What's more important to lose weight - diet or exercise?

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Which is more important - exercise or diet?

  1. Diet

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  2. Exercise

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  3. Definitely both!

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  1. Tikap

    Tikap New Member

    Well for me I think they are both important one doesn't go without the other. Its important to eat the right amount and the right foods but it's also important to exercise and be fit. Dieting is easier than exercising though so some persons prefer to diet and not exercise but I don't think that's good for the body. Losing weight however can be more effective and beneficial if you practice both
  2. R2B51

    R2B51 New Member

    Eating healthy and a good workout will have some people on the right path.
  3. robin82194

    robin82194 New Member

    I sorry to tell you this, but to lose weight you must have a diet based on how much you exercise. But just for this question I think your diet is more important because if you exercise and lose 80 calories you can gain that much calories by just eating two chocolate chip cookies, but if you have a good diet you won't gain it back because you would never eat the cookies. But I hope you don't just less and hurt your body because your body needs certain types of vitamins that is found throughout different types of food.
  4. wizzywiz

    wizzywiz New Member

    Choosing between changing your diet or exercising is really difficult. These are modifiable factors that are very important and necessary in order for you to loose weight effectively. According to evidence based medicine, dietitians would say that a change in your diet is more important. It works the magic. Learn to eat healthy and watch how things would change within some months.
  5. lwheeler7

    lwheeler7 New Member

    When it comes to losing weight i have always heard that it is 20% exercise and 80% Nutrition because although you can lose calories by working out you can still workout everyday all day and still be extremely unhealthy. And when it comes to losing weight long term health is the most important aspect
  6. april.hunt

    april.hunt New Member

    For sustainable results, a good workout regimen and a healthy diet goes together. No matter what your fitness goal is, it can be achieved and maintained by a right mix of exercise and diet. I, personally, give more preference to diet. As they say, " you are what you eat". Eat healthy is a lifestyle change for me and it is an important contributor towards my health and well-being.
  7. ahwang

    ahwang New Member

    Both are very important, but diet is more important than exercise. Weight loss can only come from eating less calories than you are using. You can quickly overeat the amount of calories that you burn from exercise. However, exercise will help to tone the muscles and make you look healthier and stronger. I recommend an app like MyFitnessPal which helps to track calories and exercise.
  8. kristinakas3

    kristinakas3 New Member

    My goal is to be happy, healthy, and full. Full of love life, and food, I can not speak for anyone else but I need balance in my life but that also is easier said then done. Our society is based around "bettering ourselves" which is fantastic when approached correctly, however if you strive to better yourself by focusing on what you dislike about yourself, then you will either, never reach that goal or never be satisfied. I try my best to remind myself of "the Highlights of Me" and when I begin motivating, encouraging, and investing in myself wholesomely then the physical stuff follows. It is a reason why we are what we are.
  9. lcameron8!

    lcameron8! New Member

    I think that in order for you to be at a healthy weight, before you take diet or exercise into consideration one needs to be of a healthy mind-set. One must find a balance within themselves mentally, physically and spiritually. You can go all out in one direction but without balance the desired effect won't stick. I have known many people who are unhealthy but are skinny and many healthy people who are battling to lose those last few kilograms! I can only really comment on my own experience and what has worked for me because what works for me may not work for you and vice versa. I found that when I became more comfortable with who I am as a person, and my self worth grew because I had more love for myself - because of this attitude I wanted to look after myself better so hence eat better (I have food allergies which wasn't doing me any good not listening to) and exercise on a regular basis. Not necessarily strenuous exercise but by doing something I love. I started ballroom dancing lessons and hiking, doing these things made me happy and the whole cycle would continue. Happy-more self worth-more love and gratitude for self-caring for myself and not about what others would think. We are all unique but not separate.
  10. LyndaR

    LyndaR New Member

    I'm treating the question as a 'choose one or the other dilemma', even though to be healthy you definitely need a sensible combination of diet and exercise. However, strictly in terms of losing weight you need to change to a suitable diet, because what you eat affects the production of hormones in the body and the whole endocrine system.

    For example, when you feel anxious or have a lot of daily stress, your body produces nor-epinephrine, a neuro-transmitter. It acts as extra fuel for your muscles and stamina so you can, 'fight off or run away from', danger. However, most modern-day stress doesn't present itself as a physical threat and you don't use up the extra fuel. Instead, it gets absorbed as unused glucose causing your blood sugar to peak. This causes a 'sugar-crash' or low blood sugar later and in order to quickly increase your glucose to a normal level, the brain sends a message demanding you eat fatty/sugary foods.

    You can't lose any weight whilst trapped in this vicious cycle of stress related cravings for fat and sugar. To lose weight it is best to try and deal with the cause of your stress, which is contributing to your over-eating and sugar-addiction. Then, instead of rationing yourself to tiny amounts of the foods you love and are addicted to, the aim is to find tasty foods you can also enjoy, (in reasonably large quantities!) from the fruit and vegetable store.

    If you want to lose weight and stay at your correct weight for life, you have to start eating the foods your body needs for producing the correct balance of hormones. I've recently done this and lost a lot of weight - without ever going hungry or feeling desperate for calorie-heavy stuff I used to eat. I have now added exercise to my normal routine, but for the first 3 months I concentrated on researching low carbohydrate/high fat diets as a long-term eating plan and learning to cook different dishes. We eat far too much protein and the thing that got me off to a great start was finding out how much protein my individual body needed and then cutting my protein intake significantly!

    I've learned a lot about the serious dangers of a bad diet and the benefits you enjoy from switching to healthy diet, based on the low carb/high fat model. Just remember, though, you still have to restrict your healthy fat intake until you reach your weight goal!
  11. Cbailey184

    Cbailey184 New Member

    I have always heard that the key to weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. I think the goal of losing weight and the goal of being healthy are two completely different things though. You can reduce your calories, while still eating complete junk like candy, cookies, processed sugars and fast food. Work out a bit and still lose weight. But would you be healthy? No. I think it is slower but well worth it to eat healthy and work out. I think its kind of 50/50 ore than 80/20. Seeing a nutritionist, that knows what they are doing and can create a personalized plan for you is probably the best way to be sure if what you are doing is helping or not.
  12. gmarioola

    gmarioola New Member

    I think, with losing weight should not be a goal by itself. Better goal is to get fit or get back to good health.
    But if I have to comment - you can't lose weight eating junk food - so good diet is a key. Exercise can help to create negative calories balance hence lose weight.

    Good luck with eliminating sugar, saturated fat and complex carbs! :) May force be with you ;)
  13. lareina morgan

    lareina morgan New Member

    I can't say that I have consistently dieted and exercised over the years, but I do know that diet is the first step - you need to put the right things in your body before you can keep a steady exercise regimen . Your body needs those nutrients , the right nutrients, to exercise properly. If you are always tired no matter what you eat or how much you sleep, you need to review your diet, you probably have a deficiency and you probably have to add some foods or supplements into your daily schedule. If you are always tired, I guarantee that you will be able to exercise consistently.
  14. double_blue

    double_blue New Member

    I think that your diet is the most important part to losing weight. Essentially, you're going to want to figure out the calories needed to maintain your weight (there are calculators in the stickies), then decide what your goal is. If it's to lose body fat, you'll want to eat at a caloric deficit. If it's to gain muscle, you'll want to eat at a caloric surplus. If it's to maintain your current weight, you'll want to eat at your maintenance calories. Obviously, the calculators are just an estimate, so you'll have to keep track of what you're eating and how much you're gaining/losing to make sure that what the calculator says is your maintenance is your actual maintenance.
  15. Anthony2104

    Anthony2104 New Member

    It seems to me that you can lose weight by dieting alone. It does not seem like you can lose weight by exercising and not eating right. I was always taught that exercise will allow you to lose weight quicker if you are eating the proper foods. I actually know people who are too big to exercise. Both of them lost weight by dieting and going to a nutritionist. Once they lost the weight, then they were able to exercise and tone up their body. I feel bad commenting on this topic knowing that I need to lose weight myself. I suffer with high blood pressure and my doctor had recommended me to lose weight on more than occasion. Eating right is definitely more important. However, exercise most definitely has its place and is a close second to dieting. Now if I can just stop talking about it and be about it.
  16. dalita

    dalita New Member

    In my opinion, you do not have to change much of your diet to lose weight. As long as you don׳t overdo, you can eat everything you want. Exercise is not only for losing weight it's important for our soul. It strengthens the body and causes all the systems to function properly. What is important in dieting is to drink plenty of water and eat constant meals! And also important to give our body enough sleep.
  17. promise

    promise New Member

    In my own understanding, both are important in order to achieve your goal. Diet is an essential part of living and looking healthy. A person that has the intension of losing weight, should be mindful of what he or she eats because excessive eating can make one gain much weight. Try your best not to skip three square meals per day and avoid junk foods. Exercise is the easiest way of losing weight because it helps to burn down excessive calories accumulated in the body.
  18. Denis_P

    Denis_P New Member

    Both play an important role in maintaining good physical health, however in terms of losing weight I'd say that diet is the more important one. The key to losing weight, as most people know, is burning more calories than you consume. I believe that on average most people don't burn even a meal's worth of calories through exercise (it varies obviously based on dietary choices/physical exertion, but I speak for the average person who isn't all that familiar with these concepts and doesn't make optimal choices), so it's absolutely necessary to have a diet where you are already consuming a lesser amount of calories than your body burns without physical activity. Physical activity is just there to boost the process and perhaps provide more leg-room in terms of nutrition.

    Then of course there is the benefit of increased resting metabolic rate thanks to exercise, but that's a whole other topic. Overall, you definitely want both, but diet takes the highest priority I'd say.
  19. LUCKY warrior

    LUCKY warrior New Member

    dieting helps to maintain weight but exercise helps to reduce weight.both are equally important to lose weight.
  20. YsabeauO

    YsabeauO New Member

    I lost a lot of weight in the past year and am now trying to maintain it. The general rule states that you can't outrun a bad diet. I try to outrun it however ;). I eat healthy, but I really love to bake cupcakes and pies and desserts, so I have to try a piece of those as well. I also excercise 3-5x a week, alternating between running and yoga. So I'd say that a combination of both is the best way to weightloss and maintaining. This is only my opinion, and I'm sure this isn't the whole truth for everyone.
  21. RomeroMable

    RomeroMable New Member

    Yay! Congratulations on the weight loss! Its hard for me to lose weight. Probably because I get bored very easily. But I think that it is important to watch the calorie intake in order to lose weight. I do believe exercise is also important but watching what one eats is essential. I have tried counting calories with some apps but I find that most of the food that is listed on those apps very in calorie differences.
  22. Pink_Turtle

    Pink_Turtle New Member

    As someone who has plenty experience in the “diet world”(I’ve been losing weight and gaining it back my entire life) I think the most effective method to lose it and not gaining it back is to exercise. I think they are both important of course but as a person who doesn’t like to diet that much I rather just exercise. I have tried doing only diet and not exercising and I had gain the weight back, instead when I only exercise, I have never gain that weight back, I just drop 10 Kg just by swimming and I have not gain any of it back… So in my opinion exercising is the real key in the losing weight game.
  23. Olufemi

    Olufemi New Member

    Here is my honest overall take on this: Both diet and exercise are CRUCIALLY and INCREDIBLY important to lose weight. That is, both are absolutely necessary for a strong, healthy and good-looking body.
    Diet: This is a limited variety or amount of food that you eat for medical reasons or because you want to LOSE weight. we have a low-fat diet and salt-free diet. Diet is enormously important to weight loss. When you reduce the number of CALORIES you take, definitely, you will lose weight.
    Exercise: This is, simply, defined as the physical or mental activity that you do in order to stay healthy or become stronger. Examples include: jumping, running, swimming, jugging etc. Exercise greatly helps to strengthen your heart and your immune system. It increases bone density. It wards diabetes, cancer and heart diseases. It increases your lung capacity and more. For this reason, I think it is irresponsible to downplay the role of exercise in weight loss.
  24. Jerick Gwapo

    Jerick Gwapo New Member

    I encountered an article before about the 80-20 rule or the 90-10 rule though it depends on the type of person. Most articles definitely say that the best way to lose weight is diet and I do believe in it.

    Gaining weight mostly comes from the food we eat. Dieting is the key as one of the Huffington Post stated. We have the 80-20 rule on losing weight. 80% diet + 20% exercise = losing weight. Or the other formula, the 90%diet+10%exercise=losing weight.

    For my personal experience though, I believe dieting is the key. Even though I rarely exercise as long as I have my diet, I don't get weight that much and diet maintains my shape. I work 3 times a week on the gym only because of work and so I just focus mainly on diet and I still have my six-pack abs. So, we have much weight and we want to lose the belly, definitely we should focus on our diet and do a bit of exercise. A workout without diet is pointless that's for sure. If we really are focused on losing weight, diet+exercise would be the best solution.
  25. webgirl5000

    webgirl5000 New Member

    Diet. Hands down. They say that nutrition is 80% and exercise is 20%. I completely believe this because our nutrition makes up everything about our bodies. Certainly exercise is important, because we need to keep our muscles, joints, etc. in good working order. However our nutrition fuels all of that. Also, we have so many options when it comes to nutrition. It's important to choose foods that will actually nourish our bodies, rather than processed foods that have ingredients which our bodies don't have use for.
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  26. Shiraaz

    Shiraaz New Member

    I am speaking from experience here and trust me when I say that diet has much more influence than just normal exercise. It is not easy to follow a strict or a normal one for that matter but it will change the way your body will function and instead of functioning at mediocrity, it will have positive changes and optimize all organs and functionality.

    Diet is extremely important if one wants to lose weight. It cannot be done without proper diet. Exercise will only get you so far but what we put in our body is what we will get out. If we exercise without controlling our diet, yes sure we will see some minor changes in the long run but if we control our diet and exercise, the major changes start to show physically and mentally. Anyone can exercise but discipline is required to keep a steady diet.
  27. Jahjah

    Jahjah New Member

    For me , I think both . Because if you just go on diet you are just starving yourself . You eat less one day then next day you eat a lot because you feel very hungry . At least if you do exercise , you have time to burn out the extra weight you gain for eating more . It should be balance of course. If you do exercise but you eat more after , your just wasting your time burning it same thing if you go on diet then another day you eat more again . You have to balance it to achieve what you want :) Stop lying to yourself because it's your own benefit as well . I was born slim so even when I got pregnant , I didn't gain weight .
    Exercise has many benefits . You have an active and fit body , healthy lifestyle , away from sickness but also you need to eat healthy foods also to maintain what your body needs . Vitamins , minerals and other nutrition you need .
  28. voltapt

    voltapt New Member

    Its always been the combination of the two aspects. One cannot survive without the other. Its like water and food for living or surviving. Salt and pepper. Peanut butter and jelly.


    I've been through many diet pills and exercises regimes but they did not work at all,but one thing does work ,it is going back to my basics of eating properly and moderately.so its both.
  30. Qamer Abbas

    Qamer Abbas Member

    I think both have role but diet plays more important role.You can estimate from this
    diet 55%
    exercise 35%
    rest 10%
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