what would you do if you won the lottery?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by dmarco, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. walakoname

    walakoname New Member

    When I win the lottery, I will always keep it as a secret from other people except to any person who can I trust my life with, that person could be my partner. First thing that I'll do is to have that money secured where nobody will know or else my life would be in danger. I'll use that money to invest, for a life time and passive income, pay any debts, buy a comfortable home and transportation, and slowly, I will help those who are in need of financial, because a sudden big help will make people suspicious and start to question me on where did I get the money. I will use that money to give my family a better life. But the most important thing to me is that nobody should know that I won win lottery.
  2. Artlie06

    Artlie06 New Member

    First I Will make a business. So that every money I spent it will still profit. Next I will buy a house for my parents and also make a business for them, in this ways I already help them, Next I will give a fund for my church to spend for the ministry and last I will get married and buy my own house and car.
  3. EduRadish

    EduRadish New Member

    Winning the lottery sounds like a great thing and all, yet to be honest I am very skeptical about the consequences. With money comes responsibility and power. If I were to win the lottery, I would surely want it to be kept secret. Though I can find that possible because the companies that run the lottery want every huge win to be kept public in order to ensure the people that winning is not a myth.

    Theoretically, if my win were to be kept a secret I would begin by investing a large amount of my profit into promising upstarts. That way I can stretch my money to last far longer and give it the opportunity to grow in value. I would especially invest in my own start up business. Due to the fact that the benefit of winning the lottery for an entrepreneur is greater than that of the average middle class American consumer.

    Once all of these factors are taken care of I would use my financial freedom to study abroad or travel the world. I wish to have a life of adventure and this would surely enable me to fulfill my dream. Africa is my main influences because there is so much mystery around the Congo and its vibrant natural resources.
  4. aqrius

    aqrius New Member

    I will thanks god, pay my debt, buy a house and lot for my family and help those whom i can help too. Ill make a bussiness and the rest of it is for my kids ill save it for their future that whats id like to do before im gone
  5. Veduapauline96

    Veduapauline96 New Member

    If I won't the lottery, I would first go.consult to my mom about it. And we'll pay off out debts. Next, I'll probably buy a house and then start a restaurant business (any business that involves food because who doesn't like foods?) And then I'll treat my family in whatever they want and then if there's any left I would buy something for myself.
  6. StarkPepp

    StarkPepp New Member

    If I win the lottery, I would like to retire early and travel the world. Though I heard that most people who won the lottery run out of money within five years and after that, they are back to where they started or even worse.
  7. yehn

    yehn New Member

    Well.. If I won the lottery, I want to build a house for my family and I will invest the money in bussiness. I want also to build a shelter for stray dogs and cats. I want also to help the homeless by giving them jobs.
  8. arevalojosea

    arevalojosea New Member

    I will buy a house for my mom, and a brand new car. I'll also buy some things to invest in and start a bussiness so the money won't just go away, so me and my family can live comfortably.

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