What's the book that inspired you to be a writer?

Discussion in 'Fiction Writing' started by marcmelit, May 14, 2019.

  1. marcmelit

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    There's always that book that made a writer a writer. I still remember the very first full-length novel I've ever read. It's called 'The Client' by John Grisham and a Legal Fiction. It was too inappropriate for my eight-year-old self but that book was the first o open my eyes to the power of fiction and what it can do a reader's mind and imagination. It was very convincing even though I knew it wasn't real. From that moment on, I knew I want to be a writer.
  2. kcavs

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    The book that made me want to write was Beloved by Toni Morrison. I read it just last year, and I had never been more in awe of a novel. To give a brief (spoiler free) summary: the book follows the story of a former slave dealing with the mental effects of the trauma she faced and the ghosts of her loved ones. Morrison explores a difficult and polarizing topic in the book, but she doesn't just brush over it on a surface level. She dove in and ended up creating a book that meant something on more levels than one. Her style was so unique and her message was so powerful that the book itself almost forced me to want to be a writer. Reading a book that was so well rounded and so impactful made me want to write something that was even a fraction as good. The idea that I could send a message by writing something and really affect the reader's thoughts, opinions, and potentially their whole life was enough to make me power hungry, in a sense. I still aim to write something that has as much emotion behind it as Beloved and I hope that the books effects never leave me.
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    I started reading books when I was just twelve years old. The Harry Potter and Percy Jackson series became the gateway to me into becoming a writer. I enjoyed writing stories with fantasy elements because I've always been fond of anything that is magical, like faeries, wizards, and etc. It helps that I also quite have a wild imagination.

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