What's more important to lose weight - diet or exercise?

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Which is more important - exercise or diet?

  1. Diet

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  2. Exercise

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  3. Definitely both!

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  1. rvtamayo

    rvtamayo Member

    You need both to succeed in aiming your healthy cycle. without each one, you do not have a way to balance your activity. Without exercise, you lose energy and power. without a healthy diet, all the food taken inside your body will just be stored and it will just keep on filing up until the result is obesity and heart failure.
  2. nunox33

    nunox33 New Member

    I believe as well that both are equally important, it doesn't matter how hard you train if you don't have an adequate diet you won't have results or another way around if you have a great diet you will be healthy but not fit. It truly depends on what you want just to be healthy or both.
  3. Daveux26

    Daveux26 New Member

    As a person who struggled a lot with my weight and wellness for the past 15 years, I really came to realize that fixing your bad eating habits and divulging towards proper workout routine will help you succeed in what any health goals you want to achieve.
    Last 2017, I had decided to partake on a journey to improve my health and lose weight.
    And this simple principle of 70% proper diet plus 30% right amount of workout saved me from one of the darkest phase of my life and health that I would never want to return to.
  4. idking212

    idking212 Member

  5. Jaysahu

    Jaysahu New Member

    Exercise because diet only lose weight but exercise lose weight and also well your health.so exercise.
  6. Georgeliner

    Georgeliner Member

    Diet comes first because you not exercise when you are hungry.
  7. swhiskeyman

    swhiskeyman New Member

    Diet is definitely more important than exercise. You can work out 5 days a week, but if your diet consists of soda, cake and beer, you're not going to lose weight. Getting disciplined with exercise is only part of the battle. Getting disciplined with diet is much more challenging - and much more effective.
  8. VulpesVulpes

    VulpesVulpes New Member

    Generally speaking for "losing weight" it's diet, as regardless of how much you work out, without a proper diet you will just keep getting bigger and heavier - due to both fat and muscle mass. For this reason there should be a bigger accent on diet rather than exercise, unless you are trying to become a sumo wrestler who needs both muscle and fat.
  9. neneth

    neneth New Member

    I think that the healthy diet is more important because you can sit in bed all day and lose weight, but you could exercise your butt off and NOT lose any weight!

    Eating healthy is the foundation - you want to eat fewer calories than you burn off, because when your body runs out of calories from food, then it will start burning stored excess body fat, and that makes you lose weight! If you go and jog as you do, which is awesome, but then come home and drink vegetable oil, that's no good!

    Go jogging as many times as you feel is right. You'll know when to stop...but be sure not to overdo it. You should have at least 1 rest day per week. You should go for shorter runs more frequently if you're just starting to jog but later on, if you get into running, then run longer but less frequently.
  10. JesReen

    JesReen Member

    I think you need both diet & exercise to really see the difference as soon as possible. If you are disciplined and you can control everything that you eat but not to the point that you’ll starve yourself. It’s unhealthy guys! Diet comes with proper exercise. With proper exercise to tone your muscles and stay fit aiming to get that perfect beach body. Discipline is the key i must say because my bestfriend used to be fat but with proper discipline on everything he eats and not losing track with exercise made him to lose weight. He spends time researching on what’s the right food to eat and he keeps on calculating the calories of his food not to exceed his diet. He is consistent in working out at the gym thus while losing weight he stays on shape
  11. catherineacorda

    catherineacorda New Member

    I used to be skinny, just a little over a hundred pounds. Then I got pregnant twice in three years, and I found myself having a hard time shedding off the extra weight I gained. After a recent back injury that I got from, well, lifting my active kids who are both heavy for their age, the doctor advised that weight loss could help prevent aggravate my back injury further.
  12. dipo4you

    dipo4you New Member

    I would go with both. If you simply go for exercises, without controlling your food in take will be similar to you asking for forgiveness while continuing with an old habit. Firstly, the diet should be put on check, for example you may choose to go with a keto diet. You should then strictly stick to such a weight loss diet, as you begin to exercise too. Exercise is just an additional way to help burn off the fats.
  13. armybod

    armybod New Member

    Both are very important; you can eat, not exercise and you may lose some weight, but if you exercise and do not eat, you will die. So, the question is what should you eat that will allow you to lose weight and will also allow you to lose more weight if you exercise too?

    This makes the answer very simple; you should eat a whole food diet. Stay away from processed food and any food that has a high sugar content. When you eat food that contains more sugar than your body can metabolize your pancreas produces insulin, any sugar that is not burnt off is stored as fat; type ‘fat storage hormone’ into Google and you’ll see what I mean.

    Processed low fat food is the worse culprit, when manufacturers take fat out of food it tasted bad, so to compensate the food manufactures add sugar, in its worse form it is high fructose corn syrup. This means that every time you eat low fat, processed food you are taking in more sugar than your body can burn off and your body stores it as fat. So, the mantra to live by is Eat Clean, the way that Mother nature intended.

    Also, Mother nature did not count on you to snacking all night and then eating again as soon as you wake up, so try to leave at least ten hours between dinner and breakfast in your dietary plan. If you want to lose weight, stop eating processed food and if you want to lose more weight do some exercise too.
  14. Remziel

    Remziel Member

    I think both Diet and Exercise are important.
  15. Tsare10

    Tsare10 New Member

    In order to have a sound mind and a sound body, we must do them both- exercise and diet!Medical practitioners and even physicians are advising us to have at least 60% diet and 40% exercise to maintain a healthy body.Some of us can't maintain these two because of misleading information. Most men and women pay attention on their looks and physique that leads them to overexercising or over dieting. So everything must be in moderation.
  16. hlabajosa1966

    hlabajosa1966 Member

    Self discipline is the key factor in managing your daily routine and eating the right food ,walking is proven the best way in lose weight .I think both are important.
  17. Myprincess

    Myprincess New Member

    Diet and exercise are both important because doing an exercise without eating good food or on a good diet can adversely affect the body
  18. yograj

    yograj Member

    There is no doubt that, both, proper diet as well as proper exercise, is required to lose weight.
    However, if the question is, "which is more important?", then it is the diet.
    This is because you can effectively control your diet, but can't control your exercise.
    Every day you can't perform the required amount of exercise, but you are always in a position to select the proper diet.
  19. pdfdownload

    pdfdownload New Member

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  20. aditya8485

    aditya8485 Member

    In order to lose weight, diet and exercise both are important. There is no point in eating whatever we want and exercising at the same time. We should take a proper diet with nutritious food and some proteins as well as proteins are necessary for muscle-building.
  21. tjmay

    tjmay Member

    • Working out is just as important as diet when it comes to maintaining weight loss, according to new research out of the University of Colorado.
    • Those who had lost weight and maintained it burned about 300 calories more a day than those who had normal body weights in the beginning of the study. (And of those calories burned, 180 of them were burned through physical activity.)
    • The research suggests that physical activity, rather than reducing calorie intake, was responsible for keeping the weight off.

    If you’ve ever heard the saying, “abs are made in the kitchen,” you’re not alone. The saying suggests that what you eat is more important to keeping off unwanted pounds than hitting the gym or going for a run. But now, there’s research to suggest that the opposite might be true-at least when it comes to maintaining any weight you’ve already lost.
  22. oramos

    oramos New Member

    lose weight - diet or exercise?
    Both are essential in losing weight because they work hand in hand neither can work on their own.
  23. pApriljoy

    pApriljoy New Member

    Well, they say that exercise is doing only like 10% of your weight loss. So, majority of the weight loss program focuses on eating habits. however, It's better if you exercise and eat healthier so that you're sure that you got that 10% covered, and you just need to focus on the diet part which requires lesser physical effort to execute.
  24. Novak20

    Novak20 New Member

    I think diet much more important than exercising because the main thing that is responsible for fat loss is calorie deficit .Also you can tune your metabolism with the right diet and increase fat loss, as well as using many supplements that can aid you (natural or not). Exercise is there to help you on that path too but you can do just as well with light exercise as with heavy training! Not saying that some specific types of exercises like HIIT don't help at all, just that they are not needed. Hope I helped !
  25. yograj

    yograj Member

  26. kerrwheil

    kerrwheil New Member

    I'd say both. But if you're looking for which is more effective I'd say diet, specifically Intermittent Fasting.
    I have managed to lose 10 kilograms within 4 months with minimal effort due to intermittent fasting.
    Additionally, fasting has many benefits like rejuvenation of your body and to make you more healthy in general.
  27. ruthc

    ruthc New Member

    We all need proper diet and daily exercise to maintain our healthy body.
  28. Wolfiend

    Wolfiend Member

    I don't have the specific research to back it up but I read somewhere before that it's 95% exercise and only 5% workout.
    As someone who only eats one meal a day, I can certainly attest to that.
    I lost 2 kilograms in one week just by eating one meal a day everyday while only doing minimal exercise.
    And I was eating everything on that one meal each day, no restrictions at all. Imagine the amount of weight loss if I implemented some restrictions, doing ketogenic diet etc.
    Its just as they say, "You can't outwork a bad diet."
    So be careful on what you put in your mouth, everyone. I guarantee you, your body will take care of the rest.
    God Bless.
  29. NMac

    NMac New Member

    I think it is about a 70 percent/30 percent mix of the two, with diet comprising of the 70 percent. Exercise is definitely important, but if the number of calories consumed is more than the expenditure, the weight does not come off.

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