What's the best smartphone for gaming?

Discussion in 'Cell Phones & Tablets' started by Chowdanes, May 9, 2019.

  1. Chowdanes

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    I enjoy playing casino games for real money online. I do win sometimes. However, playing on my laptop has proven to be very inconvenient. The fact that I can only play while relaxed at work or home means that I don't make the most from it. I would want to invest in a good smartphone that can make that possible. Will anyone recommend a good smartphone that would do the job perfectly well?
  2. fadhilbshr

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    Unless you're on a limited budget, I believe the Razer Phone 2 would be the perfect fit for you. It is actually one of the first phones I've seen that actually touted themselves as a "gaming phone" as their key selling point. In fact, unless I'm remembering this incorrectly, I think they actually had a promotion where they showed the phone running Fortnite very smoothly, which even some flagship devices of today struggle to do. Do give it a look and let me know what you think of the phone.
  3. constant32

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    samsung a7. i use this phone for gaming and for picture taking
  4. For me Huawei Y9 is the best smartphone for gaming. It has 4gb of ram and 64gb of internal storage. Huawei also has 4000mah battery life so in terms of gaming it will last a day. This smartphone also has a very high grapics. Best thing of this phone is the screen. It has 6.5 inches fully HD. For me Huawei Y9 is the best smartphone for gaming.
  5. megie02

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    To me Xiaomi is very good and very nice performance. Unlike other brand phones it's nice but the price is very expensive. So Xiaomi is the best cellphone gaming for me. Its has power performance and have a good battery life. And you can buy it for a cheap price.
  6. dindodc8888

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    Get an iPhone XS max.
    Best for people who want to game on iOS on a large screen but don't want to be bothered to carry around an iPad.
  7. becaro122

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    There's a myriad of phones to chose from but it depends on your budget,phones pricing upwards of 400$ would be the razer phone,samsung galaxy s10e,xiaomi mi9,iphone xr and oneplus7 pro.phones pricing below 300$ would be xiaomi redmi not 7,Realme 3 pro,honor 8x,moto g7 and samsung galaxy a7.all of these phones have a relatively powerful cpu and can run at ultra settings when gaming,these phones also have higher scores in benchmark tests.
  8. Recollins8817

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    I find that iOS devices take the cake when it comes to gaming. The battery life is longer and it runs much more smoothly than android. (Btw, I have an android.) I try to use my wife’s iPhone when I want to game.
  9. glenda18

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    The best gaming phones in 2019 just keep getting better, as more powerful hardware can run games with ease, and dedicated gaming phones come with enhanced features designed specifically for gaming.

    Some of the best gaming phones are just the best phones all around, since their balance of performance and features make them a winner for just about anything.

    There are a few must-haves for any great gaming phone: a powerful chipset capable of running the best Android games or best iPhone games smoothly and launching them quickly; a great looking display with enough room to show the game with room for your fingers; and enough battery to keep you gaming for as long a session as you can muster. When you’re playing demanding games like Fortnite and PUBG Mobile, you don’t want any of these aspects to be lacking.

    We’ve taken all these aspects into account, as well as others like RAM size and storage space for games. The available app ecosystem also matters, which is one reason why Apple’s devices continue to have such a strong foothold here. We also take into account unique features that can have a special impact on gaming.
  10. ewi102

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    if you are looking for a budget friendly gaming phone go for pocophone f1.but if you can afford highend gaming phone go for asus rog 2.

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