What's the first thing you do when you're online.

Discussion in 'Computers' started by RedMint, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. RedMint

    RedMint Guest

    What's the first thing you do after launching your Internet browser? I always had the habit of going through Google and seeing if there's something new like Google Doodles or Google logos and just skimming through what the Doodle is about.
  2. Binal Patel

    Binal Patel Guest

    The first things I do are check out Facebook, my e-Mail, and maybe read some online news from the Wall Street Journal or New York Times. It's actually become pretty much a habit to do those things when I login.
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  3. x3slashz

    x3slashz Guest

    The first thing I do when I open up my browser is to check new notifications on Facebook.
    After that, I do play online games and check out my e-mail.
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  4. RedMint

    RedMint Guest

    Wow. I can see the power of Facebook right in there. I am not really into Facebook though i enjoy some of its features. My brothers and sisters really enjoy going there and sometimes playing some games. Even my father have one!
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  5. MsCharmed

    MsCharmed Guest

    Facebook... All my friends live there basically, so I catch up on the news and gossip first. The sad thing about FB is that there isn't that much telephone conversation among friends anymore. Like, "Hey, what ya been doing?" No need to ask since some of them post every time they sneeze. Truly though, it's better than a newspaper or the news on TV because it's all rolled into one. I see local gossip, news, sports, weather, obits, carport sales, who broke up with who, who's mad/happy/sick/tired/disgusted/getting married, etc. The list goes on and on.
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  6. MsCharmed

    MsCharmed Guest

    Uh oh... I just discovered a newsfeed here =)) I predict within a very short time it will be scrolling as fast as Facebook every thought about moving.
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  7. MsCharmed

    MsCharmed Guest

    I did sit half the day and play with the Google Guitar Logo they had up a few weeks ago. My best friend concluded that I am too easily amused :rolling:
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  8. Strange_Nora

    Strange_Nora Guest

    When I get on the internet I always check my e-mail first. Then I go to any social networking site I belong to so I can see what everyone is doing. Afterwards I am free to do some surfing.
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  9. camgaertner

    camgaertner Guest

    The first thing I do is check my E-Mail and my Facebook :p
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  10. RedMint

    RedMint Guest

    Hey I saw that Doodle too. It was Les Paul's birthday when they put up with that Google Logo. I was also playing with that guitar then and my sister was curious about what and where that sound was coming from. :D
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  11. After launching Internet browser firstly i goes to my mailbox to check new mails and after that i log in my facebook account.
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  12. I usually get onto Facebook to see if anything new has gone on, then I go and check my mail. After that it is usually onto the news and checking other websites.
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  13. camxyza

    camxyza Guest

    The first thing I do when I open my computer at the office is to prepare all the tools that I need in order to perform my tasks at work. Such as the tools that I use for troubleshooting as well as the documentation tools that we used. Next thing is to check my Outlook emails and updates. If I still have some spare time that's the only time I visit my Facebook account.
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  14. Lindsay

    Lindsay Guest

    I always check my Facebook page and then my email. I am addicted to Facebook and the games too. I can play the games for hours every morning.
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  15. WAH Ca$h Mom

    WAH Ca$h Mom Guest

    The first thing I always do is go and check out my Facebook. Then I will check my email and then start working. On my break, I enjoy playing games or talking to a friend.
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  16. amy_wc

    amy_wc Guest

    E-mail and Facebook start my mornings every day! It's like my coffee... I don't seem to function without checking both of them.
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  17. MomTo2inNE

    MomTo2inNE Guest

    The very first thing I do when I'm online is read the headlines on Fox News. Then, once I feel like I have a slight grasp of what's going on in the world, I check email and Facebook. I adhere to this order every time. OCD much??? Naahh...
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  18. wilfred20

    wilfred20 Guest

    Upon waking up, I usually check my Facebook and Twitter accounts for updates. Then, check my websites ranking in google and start doing a little SEO. After doing some SEO, I would come to my favorite forums to check for updates.
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  19. gekko_State

    gekko_State Guest

    .. Look for some updates, notification and check on my account status.
    Open up facebook and some social sites that Im in, look for messages, notif. and updates. Open up a new tab, then go to mailing sites look for new messages, the third part is what I really like Open up a new tab again then check my account in every online paying sites that Im in, to see if there's some money that I can withdraw..
    And that's my first daily online routine..
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  20. vinu

    vinu Guest

    The first thing I do is to check my email, reply to essential mails and delete all unwanted mails.
  21. syahpian

    syahpian Guest

    the first thing i will do is checking my inbox email
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  22. greenhouse

    greenhouse Guest

    I check my mails. This is the first and foremost duty of mine whenever I enter online. :)
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  23. wealthshares

    wealthshares Guest

    The first thing that I do online is to check my facebook for notifications and updates then proceed to my e-mail to check for new messages. Then after that, I directly sign in to my money making accounts to see if there are some updates and other opportunities that I can have. I also do a little work in some forums to promote my tumblr and twitter accounts, then do my freelancing tasks. Sometimes, it's a bit tiring already to work online but it's worth sacrificing for.
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  24. ksperry

    ksperry Guest

    The first thing I do is check my email and delete all the unnecessary messages. Then I check Facebook and a couple of new sites I follow. After that I pull up my RSS reading and catch up on those posts. Finally I get to work. :)
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  25. I usually do Facebook first, but sometimes I check my email or sites first. :)
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  26. lucky20

    lucky20 Guest

    I check my facebook account. There's a lot of updates from my friends there that I shouldn't miss. :D
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  27. HLehsten

    HLehsten Guest

    My routine is very similar to most of you here. As soon as I wake up I go to my computer. As someone else said, instead of coffee, I use the internet to wake me up. I first go onto Facebook to check on my news feed and then read through the statuses to see if anyone posted about anything interesting to me. After I am finally done on Facebook I check my personal email, as well as my school email. Then I just continue to browse the Internet.
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  28. Snowclouds

    Snowclouds Guest

    I'm in love with Google products. The first thing I do is check my email. It's better than checking mail at the mailbox.
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  29. glopact

    glopact Guest

    My browser automatically opens three tabs: my email, my calendar and my Google Voice account. As soon as I've glanced at those, I check the news.
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  30. stumbler

    stumbler Guest

    I first check my email, as many people here do as well, and then I check the news, my different gaming sites, etc. Sometimes my family and I go to my mother-in-law's house. She lives way out in the country and doesn't have DSL (or a computer!). As soon as we get home from her house, my whole family rushes in the door and checks their emails. I guess we're addicted! ;)
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