What's the first gaming console you ever owned?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Jiuaxin, Apr 24, 2011.


What's the first gaming console you ever owned?

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  1. PS1

  2. PS2

  3. PS3

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  4. Xbox

  5. Sega Dreamcast

  6. Wii

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  7. Nintendo

  8. Other or none

  1. Jiuaxin

    Jiuaxin Guest

    My 1st Console was Sega Genesis
    I got it for my birthday when I was six. Sonic 2 was the bestest game I have ever played:D:D
  2. Thecreator

    Thecreator Guest

    Can't remeber it was a long time ago.
  3. SpokedRim

    SpokedRim Guest

    I was 5 and I, too got the Sega Genesis for my birthday. Was a very good console at the time. Lol
  4. Mine is PS1 , My dad gave me a PS1 when I was a little kid . I used to spend a lot of time on it playing games like road rash PS 1 edition , F1. It was a great console and the whole series of play station was rocking.
  5. eulfen

    eulfen Guest

    The first console that I had was PS3, yes, PS3.
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  6. Joecarl

    Joecarl Guest

    The Odyssey was bad ass. I was very young mind you, but my favorite game (can't recall the name unfortunately) was where you had two stick figure cowboys and each stood on opposite corners of the screen. There were a bunch of obstacles between the two of you.
  7. Coastercraze

    Coastercraze Guest

    The NES was my first system. The good memories of playing Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros.
  8. Mine would be the original Nintendo. Got it when I was about four years old.
  9. Le Bao

    Le Bao Guest

    The first console that I had was PSP, PSP 2000, I 've owned it for 4 years, it's good for relaxing: musics, movies, games, pictures...and it is portable and you can always bring it beside you everywhere you like :D
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  10. Ajay Baji

    Ajay Baji Guest

    The first console that I got was the Nintendo 64. I still play it today sometimes. As for other consoles that I own, well I have the GameBoy Color,GameBoy Advance PS1,PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360, and the Nintendo Wii.
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  11. PaadddyyM

    PaadddyyM Guest

    My first console was a PS1,
    I used to sit there playing it for hours when I was a little kid.
    My favorite game on the PS1 was Spyro.
    I can still remember the memories of that game.


    Anyone else have this game or play it?
  12. ScarfaceTL

    ScarfaceTL Guest

    My first console was a Sega Megadrive based on cassette.Cool console though..:D Old but good..its still working:X
  13. The first gaming system I ever owned was a Nintendo 64. However, I played my old game boy that my father gave me WAY more.
  14. TheVisitors

    TheVisitors Guest

    The very first game console to which I owned, myself; was the original Nintendo Game Console and the first game to which was given to me with it, was The Legend of Zelda. I still remember that the game cartridge was a very bright gold color.

    However, the first computer game to which I ever did play, was your typical classic pong game.
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  15. LeeUk

    LeeUk Guest

    Mine was the Nintendo back in the day it pretty much ruled, I remember getting it one year for Xmas I was chuffed to bits. I own the Xbox 360 now and the PS3 which I play online.
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  16. 31!m!n80r

    31!m!n80r New Member

    Xbox 360, now, the PS3, I like the PS3 more.
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  17. Jordan

    Jordan Guest

    SNES. Now I own 2 PS3s and 1 Xbox 360 :eek:
  18. The original XBox. It was awesome.
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  19. Darius

    Darius Guest

    My first console was the original Nintendo.
  20. Acid409

    Acid409 Guest

    My first was the Nintendo 64. :) I loved it and I still have it even though its like 10 years later :p Games like The Legend Of Zelda, Starfox, Pokemon Stadium, etc will NEVER get old in my opinion. :)
  21. Jared Roland

    Jared Roland Guest

    Mine was the Gamecube as a matter of fact. It was such a great console! I wish I didn't sell it...It had GREAT games on it to play.
  22. Qwk86gn

    Qwk86gn New Member

    Atari VCS 2600
    Coleco Telstar Alpha

    My brother and I played those 2 original game consoles until we got our first Nintendo in 1985, both the Atari and Coleco Telstar were made in 1977.

    Boy do I feel old from looking at the posts before mine... :eek:

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  23. Shenesis

    Shenesis Guest

    Mine was the NES, :)
  24. Duality

    Duality Guest

    My first console was Sega Genesis. I loved playing Gunstar Heroes and still do to this day! The old games will always bring the most fun out of gaming!
  25. zack

    zack Guest

    Nintendo 64 baby!!!
  26. Googler

    Googler Guest

    The original Nintendo was my first love. I still enjoy the classics like Zelda, and Mario Brothers. :)
  27. kidr0ck

    kidr0ck Guest

    I was all into PC gaming till I got a Playstation 2 as a birthday Gift ,Great Graphics and Great Games . Loved playing Wwe multiplayer in it with my brother ,Ah !! those were the days
  28. Brandon M

    Brandon M Guest

    The very first console I got was the PS1 and what a console it was.
  29. My first system ever was a Nintendo 64 and I still have it. I loved it then and I used to play for hours on Starfox and Legend of Zelda. As a matter of fact. I should go play it now.
    But i still love my Xbox 360
  30. Eternal

    Eternal Guest

    If I remember well then I think the first console which I owned was GameBoy Advance of Nintendo. I got that console as a present in one of my birthday. I really love my first console so much. I even didn’t know what a console actually is. I used to think that GameBoy is the best gaming platform and I have owned it. But when I grew up I learned about other console such as PSP and 3DS which are hundred times better than GBA.
    But still I really enjoy playing Pokemon and Mario in my GBA even in these days. I really don’t know the reason; it might be because this is my first console. I have Nintendo 3DS and Sony PSP but still I never forget to play GBA at least once a day.

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