What's more important to lose weight - diet or exercise?

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Which is more important - exercise or diet?

  1. Diet

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  2. Exercise

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  3. Definitely both!

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  1. naoki1515

    naoki1515 New Member

    Try to do both! If one is into exercising without having a proper diet, the effort will just be put into waste especially if you eat junk food afterwards. That's a big NO! Having a balanced diet is also essential to maintain healthy living and avoid future illness. Trust me on this one. I've been exercising and incorporating a balanced meal to my diet. I'm happy to say that I lost 3 kilograms in just 3 weeks. Perhaps, a little progress for some. I'm new to this and just giving my body and mind to adjust. I started exercising for 15 minutes for two weeks and now I'm on my 5th week and I can do 30-40 minutes. I'm just loving every minute of it. As they say, "No pain, no gain!". So with proper diet and exercise we will surely lose weight and most importantly, we will get our confidence back!
  2. anor0421

    anor0421 New Member

    I agree with all the previous post that it's both your diet and exercise that can help you lose weight. You have to remember to eat less but healthy and move more. Means, you have to eat healthy food and add a daily exercise in your daily routine.

    It is indeed so difficult to lose weight, it needs discipline and commitment in order to achieved it. There's no shortcut if you want healthy and long term weight lost. Stay on track and always remember your goal and you will achieved it. :)
  3. Anne Fagari

    Anne Fagari New Member

    Definitely both! Being healthy is not only getting a good nutrition but also living an active lifestyle. Eating a well- balance diet and regular exercise can do wonders to your health. People may eat healthy food and still unhealthy due to lack of physical activity. They may exercise regularly and still considered unhealthy due to lack of proper nutrition. Balance is a key to everything. We should learn how to balance on how we manage to stay fit through exercise and maintain our weight through proper diet. It's not really about which one is more important, but I think it's how we aim for a long term result on being healthy through improving our diet and having an active lifestyle at the same time.
  4. heritage23

    heritage23 New Member

    Living a healthy life should be a simple thing. Although, this statement is easier said than done. When it comes to health and fitness, practicality is very important. So at the end of the day, which is more important to lose weight? Diet, or exercise? Yes, we all should eat healthier. Yes we all should exercise daily.
  5. teyen10

    teyen10 New Member

    For me, It Both, I been obese since i was a kid, when i decide to lose weight, I use diet and exercise to totally slim, from 79 kilos down to 49 kilos. Everyday i jogged or i hit the gym for light workout to burn my fats. Then i start to eat low carb meal, for starter i cut my rice from 1 cup to half cup, then less pork and other fatty meal, no more fastfoods. Then i completely adjusted, I stop eating pork, only chicken breast and vegetable. after 1 year, im totally slim and fit, my skin was not loose. I suggest to have slowly diet so your skin wont sagged when u lose weight.
  6. maripot

    maripot New Member

    Exercise of course. Regular exercise can help you stay fit and healthy. Diet without exercise is too hard to loose weight.
  7. Benkings201712

    Benkings201712 New Member

    A combination of both healthy diet and exercise will do the magic. But you should be able to discern how and to what (foods) your body respond. To some persons, mere taking peanuts in the evening makes them gain weight and to the other, everyday with peanut is oral and they find it as a snack with no such body response as gaining extra weight.
    Now back to the bone of contention; here are few steps to take so as to loss some body weight :
    1. First understand how you got to add the seemingly unnecessary weight.
    2. If possible, stop such food that made you gain extra weight or reduce their intakes.
    3. Engage in exercise.
    Note: Note a strenuous type.
    4. Reduce carbohydrates intake.
  8. eddieblogger

    eddieblogger New Member

    I believe it's definitely both. Most people tend to forget the importance of doing a daily exercise in losing weight. If you are obese and tend to lose weight by just eating less without exercise it will give you a "saggy tummy." If your goal is to have a physically fit body then do both. Visit a trusted professional dietitian or nutritionist that can help and advise you on what to do to achieve your goal.
  9. Duhn00

    Duhn00 New Member

    Diet is important in losing weight because what we eat in everyday is what will our body absorbs, even if you exercise regularly if your calorie intake is too much, your exercise is nothing. Calories is based on what we eat, every food we eat has its own calorie equivalent. Body has its own different count of intake everyday, it depends on what your body's condition. Therefore, if you really want to lose weight you have to discipline yourself to watch out for your calorie intake. Your diet may help you a lot in losing weigh also to be healthy, exercise may help you to be fit and strong.
  10. callmejate17

    callmejate17 New Member

    Both. It is important for a person to have a healthy lifestyle and it will be achieved by an everyday proper diet and a regular exercise. It is important for us to balance the food that we eat everyday. I am not saying that we must eat so little what I am saying is that we must limit ourselves in eating food which are bad in our health especially the fatty food. It is also best for our health to do an exercise everyday. Simple walking everyday is already an exercise which is really good for us to become stronger and physically fit.
  11. On how to lose your weight is up to you, not in diet or exercise, those will just help you but everything is up to you, you have to be disciplined enough to know how to eat, when to eat and when to exercise. I would also like to point out that diet is just 30 percent and everything is in discipline like i said so if you want to lose weight... You better start by disciplining yourself first.
  12. jrpm

    jrpm New Member

    I have always believed that diet and exercise should be both done if you really want to lose weight.
  13. jrpm

    jrpm New Member

    Discipline is also important in losing weight. You cannot just exercise and have your diet today and then tomorrow you stop and continue on eating whatever you want.
  14. jrpm

    jrpm New Member

    First thing you have to do in losing weight is to ask yourself, if you really want this; since losing weight involves discipline when it comes to eating. You cannot just eat whatever you want. You have to have your set of meals for the whole day. For example, you start your day with fruits for breakfast, lean meat and veggies for lunch, and fruits again and veggies for dinner. Most importantly, have yourself hydrated the whole day, but not to the point of getting bloated with water.
  15. jrpm

    jrpm New Member

    I have read once a blog from my friend about dieting and exercise, and a cheat day. Of course, once a week you get to taste your favorite burgers and mouth-watering crepes. However, on your cheat day, you should eat minimally of whatever food you have missed on eating for the previous days especially if it has loads of sugar and calories. Again, discipline.
  16. Robe

    Robe New Member

    Exercise for me is most important than diet,whether you want to lose weight or not it is essential for the body to exercise. When you exercise regularly,your metabolism is improved specially when you are on your 30's or up. During exercise youtend to have a better mindset and a clearer picture of what you want to achieve in life because as you exercise the toxins in your body are flushed away and then your happy hormones becomes more active. Also,as you exercise you will notice if your body is a bit heavy or just enough and on my case before I find my weight to be really heavy (79kgs) because my movements are slow. While I was running, i realized that if my weight would be a bit lighter maybe I can run faster.From that time I tried eating the right foods and slept also on time and my weight is now 62 kgs. I continued to immerse myself in sports like running and biking and I also join marathons and duathlon competitions. Practically,when you are into exercise everything will just follow,like you wanna have a good body and be physically fit and if you wanna maintain a good physically fit body you should be eating the right foods at a right amount. Finally when you exercise and you wanna be fit there is a great possibility for you to choice to live a healthy lifestyle,no drugs and no vices just fitness!
  17. jigz martinez

    jigz martinez New Member

    Being fit and healthy needs to take a diet and having exercise as well. Diet and exercise goes hand in hand. If you choose one over another, I don't think it will work. Come to think of it, you eat a lot more than usual and tend to exercise, you are only fooling yourself. You take a diet but don't exercise, you'll just get slimmer and exhausted. Go take a diet and exercise.
  18. Nick Alvarado

    Nick Alvarado New Member

    Both exercise and diet are important.
    It must be balance. Let's' say that you exercise daily but you eat a lot of junk foods, your body will get stressed and weak.
    It's the same thing vice versa, you eat healthy but you don't exercise. It has the same impact on your body.
  19. aldouk8

    aldouk8 New Member

    Both aspects are crucial in case you want to lose weight. Having said that, if we had to prioritize, a healthy diet in most cases would do the trick even if you don't exercise so much. From my experience, people might workout once in a while and by workout I mean even minimum types of exercise like walking, but it takes much more effort to implement a healthy food routine. I guess it is a psychology thing.
  20. mildredadaya

    mildredadaya New Member

    A successful way to lose weight requires watching over an individual's diet and having enough exercise. If I had to choose between the two, planning one's diet has a greater impact in losing weight. Having the proper diet aids not only in weight control but prevents the risk of having certain diseases. Moreover, following a good diet is more attainable than having a daily 30-minute moderate exercise for those people who lack the time to do so. This however requires discipline and self-control since we are now offered with a great number of taste-bud satisfying yet unhealthy food. But still, if given the time and energy, a combination of both proper diet and exercise definitely aids in losing weight.
  21. Mannyrav

    Mannyrav New Member

    If we're solely focusing on weight loss, then dieting is by far the more important out of the two. What you consume has an effect on your overall health; however, weight management is not the only indicator of someone's well-being. In a nutshell: both exercise and proper nutrition play an overall role in your health. They're intended to compliment each other, not battle for their importance.
  22. renaissance

    renaissance New Member

    Diet and exercise are a marriage. I would not advise one without the other. If losing weight is your only goal, then you will be missing out on the benefits of doing it without exercise. Exercise will tone your muscles and improve your cardiovascular health along the way. Exercise releases endorphins which is commonly referred to as the: Feel good hormone. Exercise builds muscle which requires more calories to maintain than fat. If diet is the only tool being used for weight loss, you will have some success, but will only be reaping half the rewards. The key to exercise is to do something you enjoy for a sustained amount of time. If you hate the treadmill or cardio boot camp, then skip it! Look for something fun, and eat a sensible diet. Everyone human has a maintenance number to either increase, or decrease weight. I would suggest using a macro calculator online in order to know what that number is, then consume less calories than the magical number. The best option is combining exercise and diet, you will be much happier with the results.
  23. prncssclaveria

    prncssclaveria New Member

    Diet and exercise are both equally important to stay fit and healthy. Diet is 80% and exercise is 20% of the equation. Some people might be saying that exercise is only 20% so they will just focus on dieting. A combination of a healthy diet and a well-rounded exercise regimen is the key for weight loss. Putting the two together is our very best bet for getting most out of life. As the saying goes, " It takes two to tango."
  24. EugeneB

    EugeneB New Member

    They are both very important, although there are many people who lose weight simply by changing their diet alone. Exercise is not just for losing weight, it's for general overall health, you should do both diet and exercise.
  25. Aljo

    Aljo New Member

    When it comes to losing weight both are essential, you can't do some exercises and after exercising you eat too much specially when you have a high percentage of body fat. Diet is important because as some fitness experts says "You are that you eat." You can't expect losing weight without eating a food that is low in calories, exercise is also important because exercise does the burning of fat specially cardio exercises. Diet and exercise is really important when it comes to losing weight, they are like bolt and nut.
  26. tiffiecute

    tiffiecute New Member

    Definitely, it's exercise. Come to think of it, you burn what you eat. So as long you exercise, there would still be a balance in and out. Still, I can also suggest an additive for faster results in losing weight. I will give you a tip based on personal experience. There was a time that I was informed to be overweight based on my IBM reference. I did exercise and watch my diet. Still, to no avail. Why? The culprit here is having NO TIME. I started to look for an effective alternative and here it is-- SLIMINA. Seriously, I started to lose 1-3 pounds on my 3rd day of taking it. And for the next coming days, I lost 1 pound a day! I have a weighing scale for monitoring. And I don't experience palpitations or LBM regarding side effects. I'm not a reseller for this. I'm not gonna get anything by sharing this. I just want to help. And hey, you will surely gain faster results when you accompany this with a healthy diet and of course at least 3 times a week of good exercise.
  27. vannex

    vannex New Member

    For me the more important to lose weight is Diet but we must not neglected to do exercise. If you aiming to have effective diet must have a simple exercise adds-on everyday. Exercise makes you become stronger and fit, while diet needs your extra discipline of eating habits.
  28. iamtherapist

    iamtherapist New Member

    I think that both diet and exercises are important if you want to lose weight. But I personally recommend exercises to lose weight based on my experience. Cardio work out for like 30mins to 1 hr would really help you to loosen some fats and with the right exercise program it will help you trim down. I feel this way because some people are having problem in terms of limiting their food in take so to make up for this, right and enough exercises should be done to burn the calories they have in take. Maybe after they have reach their goal or desire body weight, that's the time they should be concern with their diet otherwise all the exercises they have done to lose weight would be nothing.
  29. Steve anderson

    Steve anderson New Member

    Diet and exercise is both important, but i thinks placing more attention on one over the other can create larger improvements depending on certain stages of your training progress. I think if you're new to fitness you should focuss on nutrition because any exercise can help you lose fat if your eating the right meal. No matter how hard you train, it's all a waste if you don't know how to eat the right food for you.
  30. kagome2480

    kagome2480 New Member

    Both are very important in losing weight and building a stronger body but eating right most of the time is going to affect weight loss a little more. There are some benefits to exercising that you can't get from eating healthy alone. When you build muscle with strength training or weight training exercises, you'll have strong bones when you have reached an old age and you're more than likely to maintain weight loss. Exercising can also help in reducing stress and it improves mental health.
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