What's more important to lose weight - diet or exercise?

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Which is more important - exercise or diet?

  1. Diet

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  2. Exercise

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  3. Definitely both!

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  1. ptom

    ptom New Member

    Both are equally hard to do but I say both are also essentially important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As a young professional whose job has high stress it is important that we invest in a balanced diet and time to exercise. These days of "instant" this and that it is challenging to eat healthy but this should be a conscious decision that has to be made if we are concerned of the quality of life we want to live in the long term. I say start now and just start dude!
  2. Yes I agree. 80 per cent diet and 20 per cent work out. You may have workout a lot but with the wrong diet, you won't be achieving much of your intended results.
  3. Purity Wangui

    Purity Wangui New Member

    Both are equally vital in losing weight. We lose weight when there is less consumption of calories,physical exercise helps in keeping fit,also you can't exercise on a bad diet you need to have a proper diet before you engage in any physical exercise.
    Both have to work together in order to achieve good result,I believe if you reduce calorie intake you can lose weight but also physical exercise comes along with many health benefits for example it reduces blood pressure,hearts attack,stress and depression also it increases mental sharpness, helps in better blood circulation and also burns calories.I don't think it's better to have a slim body and you are not fit,its better to have a both slim and fit,for me both are equally important.
  4. eamsg

    eamsg New Member

    When it comes to dieting and exercise it is important to decide if you want to lose weight or build muscle. if you only want to lose weight you need to focus on dieting, however, if you want that personal fitness trainer body you have to forget about the number on the scale and eat your protein! a good diet for losing weight would be the 16:8 (where you fast for 16 hours and eat for 8) this would not be optimal if you were trying to build muscle. so overall it is about experimenting and figuring out what works for you and what will serve your end goal.
  5. zaroey

    zaroey New Member

    I strongly believe without a proper diet and a combination of exercise you won't achieve the body you desire. It is a matter of balance diet and exercise. At first it might be hard to balance the to aspects but a long the way as you see your body and life style staring to changing positively you'll be more motivated to go further. No pain, No Gain!
  6. Jjpatrick

    Jjpatrick New Member

    A good combinaion of diet and exercise is key to lose weight. If you dont have a proper diet but you have a well planned workout, it's not going to work because your body needs proper food to digest and replace the damage muscles for recovery. It is the same thing with no proper exercise and with proper diet plan. What is the purpose of all your nutrition if you're doing all your exercise wrong. Therefore, it is really important to have both proper diet and exercise plan
  7. Nestor Angeles

    Nestor Angeles New Member

    For me it's exercise with proper diet. Not just diet but proper diet. When we say proper diet it depends I think on what kind of exercise your going into. If your going to do exercise that will build up muscles well eating high in protein foods will surely help you. Well exercising is helpful when it comes in losing extra pounds in your body. In its simplest form like walking for example, taking stairs Vs. Escalator /elevator, walk your way into convenient store when it is block away, and even strolling in mall you can do your simple exercise through walking.
  8. Jaycua

    Jaycua New Member

    Definitely diet. This is more of a lifestyle change and once this becomes incorporated in your habits, it becomes a natural step to wellness without even putting that much effort consistently as compared to exercise.

    Not to mention exercise requires time and sacrifice whereas diet is still part of your daily activities. All you need is a change of perspective towards better health.

    Exercise is still good especially for cardio.
    But no exercise will be effective without a healthy diet.
  9. Yamzky

    Yamzky New Member

    The most important thing is exercise because it is a way in healthy living because it helps you to detox your body from harmful substances inside. Exercising every morning is so important because it can start your mood in a good way. Exercise is a method to stay healthy and be beautiful inside and out and it helps you to live longer in this world. Exercising also helps you do make new friends and meet new people we must do it outside the house and share it to our love ones that they should exercise, it will help them not to easily get sick and their immune system and all the system of the body is working perfectly.
  10. Anthony D. Perez

    Anthony D. Perez New Member

    Both diet and exercise are important. A well-balanced diet can help your body to function well. On the other hand, exercise can help a lot in keeping your body in good shape. It is so hard to have these two combined for many reasons. Some are busy and got stocked with the "fast food diet". Fast food products which are usually fried, contains much salt and oil that causes many people to loose control of their weight. Nowadays, there are many ready prepared and cooked depending on what set of diet you are preferring, healthy food that contains information on how much calories it has. Exercise is not just good in keeping someone in good shape but also has a good benefit for health. Walking is a form of exercise. Climbing the stairs Two or Three floors can help and can be a form of exercise and can help burn someone's food intake.
  11. RMariz

    RMariz New Member

    I think what's important is to stay healthy regardless of your shape and size, Dieting and exercise will help you to loose weight but loosing weight doesn't mean you're healthy. To be called fit and strong you need to Feel healthy! Eat healthy and be consistent to it but remember to eat with moderation and you need to include an exercise to it, If you're thin it doesn't mean your healthy likewise if you're a bit on the heavy side it doesn't mean your unhealthy.The most important thing is YOU FEEL healthy, everything nowadays depends on our lifestyle - on the way we live, on what we eat. Let's not depend on modern medicine.

    In our times, being healthy is expensive. The things we've taken for granted before slaps us in the face now , Organic food are expensive like it means Gold but that make sense because as they say Health is Wealth!
  12. Ishie Swain

    Ishie Swain New Member

    A healthy diet and exercise go hand in hand to maintain a healthy body and sound mind. Eating healthy will reduce the risk for you to gain weight and doing exercise not only burns the fat and calories you eat but it also helps you to improve your cardiovascular and metabolic health. Having a healthy and fit body will allow you to be more productive in your day to day life. It helps to be focused and it makes you feel energized.
  13. yham2001

    yham2001 New Member

    It is important for me to manage my eating habit. I make sure that I eat healthy and nutritious foods like fruits and veggies. Because I believe that healthy eating is one of the best things I can do to prevent and control health problems such as high blood pressure , heart disease diabetes cancers and many more. Exercise is also important things I can do for my health thats why I exercise every morning while listening to my favorite music. Exercise is the most effecting way of loosing weights and remove excess fats in our body. I do exercise to improve my muscle strength and boost my endurance. I feel like wonderwoman every after doing exercise and I feel great. I also believe that excercise can make me relieve from stress. You can do many things when you have healthy body. By exercising and eating healthy foods it can help us protects our body from sickness. I keep these as a daily habit.
  14. Imelda Guevarra

    Imelda Guevarra New Member

    The health benefits of regular exercise and physical activity are hard to ignore. Everyone benefits from exercise, regardless of age, sex or physical ability.
  15. dean everall

    dean everall New Member

    Hello and good afternoon. The Answer is definately both as they go hand in hand for Energy production to fuel the excercise and to facilitate the recovery and repair of your body post excercise. If you were to excercise for instance on a low calorie diet without the correct ratios of Essential Fatty acids/Proteins/Carbohydrates few outcomes will occur a) You will perform substandardly mentally and phisically which will result in lower than standard gains which will limit your progress, and b) You will increase your chances of accumlating injuries and recovery from excercise will be slowed andd when you consider this your next excercise session will be burdened as a factor. Hope this help.
  16. Barakobryan

    Barakobryan New Member

    You need both exercise and diet, you need to know the proper exercise you need and the proper diet you take.
    No harm feeling to others, don't just listen and do what other say specially to those who don't have experience going to gym, and to those who just reseach diet program on the internet.

    There are a lot of different types of diet program, it depends on the body type you want.
    There's 2 type of exercise if you go to gym, burning and gaining.

    Plan and set the image of the body you want, with the proper knowledge you know what kind of exercise and diet you need to take.

    If you don't have knowledge about this two, I suggest you to hire fitness coach.

    Remember if you take diet without exercise you will have what they called loose skin, that is even uglier than having fats.
  17. Kyan Perl Cord

    Kyan Perl Cord New Member

    Honestly, both are needed to lose weight effectively and properly. Both the diet and exercise work together to loosen up fats in your body. If one is absent, two factors may happen. First, you can develop a slow metabolism. This means that the digestion of whet ever food you eat is slowing resulting to weight gain. Second, no weight loss may happen. This usually happens to people who just go to gym, exercise, diet and eat huge plates of food. Effort is wasted if this situations exist. So better balance things up.
  18. Meg-maggie

    Meg-maggie New Member

    I would say both but most importantly consistency in doing both so as to achieve positive results
  19. Vanissa Morata

    Vanissa Morata New Member

    I would want to say that both diet and exercise are essential factors to lose weight. Most cases, both affects on how to maintain the exact body weight of a person.

    As to my experienced, I had gained a lot of pounds when I was pregnant. But I was able to bring back the body that I wanted when I was still single. It takes a lot of perseverance to get back to shape yet, I aim for what I wanted and it is to be at normal weight again.

    Actually, its all in the mind. Don't eat too much when you can't burn calories most of the time.
  20. IamMaven

    IamMaven New Member

    Health is a state of balance between person's physical, mental and emotional condition and being healthy is the best response to longer life expectancy. Obesity has already become the leading factors of early death to some which were insanely preventable through regular exercise and healthy diet. I believe that healthy lifestyle is a mixture of healthy diet and consistent exercise routine.

    To give a vivid picture of the argument, regular exercise has numerous benefits in the body. It is a fact that brisk walking, for example, can improve blood circulation in the body which is necessary for the delivery of oxygen which is very vital to the countless cells of the human body. It can also be a good detoxification method through human pores through sweating and from the lungs to the nose through expiration of carbon dioxide which is considered a waste material of the respiratory organ. Movement of the body can also improve muscle tone which is necessary for injury prevention. It can also improve and regular bowel movement and strengthen the immune system of the body.

    On the other hand, a healthy diet is also a contributory factor in losing weight because of controlled caloric intake in the body. Proper rehydration is also part of a healthy lifestyle thus regulating different body processes like detoxification of the body. Adopting a new eating habit is also necessary for the success of weight loss. Having sufficient sleep, at least 8 to 10 hours a day, is a very significant component of a healthy diet. Suffice sleep aids in body repair as well as boost the immune system of the human body.

    In conclusion, a mixture of persistent hardwork and consistent self-discipline will ensure the success of lossing weight.
  21. Octavia

    Octavia New Member

    I think diet and exercise is important because it keeps your body balance. Putting the right foods like veggies and fruit will purified the body and will eliminate health issues with the body. Exercising the body will keep the muscles from turning into fat. Yes I can eat healthy foods but with no body movement into the body will have the muscles inactive. The same thing with food, there may be involvement with exercise but if the right foods are not put in the body there health issues like high blood pressure and diabetes.
  22. Mary Jane B. Santos

    Mary Jane B. Santos New Member

    I think it is healthier to lose weight by exercising rather than dieting. You see when you're on a diet,you tend to do a 'yoyo' type of dieting. Meaning, now you eat a lot less and then you eat an amount more after. Which is why for me, 'exercise' is the best way for us to lose weight. As we say it, as long as we have the will to stay in shape , we can achieve it 'Slowly but surely.'
  23. shinrei

    shinrei New Member

    Diet and Exercise comes hand and hand. Both are important in losing weight. No matter how much you exercise if you can't have a healthy diet its just useless and no matter how much you take your diet seriously and yet you dont even sweat its also useless! I think losing weight is sticking with a healthy diet and exercising regularly and having self disciple to succeed.
  24. dyangr

    dyangr New Member

    This must be apply both at the same time. When you wish lose weight, you have to maintain a good diet while having exercise. A 3x times a week session of good workout will help alot towards your goal. Maintaining a good diet will keep you strong and making you weight less. Your diet must be basically in a good guidance of a nutritionist or invest in a good book of diet because not all body are the same. Some diet applications may work for me and some are not, so best to keep you updated by your doctor.
  25. elainejoyce09

    elainejoyce09 New Member

    As the saying goes, It takes two to tango. Definitely, diet and exercise are both essential factors in losing weight. Also, “diet” doesn’t necessarily mean you are eating less to lose weight because there are so many types of diet. You can say you are on a diet but your diet is as tolerated.
    Eating the right kind and amount of food and exercising regularly at least 30 mins a day may help you eliminate toxins and excess fat. Thus, giving you a fit and healthier body.
  26. mariemar

    mariemar New Member

    For me , both exercise and diet are important. They must be partners, exercise without proper diet and vice versa are useless. You cannot achieve healthy body without both. Exercise makes our body strong not only physically but also our immune system to fight many diseases. But it can't be enough, we must accompany it with proper diet because if we won't we may get obese. And if we may get obese or malnourished, we may acquire many diseases.

    If we are obese, we are prone with heart diseases and diabetes. Being overweight can also acquire high blood pressure that can lead to stroke. While being malnourished means having a poor nutrition that can lead to serious conditions that can have a long term negative effects in our body.

    For us to be healthy, we must have a regular exercise and proper diet and most especially we must have a discipline to achieve our goal.
  27. Jayken

    Jayken New Member

    I do believe what is more important is to exercise and eat in moderation. I just read an article that the doctor didnt advice his patient to go on a diet instead have an exercise everyday.
  28. Merz

    Merz New Member

    Our body need both, proper diet and exercise. We need exercise to reduce fat as well as to function our body and to maintain our immune system. We do exercise also for good cardio its function all our body parts most especially heart. We need proper diet because it helps naturally for our radiant health. We people need to eat fruits , veggies, meat, bread and so forth . But if we only eat everyday just fruits and veggies what will happen? If we only eat meat everyday what would happen to you? So we better eat balance diet for us to have a healthy body it function our radiant health.
  29. jovie

    jovie New Member

    I think both is important to lose weight. A combination of healthy diet and well-roundly exercise regime is the key for weight loss. For me when it comes to dropping pounds, what you put in your body is more important than how you move it. You could put on your gym clothes, and go to a workout class everyday and came home and shower to burn some calories, or you could just not to eat a candy bar. While exercise is crucial for leading a healthy life, exclusively it doesn't often promote weight loss. A studies found that calories control is more successful, especially because exercise increases appetite in many people. Even more, additional research found that working out burns more calories initially. But the burn eventually plateaus as the body adjust for stability. But putting the two together is our very best bet for getting the most out of life.
  30. mariaabonalla

    mariaabonalla New Member

    I believe in a 50 per cent diet and 50 per cent exercise commitment when it comes to weight loss and a new, happier, and healthier lifestyle. Exercise is a key element in weight loss, and it's a key element in keeping the weight off. Colleagues might say I'm putting the cart in front of the horse. Fine. But there's a reason why I support exercise as a weight loss (and more) tool. It's because of happiness. Take an overweight person who adores food. Now put them on a plan to eat less, and watch their mood, life, and energy sour. Sure, that crash diet might have them on a weight loss path, but I'd rather have them eat more, and have the caloric deficit come via exercise – they'll be fuller, happier, and healthier.

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