What's the first gaming console you ever owned?

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What's the first gaming console you ever owned?

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  1. PS1

  2. PS2

  3. PS3

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  4. Xbox

  5. Sega Dreamcast

  6. Wii

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  7. Nintendo

  8. Other or none

  1. cortaxfrog

    cortaxfrog New Member

    Oh, boy, now that I think about it, that was a long time ago... To be honest, when I was growing up, my family never really had much money, and, when they bought my first console back in the late 90's it was good old SNES. Both Playstation and Nintendo64 were already available, but they simply could not afford it. Still, I loved the console and even now I keep it safely locked in my attic.
  2. RonLegend10

    RonLegend10 New Member

    I remember when i was young, i think the first console which i used is Nintendo, it makes me happy when i play this gadget, especially super mario, contra, ninja turtle, x-men, etc., Childhood is the best memory to go back.
  3. Khadeem2010

    Khadeem2010 New Member

    My First Game Console that I owned was Nintendo 64. Super Mario World is still one of the best games ever created!!!
  4. Joshwaasa

    Joshwaasa New Member

    My first ever consol I ever got when I was young was a GameCube. I love that console so much I even wish it would come back due to the 4 players leaving us to connect with one and another
  5. glayting

    glayting New Member

    my first console was ps1.
    i got it when i was 9 years old ,
    i love it so much .
  6. Xane911

    Xane911 Member

    It was Nitendo GameBoy, where I got to play super mario and different pokemon versions, it's quite nostalgic though holding the GameBoy, whose already broken after how many years.
  7. MrY

    MrY New Member

    Lol its nice to remember old days xD It was Socer Station gaming console back in 1990's and it has 99999 integrated games. First game was Football game and it was awesome xD . But 1 game was specific and we played it all the time ARKANOID xD
  8. dragonfruit

    dragonfruit New Member

  9. JuiceAndJam

    JuiceAndJam New Member

    My first game console was a N64. I remember when I was about 4 when I first laid my hands on it; however, I cannot remember any games I had for it. I no longer have it, for it broke.
  10. Culsax

    Culsax New Member

    The first gaming console I owned was a GameBoy Advanced. It was the rage among kids at the time and was gifted to me by my father for my birthday. This was around the early-2000s. It was a small, foldable, hand-held console and I would take it with me wherever I went. I also remember owning an entire bag-full of cartridges (games) for it. I moved on to the Playstation Portable around 2008 but always revisited my GameBoy from time to time for a spin of Contra or Pokemon. Eventually, my GameBoy stopped working and I had to dispose of it.
  11. hountanie

    hountanie New Member

    PS 2 and its still fresh to my memories, at that time i really love playing spider man even I don't have a memory stick I still go back to the beginning in every time I shut down the console
  12. mak2x123

    mak2x123 New Member

    For me, I don't really like any other game console. I always have pc in my house and I really used to do it in pc all of the games. If ever there is a new release I just wait for the release for the pc and enjoy the game
  13. Addwark

    Addwark New Member

    My first gaming console was ATARI and it was big deal at that time. ATARI due to its graphics was above than GAMEBOY which had black and white background for most of its games. ATARI games were simple and multiplayer.
    The best part was you only had one button and a joystick to run the whole game. I miss those old days.
  14. Vonthe1

    Vonthe1 New Member

    Hello everyone my name is Devon Toney.
    The first gaming system I owned would be 5he PlayStation 1 . I would say i was probably seven or eight years old at the time. The astonishing Sony PlayStation 1 had been given too me by my father for my birthday. We should have a second generation
  15. Keoteu

    Keoteu Member

    My first one was PS3 it was given to me by my Uncle on Christmas the first game i played on it was Assasins Creed 4 Blackflag and my friends would often come to our house to play.
  16. Impalals01

    Impalals01 New Member

    This is totally embarrassing but the first console I ever owned was a Nintendo. I feel like I am a million years old saying this but, Nintendo is still my favorite console to this day. My favorite game on Nintendo was 'Duck Hunt'. Honestly, who can forget all the hundreds of great games that Nintendo has produced. I feel as if Nintendo is what has paved the way for all other gaming systems.
  17. halsoriano

    halsoriano Member

    My very first own console in PS1. There are so many nostalgic games I remember and still playing it today. I like final fantasy games and resident evil story. That console is connected already in my childhood days.
  18. kakeramaru

    kakeramaru New Member

    My first game console was sega saturn, it were very memorable the game I'm playing back then and the games now. Yes the graphics are way mo detailed than the graphics back then. But still it is very enjoyable playing my very first gaming console
  19. Momamba

    Momamba New Member

    The first i ever owned was PSP1 which i loved treasured especially playing dragon ball z. A very memorable console owned by me. I don't know about the rest of the console but i sounds fun to use and play with .
  20. Herbz

    Herbz Member

    The first console that i got was ps1. I remember the days when the game would hang we would shake it because we thought it would make it be okay haha we would always be scolded because of that.
  21. triumphforks

    triumphforks New Member

    My first ever console was a Gameboy. I was just a little kid, not older than 5, and my dad, the biggest Nintendo fanboy I know, made me catch the Nintendo bug. That Gameboy was the first of many Nintendo console’s that I own so far. Now I own the Nintendo Switch and with the same we have an emulator for old games and it’s great to relive my childhood and just play those games as if I were 5 again.
  22. ZHRK007

    ZHRK007 New Member

    Mine was psp then xbox 360 then ps4
  23. chdz42

    chdz42 New Member

    The first game console that I owned/played with was the portable GameBoy Advance. I was around 6 or 7 when my aunt first gave it to me so I don't really remember playing on it much. However, I do remember why I stopped playing with it. My brother, who was around 2 or 3 at the time, grabbed it and ripped it apart. After that, it never worked again and that was my GameBoy's unfortunate demise.
  24. Logan1121

    Logan1121 New Member

    My first console that I personally bought was Play station 1. However the first console that I owned that my parents gave to me was an Atari. Those were the days. :love:
    When I was a kid, I can't wait till the weekend comes, for my 2 hours of gaming privileges. :D:D:D
    When I invited my classmates to my home to play video games, they were all amazed. I'm the only one who has an Atari in our class. That console made me popular. :thumbsup:

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  25. rlmedalla31

    rlmedalla31 New Member

    My first was Ps1. I still remember playing resident evil 2 and 3 with it. It's a relic of the past and was a game changer back then. Until, of course ps2 came to the party and,... I was a bet late to the ps4 hoopla. Got it at the tail end of its life cycle. Still have the console till now. Once I thought of selling it but changed my mind. I opted selling my Ps3 instead. Now unto my Ps4 and enjoying the current gen. But I still find myself playing Ps1 games on my PC.. From emulators.... so there PS1 rules!!!
  26. Reneew22

    Reneew22 New Member

    The first console I had was a Wii. At the time, the Wii was the best and newest console you could have. I didn't really buy other games to go with it, I mostly played the game that already came with it like Wii sports. This was due to the fact that at the time, I couldn't really afford to buy new games anyway. Despite that, I still made the most out of it. A year later, I bought "Just Dance" and " Michael Jackson: This is It" and I absolutely loved these games.
  27. loudsense

    loudsense New Member

    NES and I loved it!
    Long live the 90s...!!
  28. tmwilneff

    tmwilneff New Member

    My first console was a N64. I still have it, and all of the games that I collected growing up. I often use it too, especially when I have friends come over. We all love hooking it up and playing Diddy Kong Racing, or playing Pokemon Stadium like we used to do as kids. The games are still really fun, decades after they came out, and it's just a nice dose of nostalgia to be able to play the games that fuelled my childhood.
  29. alksndr202

    alksndr202 New Member

    While I did own a bootleg Atari 2600, the first REAL console I owned was a Sega Mega Drive (Genesis).
    I have so many fond memories while playing that little black box. My father used to rent a cartridge for me every time I got an "A" at school.

    It still works even today (the reset button doesn't work though).
  30. Marcosdc

    Marcosdc Member

    For me its ps2 and Nintendo. I always locked the door so that my dad won't see me playing all day.
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