What's important in life?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by LMFI2031, Oct 7, 2018.

  1. LMFI2031

    LMFI2031 New Member

    I've noticed a few threads on this forum that have gotten me thinking about life and happiness in general. There's a thread about winning a million dollars and another about money buying happiness. Both I feel fail to address the actual question of what in life is important. I think a million dollars can go a long way towards solving a lot of the money issues people on this forum face but it is not the end all be all. For me my family is important. A degree of self-sufficiency and preparedness for disaster is important. Without my family, I'd lose most of my drive to work hard and achieve. So I pose the question to you all, what's important in life?
  2. Roy Luis

    Roy Luis Member

    Humans are more important because of responsibility, power, and potential.
  3. mazherazt

    mazherazt New Member

    It depends on the individual. Few things that are important in life are family, money, safety, health, happiness. Money cannot buy everything, but having said that, money is indispensable for happy living. Majority of the problems in families are due to lack of money.
  4. eocasion

    eocasion New Member

    Yourself. Its important the you are still breathing and continuing your life. It doesnt matter whether it is money or things but most important is you are still alive and kicking. Whatelse can you do without life right? There is nothing, so for me, everyday of my life is important. How can you earn money if your dead? How can you be happy if your dead? Right? Everyday that we wake up is a blessing because we only live once. And that one chance we got, we have to treasure it.
  5. CherryNapila23

    CherryNapila23 New Member

    This question got me at the bottom of my core. It's as if I am questioning the very purpose of my existence in this world; why I am here; where I want or ought to be and whether I have achieved the reasons for everything I do at its fullest potential. Everyday seems like a routine for even on weekends. So I must say that the most important thing in life for me is being content and happy with what I have. Though I can't say that I already have everything, I am satisfied with what I have and this does not stop or keep me from dreaming about the things that I can still achieve.
  6. glayting

    glayting New Member

    health ,When we are healthy, we rarely think about our health. But when we get sick, all we think about is getting back to our health again. Whatever amount of wealth we have gathered in this world, it becomes useless if we lose health.
  7. JANO75

    JANO75 New Member

    God is so important in life.We cannot see God but that does mean that He is not important.He guides our steps and protects us throughout the journey of life.When things seems rough and life becomes unbearable,God is always there to fight for us.He showers us with blessings.When the storms of life catch up with us,God is our hiding place.
  8. gabutinretsel

    gabutinretsel New Member

    Money, luxury, mansions, and fame, that is all vanity. The most important thing in our life is just to live each and single day embracing that moment, whenever we may have a bad day or good ones. It's like we must appreciate every single things that is happening in our life. Because we cannot turn back the time, but we have the chance to make that time worthwhile while we still live in this world.

    We must be thankful everyday for the blessings that God gave us and as a return, we must make an impact on others in just simple things that we can do to help them. It would be lot to them. We may be a different person but there is only one thing that is common to us. And that is to live a life with a PURPOSE. We are not just accidentally put here in this world, but each of us has a purpose that we need to accomplish.

    So, my challenge for you is to find your purpose and DO it. Because if you do it, you will have a joyful and prosperous life.
  9. ynel03

    ynel03 Member

    The number one most important in my life is Good Health. without it, you can't live the life you wants. Second is my family because you can't choose your family but you can choose your friends who you can make members of you family. Food and Wealth are important also.
  10. daughteroftheKing

    daughteroftheKing New Member

    There is nothing more important in our life than knowing the Creator of life, God. He is the reason why we are here. In Him we live, we move and have our being. Knowing God is knowing our purpose. We are not created for nothing. There is a purpose that God wants us to accomplish. He is the source of life. If you want to have a meaningful life, know God, know Jesus and you will have LIFE.
  11. celdeleon

    celdeleon New Member

    In life in order to survive the important is the gift of God that he everyday gave us is our life that we still alive next our good health,the family that sorround to us that gave us a reason to fight and face the life challenges and last the wealth that encourage us to work hard.
  12. vijaysharma

    vijaysharma New Member

    A good brain,a family,money,good health and a good luck are the things which are important in life.
  13. SurferJo

    SurferJo New Member

    I think the most important thing in life is how you see life itself. That peace it gives you on knowing what you want in life, how you are going to achieve it, whom you want to spend it with and how happy you are in the now. That sense of contentment, of knowing the people and things around you is enough to keep you going, that, for me, is the most important thing.
  14. Remziel

    Remziel Member

    Well, the most important things in life , aren't actually things! Those that are important in life are something that we all can have if we search for it.
    1. Health
    The no.1 most important thing in your life is good health. Without it, you can’t live the life you want, so make sure you take care of your body and mind. Pay attention to your physical and mental health, eat healthy and exercise daily to minimise risks associated with seriousillnesses and stress that may be preventing you from enjoying life.

    2. Family
    Having a group of people you can call family is a great blessing. Knowing that someone cares for you and is always there for you no matter what is incomparable to any other kind of support. This unconditional love is received daily when you are part of a supportive family, so respect their individuality and try to show your love more often in return.

    3. Friends
    You can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends who you can make members of your family. If you know of a person you can call your best friend, then you are truly a lucky individual. Make the most out of your friendship and be the best friend you can be.

    4. Purpose
    In order to live a fulfilling life you need to have a purpose, a goal and a specific target. These you can call your dreams, career aspirations or your own definition of success. If you really want to make a change in this world, you need to start with yourself, so find out what you want to do in life and follow your passion with vigour.

    5. Freedom
    Only when you are free to make your own mistakes you will get to learn what that means.You need freedom to be able to explore your choices either on a professional or personal level and make your own choices, to decide foryourself and see where it takes you.

    6. Peace
    Peace refers to finding a way to balance your emotions as well as managing human relationships and stressful situations effectively. This will help you develop self-confidence and come to terms with yourself so that you can achieve inner peace and adopt a positive attitude to life.

    7. Self-Development
    Life is a gift and it is your responsibility to get the most of out of it. Unless you want life to pass you by, you need to start investing in developing your knowledge and skills. Discover and cultivate your talents through continuous learning and you will find there is more to life than just existing.

    8. Love
    Receiving and giving love is one of the most enjoyable experiences in life. Having that special someone next to you, holding your hand along the path of life shows that you care about another person other than yourself, and you offer your support in any way possible is a beautiful feeling.

    9. Food, water, sleep and oxygen
    You always need to remember that these four elements of food, water, sleep and oxygen are vital to your survival. If you skip food, don’t drink enough water or get enough sleep, you are putting yourself in danger and such actions can seriously damage your health. Try to retain a balance in your life and equip your body with these essentials.

    10. Faith
    Believing in something is as important as finding love and inner peace. When times are hard you often ask for the help of a higher power to act as a guide for your life. Faith is important as it is regarded as an expression of hope for something better and greater than yourself. But, well, these are my individual perspectives and might differ from yours. But I know I have said enough!
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  15. tianzon89

    tianzon89 New Member

    Most important things in life are your loved ones and being contented on what you have.
  16. kirsten0105

    kirsten0105 New Member

    In my honest opinion, I think whats important to life is never taken things, moments, people, life itself for granted. Chase what your heart desires, your passion in life, serve God and have faith in Him that nothing is ever planned that means to harm you, seek for His kingdom and guidance for a meaningful and wonderful life, love to the fullest and help your fellow brothers and sisters by blood or not, with no expectations. Be grateful with all the things you have not with the thing you don't possess, cultivate your talents and skills. Try new things don't be afraid and never ever harm other creature and human. Live a humble, resilient life with no regrets I think those are the pieces that makes life important and worth while living here on earth.
  17. Nino01

    Nino01 New Member

    Take a moment and imagine that you're at the end of your life and have a chance to give your current self some advice. What would you say? many people find themselves saying things like "spend more time on the things that really matter".
    The most important thing in life is that, you live your life. In this modern world as soon a you are born, you are given a name, status, religion and many other choices are made voluntarily for you by others.
    As you grow up, you need to realize that these choices should not affect the way you want to lead your life. These are just boundaries, that keep you from things. You just need to learn learn that, if you like something then you shall do it. On the other hand, if you don't like something, please learn to be courageous and say No.

    For instance, if you feel that your aren't giving your best in the current job and you fell like you can do much more, then be brave to leave your job and what you feel is right. But this doesn't mean mean that you should quit without any rational thinking. What I am trying to convey is that, if you are passionate about something then you will definitely have a plan to take it forward and it will make you happy.

    At the end of the day, it is all up to you to live your life or live according to other's opinion.
  18. Deelyn

    Deelyn New Member

    I think that the most important in life is time, happiness and contentment. Time is essential because we cannot fulfill our wants and needs in life if we're already five-feet below the ground. Happiness because when we die the whole world will forget about us but it is our duty that while we are still living we make the most of our lives living in happiness and joyfulness. For if not then we will be living with hypothetical situations and unfulfilled life. And regret sounds louder than the noise of chuckles for it stays there no matter what.
  19. MoraProduction

    MoraProduction New Member

    for me i would say faith; cause it's the source of morals, if not for it our "morals" and life standards would be much different, as life change so fast i think the important thing is to have a save stable zone that we can go back to when we feel lost, so we can always have a chance to be focus and reasonable toward the way we live our life, and at the end get to have the great goal that every body seeks, which's happiness, however when i say happiness i don't mean that trance that we get from temporary actions that loses its value over "reusing", but i mean the true contentement one could reach within himself by doing the simplest actions in his life.
  20. Enzieeee

    Enzieeee New Member

    Yes, all of your golden answers came from your happy, grave experiences. We discuss the crucial parts of our lives, for us to have a quick exhale in this chaotic world. Experiences from others and from the people you know, i feel i know it, i know what is the most cardinal perspective for me in life is, and it's how you react, respond to a constant moments that always bridge us from happiness or negativity. it will be always good if you always choose to be living with joy.
  21. gilberthoy

    gilberthoy New Member

    The most important to me is to find happiness. Someone told me that we don't come to this world to be happy but to learn, and due to that learning and life experience we can build our own happiness. I agree.
  22. Bainon14

    Bainon14 New Member

    Whats important in life? I have few important words in life.
    The following are the requirements of each of us as a person,
    Love - Love is important to make everyone more friendly and peaceful.
    Care- By "care" you can prove the value of a person.
    Because if you care about someone it's more expensive than it is.
    Peace - By this, all the people in the world Christian, Moslems, Jews will be inited as one without arrogance and fight.
    Forgiveness - Forgive those people who commited sin to you because we can all commit sin. It is important to forgive because when you do it will make you feel better.
    Faith - Let us trust the creator, pray and forgive him. Although we are busy every day, we should not forget to remember him.
    The importance in every person's life is to be happy every day.
    Complete and happy family.
    Earn money for your needs.Help those who in need by helping big or small help atleast from the heart. Be succesful to life and find someone who will love us forever.:thumbsup:
  23. Tunaturkeydog

    Tunaturkeydog Member

    What's important is what kind of legacy you will leave behind this world. Otherwise, you are a human being who just happened to pass along and took advantage of what was around.
  24. Makinaru

    Makinaru New Member

    What is important for me are my family and myself but I could choose between my family and myself I could definitely choose my family. I always loved my family over anything else.
  25. belleanib

    belleanib New Member

    I believe what is really important in life is to know that our life stands on four pillars- health, career and finances, relationships and self and so long as we are keep growing in each of these areas of life we will have a fabulous life ahead of us.
    Life will punch us exactly where we have least attention. So you have a super career at the cost of health, or a lot of money but failed relationships, sometimes we have happy people around us but we have sacrificed so much for that that somehow a part of us seems to have died in the process of pleasing others.

    It seems natural for everyone to think of life in terms of money career relationships and health but we often tend to ignore SELF. We must remember everything else in life depends on our relationship with self. We must give at least half hour each day to nurturing ourself. This will help develop all other aspects of life in a healthy and positive manner.

    The most important thing happening in your life right now is that you are alive.. Nothing else.
  26. dreamer12

    dreamer12 New Member

    The most important in life is purpose.

    Purpose is the source of our priorities. Defining our life's priorities is extremely difficult unless we first discover and define our purpose. If purpose is not known, priorities cannot be established and nothing significant or worthwhile in life can be accomplished. In essence, lack of purpose is lack of priorities. If we don't know where we are going, any road will take us there. Life is daily and constantly demanding of our time, energy, talent and focus. Therefore, to effectively manage our everyday demands, we must know what our priorities are.
  27. Rooneey

    Rooneey Member

    Life's really unpredictable. So you just got to seize every chance. Life is short. So why bother thinking about sucky things that you can't change. Instead of thinking too much. Just live in a moment. Live it! You'd never really know when the last time you'll breath. So just live!
  28. Venchy

    Venchy New Member

    Don't let yourself to be swallowed by your work and spend all of your time working. Spend time with your family and have a long vacation once a month :)
  29. Bcaluag

    Bcaluag Member

    Happiness! no matter what your dealing and status in life as long as your happy! for thats is the most important in life to live your life to the fullest that when you reach your point in life that you are about to die you can say to yourself that you have a fulfilling life.
  30. Jeahan08

    Jeahan08 Member

    You are happy and motivated to live you’re life. So that every challenge that come to you’re life you can face it.

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