What's more important to lose weight - diet or exercise?

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Which is more important - exercise or diet?

  1. Diet

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  2. Exercise

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  3. Definitely both!

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  1. Nathan Bullins

    Nathan Bullins New Member

    I will start out by saying that a healthy mixture of the two is the best. Although your diet is more important. You could work out all day and then go eat a box of donuts and that workout would not matter. Working out is great but if you don't eat right that workout is pointless. Obviously you have to have a calorie deficit to lose weight and you will struggle to lose weight while eating junk.
  2. kapikap

    kapikap New Member

    You have to do both.

    One thing to consider, dont look at pounds lost , but look at how much looser your pants fit!

    I changed my diet just a little, and try to excercise 30 - 60 minutes a day. Something as simple as cutting out sugar, eliminating white starches, and switching to half and half over skim milk worked very well for me. Also, no more late meals. I dont even weigh myself, but instead ,count the holes in my belt, If I have to punch a new hole in my belt, I know I am doing the right thing.

    Dieting alone , you will see a change in size. But without the excercise, you are not boosting your metabolism, and the muscle tone will not be there. Muscle tone is very important , as ther needs to be a way to fill up that loose skin.

    The main goal of weight loss is getting rid of body fat, and you will need to be active for fat loss to happen.
  3. seda

    seda New Member

    What you want to do is eat foods strategically based on their nutritional value and the way that your body digests that food. One of the most effective methods of losing weight is to cut back on the carbs. The #1 thing you need to focus on is to increase your consumption of protein while cutting back on carbs.
  4. ninaritchie

    ninaritchie New Member

    You definitely need to do both
  5. nitromegalamb

    nitromegalamb New Member

    I've consistently read that losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise. It's just too hard and would take too much exericse to work off a terrible diet. Especially for people who are already overweight or might be in pain while working out. Diet is more powerful when it comes to losing weight. It's possible to lose weight without exercise at all, really, depending on your current weight and how far you cut your calories. I'm not saying that exercise isn't important for health, especially cardiovascular health, but I just don't know how it measures up to diet in terms of weight loss.
  6. Shelbs

    Shelbs New Member

    Weight loss is indeed an individual matter. Diet might be more effective for one person, and exercise might be more effective for another. If you are regularly active (even just walking to class or to work), diet is usually the issue. I think this is because there are so many eluding things about so-called "healthy foods". For example, most people have heard that wheat bread is healthier than white bread. If you ask most doctors, however, they will tell you that depending on the person, wheat bread might be worse. It has more sugars, salt, fat, and calories than white bread. This is the same with artificial sugars. It may have less calories, but it is completely unnatural, and not good for your body. So I would say that the most important thing isn't necessarily diet, it is knowing what you put into your body.
  7. Ippolito

    Ippolito New Member

    Losing weight is simply a matter of calories in/calories out. So long as you're burning more calories than you consume, you're going to lose weight. Restricting your caloric intake is one way to do it, exercising is the other. Personally I think your diet should be proportional to your lifestyle and not the other way around, so I would start by making some changes to that. That said, exercise has a host of health benefits other than just weight loss, so you should be doing it anyway.
  8. May-lee

    May-lee New Member

    I agree that it is both exercise and diet that need to work hand in hand as your diet is the nutrition that keeps you healthy and helps to break out the fat or carbohydrates in the body as well as keeping one nourished then the exercise really enhancers the good diet by toning the body, keeping us energised ,realeasing good hormones, losing fat all which contribute to being a healthy individual so it works together becuase what is excercise with a bad diet, it eventually equals disaster.
  9. Meeekeee

    Meeekeee New Member

    Personally, I find a healthy diet alone to be an effective tool for losing weight. A few years ago I started my weight loss journey. I'm not really comfortable in the gym environment so I focused more on what I ate and how much I ate. Needless to say, I lost 76 pounds in less than a year. I do believe there should be a balance between the two at some point but I understand how overwhelming the entire weight loss process can be . Some type of daily physical activity is important for our overall health so I would recommend taking baby steps towards this goal! Focusing more on eating and move around (or walk) as much as possible!
  10. Krystyl Chwa

    Krystyl Chwa New Member

    Personally, changing my diet has had a much larger impact on my weight loss than exercise ever did. Although exercise has helped, incorporating only exercise into my daily routine just wasn't helping me lose enough weight. I usually burned about 300-400 calories at the gym, but I knew my poor eating habits easily cancelled all those calories out. I could go home and eat a bag of chips and some ice cream and it would have been like i'd never even gone to the gym. Watching what I eat has helped me shed almost 15 lbs in just two and half months! However, I still like going to gym! Working out has given me a lot more energy throughout the day, and I can see my muscles getting stronger and more defined. It just isn't as effective in shedding the fat.
  11. trininity

    trininity New Member

    Diet for me, personally. I am not a big person to begin with, but when I have tried to lose a couple of extra pounds I have found that exercise does not help much towards this, however eating less has.
    Although, I do think it is more generally both, as my case was probably affected by me always eating out right after working out. :p
  12. carolinechele

    carolinechele New Member

    It's definitely both. Balanced diet and exercise.
  13. Annie Rose

    Annie Rose New Member

    Mine may not be the most popular answer here but I've found that for me, diet works a lot better with exercise thrown in when I'm able, but it's not been a vital aspect. I have done well with this for a few years now, along with eating a lot more healthy foods than I used to. Sometimes there were long periods of time when I simply wasn't able to exercise due to time restraints or injury, and the weight came off just as fast.

    Now that said, you do need the exercise for toning as you're dropping pounds, or the skin won't look very great. :)
  14. Kerron Billouin

    Kerron Billouin New Member

    Well in a nutshell to me diet comes first before exercise because no matter how much time you go on the treadmill, lift weights or run around the savannah, you will never achieve your goal without a proper diet or nutrition. Listen in my experience I saw a lot of young sportsmen between the ages of 18-30 died of a result of heart attack and they look in top shape but being healthy is not how you look or feel on the outside but is how you look and feel on the inside in which a proper diet, not exercise will ensure that.
  15. Panther G

    Panther G New Member

    I think changing your diet is extremely important in weight loss, but it is also important in making you feel healthy. A good diet will give you energy to do the exercises that you need to do to get yourself to your next level. So, I agree that both is important in losing weight, but you need a healthy diet as a step off point for the rest.
  16. Ian Johnson

    Ian Johnson New Member

    I really think it depends on your goals and what you are trying to accomplish with your body. I personally have seen the benefits of both. There was a period in time were working out was a heavy part of my daily routine and I was in some of the best shape ever. But I kinda fell of track and put on a few lbs. Just recently I have changed my diet to mainly vegetarian and I have lost 10lbs just by doing that. I have noticed though that I am not as toned as I was when I was working out so again it boils down to the results you are seeking. And actually there have been studies that show just by walking 30 mins to an hour per day can add years back to your life. So you may want to look into just walking.
  17. mayorsunky

    mayorsunky New Member

    Exercise is more essential in the attempt to lose weight. It burns all excess loads off. I'm not a fan of dieting. Not because I'm a foody but the believe that the body deserve whatever it craves at any point in time. Its the way we stay alive and healthy. I don't see sense in food deprivation all in the name of loosing a few extra pounds. Its unfair to our bodies.
  18. Tyrone Spears

    Tyrone Spears New Member

    Yes, we should all eat healthier. Yes, we should exercise every day. There are a lot of things we could do in order to be healthier, like sit less, eat more vegetables, eat less processed food, or drink less alcohol. But it does not take into account when we're not doing anything to prevent it.
  19. jr.b

    jr.b New Member

    I would say that they are both important. However i would put diet about exercise. If you workout four to five time a week and do not have a healthy diet you will not see any results.
  20. sarbjit singh

    sarbjit singh Member

    In my opinion both are important, because you will have healthy lifestyle intead of just eating bad or not doing exercise, If I had to choose a "more important" one, it would probably be diet. A few years ago I had a terrible diet where I was not getting enough macronutrients but I was exercising at the gym about 5 days a week. so I wanted to be in shape and I was not getting te results I was excepeting and I start to do proper diet and months after my body maked big difference.
  21. AntwanCeja

    AntwanCeja New Member

    I think it is always a little bit of everything... You cannot work out nicely if you are not eating correctly, and you will lose weight and gain muscle once you work out and eat well. If you want to lose weight, you obviously need to change your diet, and not only that, but also work out a lot. If you want to gain muscle, again, you need to change your eating habits and work out accordingly to a plan. Usually it takes 1 month to start seeing results, so be always patient, because results don't come overnight. Big things always come after a big effort. This applies to anything in life, not just exercising.
  22. CJ Deala

    CJ Deala New Member

    When people say diet, a diet is temporally. If you wanna eat to feel good, then that is a lifestyle change. I used to be overweight and down deep I knew that it wasnt myself. Becoming the greatest version of yourself is looking within you and getting to know how yourself works day to day. The more I observed how my body is and how my mind works. It made me listen to my body and allowed me to make good changes just by seeing how my body reacted a certain foods. For example, although double cheese burgers from Mc Donalds was so amazing to my taste buds, it made the rest of my body feel horrible and sluggish. When I would stick to eating more lean and plant based foods, I felt so amazing!!!
  23. roxanam84

    roxanam84 Member

    Ideally you need to eat healthy and exercise in order to get the best results. However, I don't exercise very much. All I do is walk with my dogs every day. I do however try to eat healthy and this helps me lose weight and stay in shape. Keep in mind that every person is different and what works for me might not work for you.
  24. latifa007

    latifa007 New Member

    Definitely both, i tried to be clever about it before and just dieted without exercise and i had a very dull skin and low energy as a result.I tried the other way around and did not see any result from my exercise. So the combination of both is the answer.
  25. Andra Raven

    Andra Raven New Member

    Hello to all of you ! I am inspired to say both: it is not only losing weight. No ! It is also about being in a very good health. For losing weight, if you exercise, but keep eating a lot and the nutrition is not supervised, the results might not be the best. However, I can certainly say that if you exercise and try to eat in a normal way, without a strict discipline, results might be seen. Of course, it only depends from person to person and metabolism to metabolism.
  26. Skuarewon

    Skuarewon New Member

    Its equally important to be active as it is to eat wisely. Everything you do in life has a balance effect. Anything we do without the proper attention to detail can throw us off target. Do remember that everyone is different in there own right and we might have different effects when following routines. Its ideal to do whats best and works for your needs.
  27. Rakesh123

    Rakesh123 New Member

    Its 60:40 ratio. Diet plays major role in weight loss. If one person who wants to reduce his weight is going to gym and working hard and on the other hand is eating carbs and other junk food, than its just a waste of tour time and energy. To lose weight, a person should take minimal carbs in his diet. Protein should be more to prevent muscle loss. Breakfast must be done properly with good foods. The foods you eat in your breakfast gives you the energy all day long. So proper healthy food must be consumed in order to do that.
  28. Sharkie

    Sharkie New Member

    If you start exercising you will start to eat more and you will care more about what you eat because you know you take care of yourself. I thunk the diet comes naturally when you workout.
  29. Beverly

    Beverly Administrator Staff Member

    You'll get better, faster and more long lasting weight loss results if you combine sensible eating plan with daily exercise or vigorous physical activities such as gardening/yardwork, walking, etc. If you exercise but still eat sweets and fatty foods all day, you are still going to struggle to lose weight. If you diet alone, or worse starve/not eat, you will end up with flabby skin due to poor muscle tone, because the body will cannibalize the muscles long before it eats all the fat on the body. A combination of both works best.
  30. Both exercise and a healthy diet could definitely help you loose weight. Coupled with at least 6-8 glasses of water a day depending on your body needs, consistency/discipline and dedication. It is going to be challenging at first but rewarding once you gain results. God bless on your plan to loosing weight! Keep it healthy.

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