God and praise and worship if I win the lottery
  25. Iggyboi

    Iggyboi New Member

    Spending the billions of the dollars from a lottery is hard, but this is a good problem rather than have nothing at all. Firstly, I will take a priority list where my winnings will be distributed. Part of it will be used to purchase a good home as well as a car that I can use in my future plans. Second, part from it will be save as emergency fund and medical insurance for the whole family who knows what will happen next, right? Next, a huge sum of it will go to a business investments that can earn as well as can help my community. Next, I will give out money to those in need thru a reputable charity institution as well as I can also create my own foundation that will help abused kids, for the kids is the fundamental player of the next generation. Lastly, its a good hefty sum of money so I guess the remaining money will be used to travel the world with my family.
  26. fayeanne

    fayeanne New Member

    If i won the lottery i would zero out my debts, thats for sure. 10% of it will be given to charity, i'm not sure what to do with the rest. I would definitely travel with my family. Buy a property probably an apartment complex for investment. Get a life insurance and educational insurance for my son, niece and nephew.
  27. manndee19

    manndee19 New Member

    First things first, I would surely thank Almighty for that blessing. Not everybody has the privilege to have that million dollar prize. In addition thereto, an indispensable rule must be followed, HUSH. I would play and remain anonymous, until everything is set up correctly and completely.

    So, how would I spend a million dollar prize? The following are listed in my book of plans:
    1. Debt clearance. I'd pay off my loans amounting to less than $2,000.00;
    2. I'd give financial assistance for family members and some relatives who can hardly afford their medical expenses;
    3. Instead of partying, I would give a little for the needy. Just a little would be shared so others wouldn't be suspicious of my winning. I would give food, clothes, shelter and/or money. What about a party or celebration? May be a small party can be held, minimal enough not to be suspected of the winning;
    4. I would secure a time deposit for my two year old daughter and for our future children for their education and their future;
    5. I would still continue my current work, but I would put up businesses and/or corporations to open jobs for some people. I would also open a educational foundation for out-of-school-youth;
    6. I would buy houses for me and my wife, my parents and my siblings and would invest portions of my winning in their favor. I'm not being too kind and too generous. My siblings and I have been through numerous ups and downs and we've been backing up each other; and
    7. Last but not the least, I would travel the world.
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  28. Cessnavie

    Cessnavie Member

    Winning the lottery is a blessing so I will first pay my debts before buying anything else. Then, I will purchase another house for my children. Buy my wanted model car. I will never forget to offer tithes as a way of expressing my gratitude to our Lord. The restbof the money will be deposited in bank as my savings and investment to earn more.
  29. Stealthb2

    Stealthb2 New Member

    If I won the lottery I will first buy a new house transfer my family there and settle everything with my old house. Second, I will do buy a lot of expensive clothes that I wish to buy also I will do the same with my family. Third, I will donate a portion of it to a charitable foundation. Fourth, I'll learn to drive a car. Fifth, I'll think of a good business to sustain the amount of money that I have.

    After everything is done I'll save whatever is left and run the business. For now those are the things that I can say that I can do but if it will happen for real, I don't know, maybe I will be speechless and I will think the whole day on how to spend my money.
  30. walakoname

    walakoname New Member

    When I win the lottery, I will always keep it as a secret from other people except to any person who can I trust my life with, that person could be my partner. First thing that I'll do is to have that money secured where nobody will know or else my life would be in danger. I'll use that money to invest, for a life time and passive income, pay any debts, buy a comfortable home and transportation, and slowly, I will help those who are in need of financial, because a sudden big help will make people suspicious and start to question me on where did I get the money. I will use that money to give my family a better life. But the most important thing to me is that nobody should know that I won win lottery.

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