What's the first thing you do when you're online.

Discussion in 'Computers' started by RedMint, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. Aetrath

    Aetrath New Member

    The first thing I do is log into Skype. I check my messages, see if I was invited to any group chats. I have been using Skype for about 8 years now, and I cannot imagine not using Skype everyday, it's just one of those staple programs for me, some have Facebook, I have Skype.

    After I respond to any messages I get, I check my E-Mail, and rarely is there anything of importance there.
  2. Jayden Wolfe

    Jayden Wolfe New Member

    The first thing I do after logging into my computer and starting my browser is checking my email and social networks, making my necessary replies, before then moving on to check the news before I start my day - I enjoy being well-informed of the current happenings before work so that I have something to discuss and I reply to my emails first-off due to my busy schedule and the fact that I get many important messages through Email rather than by USPS or other correspondence.
  3. Elise White

    Elise White New Member

    Whether I'm on the computer or my phone, Facebook is the first stop. I must scroll through all the nonsense. And then periodically throughout the day when I am especially bored I will repeat that over and over again.
  4. Garzhvog

    Garzhvog New Member

    The first thing I always do is check my Facebook and Twitter for notifications, and once I've confirmed I have nothing new, I tend to go and browse Reddit for a few hours. I like to check all my various subreddits to see what new is happening in the world of my interests and the world itself.
  5. diazvac

    diazvac Member

    I am a technical engineer and usually when I'm online, the first thing I do is to check my emails. I need to know if someone needs my assistance. Also I need to check if there are some opportunities that my client is asking me to do. After reading all of my emails, I need to the current news and events that are happening to our country on that day.
  6. Madmaxx9000

    Madmaxx9000 New Member

    I am not using any social sites anymore so probably the 1st thing I do is usually starting steam. I am playing there many games such as Rocket league or CS:GO. Sometimes I also play WoT so it would be also the answer.

    So generally 1st thing I do is starting some good game to relax :D
  7. Jaaypee

    Jaaypee Member

    I always use messenger. It's a good thing to have this app on my phone for communicating to friends. Most of us doesn't use sms to send our messages but instead, we use the perks of having some of our social media accounts. Having this makes someone live a cheaper life. I mean, you don't need to buy a load just to contact someone. We widely use the advantage of our so called "free data" which everybody has today.
  8. katemacam23

    katemacam23 Member

    When I am online I log in my facebook and messenger and all I do is to scroll down and up until I get bored lol.
  9. Javeskie

    Javeskie New Member

    In computer or laptop, I would do Facebook for memes and funny stuffs, work papers, writing essays and drafting my story for my planned book. Learning and enhancing my programming skills and logic analysis for future software engineering.

    In mobile, using messenger to check GF and to greet friends, surf YouTube for awesome tutorials and latest cool techs, listening to romantic musics such as composers like Johann Sebastian Bach, Friedrich Handel and my favorite Ludwig Van Beethoven.

    In general, streaming to Spotify while doing studying for upcoming quizzes and tests.
  10. relgioso17

    relgioso17 New Member

    First thing i do is i check my facebook and email and the after that i will watch youtube videos. that's it.
  11. diazvac

    diazvac Member

    When I'm online, usually the first thing I check is my messenger. I have to check if there are important messages that needs my attention especially on my family. Second is I have to check my emails because working as a technical engineer there are times that you have to always keep in touch with your clients and always paying attention on their needs.
  12. I first do when Im online is I check my facebook account and postloop account. Then Instagram and Twitter.
  13. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    I update my computer's antivirus. That way I can make sure my computer is protected when I go online.
  14. vebselpo

    vebselpo Member

    Well the first thing I do when I'm online is I open and check my facebook account, check if I have messages and few minutes checking my new feed just to get up to date- I do not consume all of my time checking someone else's lives in facebook. Next, I pay my credit card bill and bank loan but I only do these twice a month. Last is I give extra of my time in this site to earn extra cash.
  15. Tonje

    Tonje New Member

    From the time that we had internet connection at home, my online routine used to be unproductive. First, I check messages from my email and my Facebook. After that, it is a total marathon of time killing Youtube videos. I can say that I used to waste a couple of hours on that. But now, it's a different story. Checking my messages is still there but instead of Youtbe, Postloop is life. I never realized how productive you can be while on your computer. I am making this a routine and eventually turn it into a habit. Growing up, I was never inclined to computers or the internet but now, I am amazed of the opportunities online. It is a really good platform to explore and have fun with.
  16. kateyashh

    kateyashh New Member

    Opening Facebook. In all honesty, I always log in to Facebook every single time I get on a computer or even just my phone. It has become my everyday routine. I don't know why I am so caught by using Facebook, maybe because updates from my friends and family always pops up my feed and I get fond of watching how are they doing..or maybe because I can post what's on my mind and share it in a snap to lots of readers..I hope Facebook will never go down, because it provides convenience to everyone around the world.
  17. JayCar

    JayCar New Member

    What's the first thing you do when you're online?
    I usually first check my social media Facebook to check the activity of my family and friends. This allows me to have an update on their lives such as where they are,what they do and how are they doing.
  18. jamerriley

    jamerriley New Member

    Go check my facebook account and start chating my girlfriend or friends.
  19. Pauaprint77

    Pauaprint77 New Member

    The first thing I do when I log into my computer is to check my emails. Not sure why or even what I am truly looking for but this is always where I start. Because I have been seeking to find a way to make money online that is workable for me and that I can also enjoy I have subscribed to many work- from -home offers and blogs along with all the local job sites, so I am overtaken with new emails each day.

    These usually send me off in one direction or another, either to learning positive tips that are helpful or down the often dead-end road. I may still be there 2 hours later being bounced around from email to email. These days I often then go to Pinterest to add pins to my board.

    I then check Facebook quickly. Just in case I missed someone or something. I do not spend long there these days.

    I then check on Postloop each day hoping there will be some forums that I can join and write on but with a 4, there usually are no offers. I had my first one yesterday so at least I am not totally out of the loop, so to speak.

    I often and easily waste good time on the Internet but then every now and again a penny drops and some of my online projects start to connect up together. Or should I say the online dream gets a little brighter?
  20. jeda30

    jeda30 Member

    I check my messages, check my email, check my facebook notifications and then call my boyfriend.
  21. Teambits

    Teambits New Member

    I first check my emails then move to my facebook account.Lastly I check on my postloop account to see whether there are new forums for me to join in.
  22. srki93

    srki93 Member

    I always check my Facebook page and after that my email.
  23. boopbutter

    boopbutter New Member

    I open my Facebook so I can read my new messages, next is Netflix so I can catch up with the series I'm currently watching. and then I open reddit so I can read one or two stories.
  24. sarveenrad

    sarveenrad New Member

    The first thing I do is check my email.
  25. Ndeeri

    Ndeeri New Member

    The first thing I do the first time I get online is to look at my subscriptions and the YouTube tab at almost the same time, these are websites I make money from.I then go to social media and my several emails.
    It depends on a day and what your priorities are. You may wake up with a piece of work that really needs to be completed or with a very sharp deadline to be met.
  26. kanounb5our

    kanounb5our New Member

    I always check my Email, I find myself really addicted to it, I tend to read every mail, then I check my facebook and go through my notfications and messages. I also read some articles relates to Cryptocurrency and IT.
  27. pMarcos10

    pMarcos10 New Member

    I always check first my notifications before the messages on Facebook ,I have this kind of habit where I don't want to see that there is an unopened notification or else I get irritated by it.
  28. halsoriano

    halsoriano Member

    First things first when i'm online is open my to-do list notes, log in to my social media accounts, open my emails then do my online job work 4 hrs a day, every 2 hrs I rest my eyes for 30 mins see videos on youtube for 5 mins check my Facebook for 5 mins then I continue my work again then after my work I will just surf the internet. That's just my daily habits when I'm online.
  29. yetyet

    yetyet Member

    I check first my account on news app that I installed, then read about what's hot and what's not in this world. Being updated on what's happening in today's world is very important, it's the citizens primary duty. If no one would care about what's happening, then to whom should we rely on? What I love also about the application is I earned points in every news that I read and that points will be converted into cash. I get updated what's happening at the same time I earn. ;)
  30. rbeat7

    rbeat7 New Member

    I have a checklist of sites that earn me money so the first thing I do in the mornings is log in to each on my list and complete the required task. Once I have done that, I do like to check any important news events that may have happened overnight.

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