What's the first computer you ever used?

Discussion in 'Computers' started by paypaliulianradu, Jan 11, 2020.

  1. paypaliulianradu

    paypaliulianradu New Member

    I believe the first computer I ever used was an original Mac.

    We had one in our house for a while when I was younger. When my parents split up we all of a sudden had no computers in the house for quite a while. I feel like I would have been faster into the tech game if we'd always had computers.

    The cult of Steve Jobs appealed to my parents who were buddhists and part of the hippy generation. I think that's why we always were an Apple house whenever we had computers.
  2. delmar001

    delmar001 New Member

    The first computer that I ever used was an Intel Pentium 4. It has a windows xp operating system.
  3. Faithsony

    Faithsony New Member

    The first computer that I got an opportunity to use and explore, was an IBM PC. I used it to play games such as Baileys, mine Sweeper and Cycles. It had Microsoft Office programs and Internet explorer.
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  4. rpayanan

    rpayanan Member

    The first computer I ever had is Lenovo and it's Windows XP. I love it still working right now for more than years. It never breaks down and still fast. You can still install software in it. It's very durable. Right now I upgraded it to Windows 7 and works perfectly fine.
  5. Dijwar

    Dijwar Member

    Acer, it's my favourite brand, Acer Advantage is a warranty extension program which can be purchased with Acer products, such as netbooks, notebooks, PCs, LCD monitors, projectors, etc.
  6. Slodx

    Slodx New Member

    Intel Pentium 4 MX440 Nvidia GPU. Man, those were the days. I still remember the beigy awfulness of a PC case it had.
  7. rycastillo241

    rycastillo241 New Member

    My first computer was Intel Pentium 4 and i used to run Hitman on it.

    Dial up connections were the hype back then. The internet was unfiltered and different kinds of videos and files were scattered throughout the web.

    Processing time of it was so slow
  8. Rexway4

    Rexway4 Member

    I can remember when my parent bought me pentium4 this system was the very set of system that every hous hold want to use but in those days the system was so expensive that replacing a part in it was so costly,but now laptop has taken over the market and desktop has been release of various kind and size .

    Many people has access now to laptop and desktop because it is easy to aquire.
  9. mom8989

    mom8989 New Member

    I first used a Sony laptop with only 512mb ram and 64mb graphics card.
  10. nickremigio14

    nickremigio14 New Member

    The first computer I've ever used is Pentium 2 around 1998 and it runs windows 98 operating system.
  11. jrl0700

    jrl0700 Member

    The first one I ever used was an Inter Pentium 3 Personal Computer.

    Windows 98 with that leopard desktop and the sound. Oh how I miss that.

    I would use paint all day long.
  12. JanetL

    JanetL Member

    I never heard of this type of computer before,pentium 2, maybe its existed during 1980s the very first computer I made use of is the pentium 4.

    Now things has change and many modern technology has taken place laptop of various size and spec is been produce and desktop of various size if am giving an opportunity to chose the system to use now then laptop will be my first choice.
  13. Thesease

    Thesease Member

    From what I remembered, the first time I used a computer was when I was six years old. That's just an undetermined prediction, since it was a long time ago.

    If I can remember correctly, it was a Pentium III computer, at least 1 Gb of RAM, with a barely usable CRT monitor and a mechanical mouse (You know the type, the mouse with a rolling ball in the bottom). It was running Windows 95 or 97 and it stars very slowly. I can only play basic games in that piece of work. I can remember playing a game wherein you need to break dinosaur eggs and those graphics were insane at that time (I cannot say the same today). I don't know where it is now, but I really miss playing in that computer.
  14. Rexway4

    Rexway4 Member

    You started using a computer set at the age of 6,that is very good that means you where early expose to the world of computer and technolofy,can you tell me what you where using the system to do and which website you surf (mostly it is for game and pictorial viewing at that age)

    I was able to lay my hand on computer when I was in high school and by then I was at the age of 17yrs so I use it to search for homework that I cant do with my normal text book its make learning easy for me and till now am still using computer to resolve some of my academic and private issue

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