What's the first thing you do when you're online.

Discussion in 'Computers' started by RedMint, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. mbrnrd

    mbrnrd Member

    I check notifications on my social medias like facebook amd instagram.
  2. annatagas

    annatagas New Member

    The first thing i do when I'm online is to check my social media accounts. I automatically log on to Facebook to check on my messages and notifications then I check on my newsfeed. Then i open my emails to check if there are important messages to reply to. Then I go to Netflix to watch whatever i want to watch. Then sometimes on Youtube to search for tutorial videos.
  3. My First job when im going to online is to check my Facebook always and Youtube i love reading news at facebook and it really fun and im educate my self by reading those articles about our country. Its much better to be aware on what happening in our country rather than to be inosent and talking nonsense in social media. Be matured. Educate yourself. Apply what you learn.
  4. talagirl

    talagirl Member

    The first thing I do when online is check my facebook account. To see if someone sent message from messenger and check the latest showbiz news. That's my first thing to do when I go online.
  5. Maribeth

    Maribeth New Member

    The first thing i do is checking my messages online, email and updates to my social medias. The most important thing is checking all my email accounts.
  6. Rucker

    Rucker New Member

    Well, the first thing I do is watch nice YouTube videos that will cheer me up for the work day and after that I check social media and then work.
  7. Amester2003

    Amester2003 New Member

    The first thing I do online is check my email notifications, then I will check my online businesses and after everything else is done. I will look at trending news and take useless but fun Buzzfeed Quizzes.
  8. mithul

    mithul Member

    I usually call my father to interact with him in skype also i try to keep in touch with my school friends who are only available in facebook and finally to check some mails.
  9. subhan456f

    subhan456f Member

    In 1972, long before eBay or Amazon, students from Stanford University in California and MIT in Massachusetts conducted the first ever online transaction. Using the Arpanet account at their artificial intelligence lab, the Stanford students sold their counterparts a tiny amount of marijuana
  10. Mikoloco

    Mikoloco New Member

    It depends, if I notice any important, work-related message flashing on my phone, I make sure to reply to them post-haste.
    Anything else, I tend to ignore for the time-being and proceed to browse the news - practically a ritual while drinking my coffee in the morning, haha.
  11. selectra

    selectra Member

    I check my emails.
  12. joshlem

    joshlem New Member

    Check my email, Facebook, Tweeter, PayPal, YouTube notifications and then checkout Tinder. I use the same odder everyday.
  13. younglungu

    younglungu Member

    check for new movies
  14. ItsMazohra

    ItsMazohra Member

    first thing i did when i am online is checking my facebook, instagram account's news feed.
    and then, Browsing Google for new update.
  15. sar

    sar New Member

    I check emails and notifications on my social medias like facebook and instagram and twitter.
  16. Teachergeorge

    Teachergeorge Member

    Whenever i launch the internet browser, i read the treading national and international news so as to keep myself updated. Next, i log in to my two emails to check any new message.
  17. subhan456f

    subhan456f Member

    Decades after internet access became widely available, Pew Research Center surveys show that about a tenth of American adults (12%) remain offline. But what happens when some of them take the plunge and connect? A new analysis provides a glimpse of the online behaviors of those who are new to the internet.

    The Center provided internet-connected tablet computers to 112 people who are members of our American Trends Panel. These panelists, who previously received our surveys through the mail, had never used the internet under any circumstances. This change allowed these respondents to become internet users if they wished by using the tablets for online activities other than taking surveys.
  18. skifimba

    skifimba New Member

    Oftentimes I usually check my social media accounts. Afterwards, I open my email and check for new emails regarding my studying. I am currently a student at Information and Technology faculty. It is very important for me to keep track of my assignments and upcoming classes.
  19. Rexway4

    Rexway4 Member

    The first thing I do once I bot my pc is for me to scan the pc for virus and do some internal check in it.

    But after the scan the next step is to check my mail,its varies all depend on individual basis and choice of task you want to complete first when you go online.

    Mostly if am bored I establish some chat with my friends in social networking site just to releive my boring before proceed further with some other activity.
  20. AjKr

    AjKr New Member

    Right now there isn't a routine because I get e-mails on my phone and get almost everything done on the Phone but I remember the days when there were no Smart Phones and I was job hunting.

    First, I used to log into 4 different e-mail accounts to see if there were any e-mails from the places I had been on Interviews for or if there were any suggestions from the job sites for companies to apply for. Then I used to open 3 different Job sites where I would filter out the Job opportunities and apply for them.

    Then would go to YouTube because it was new and there were not much of users uploading content to see if there were any new posts and sit watching a few. Later browse for Lyrics to songs that I was playing on my music player and that is about it.
  21. donald78

    donald78 Member

    First thing in the morning, I do check my email first, and reading all those mail. Then I proceed to my Facebook account for checking any update on social media life. The interesting part is reading and writing comments to my friends on Facebook. Right after that, I watched videos on Youtube before I start making coffee. Having breakfast while watching videos on Youtube is part of me. Then continue browsing the internet.
  22. JanetL

    JanetL Member

    The first thing I do online everyday is to clean my system and update my antivirus and wait for the p.c to be fully l loaded,

    after this steps I can then plug in my moderm and make sure that I have a working internet connectivity.
    Checking my email for new masseges is the next thing I do once I connect my internet moderm, I do this before surfing or accessing any website .
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  23. jjmontero

    jjmontero Member

    First thing I do is check if I have emails. Then I read news and then I watch in youtube.
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  24. Jubilado

    Jubilado New Member

    the first thing i do when i'm online is checking my email for news, followed by some music of course.
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  25. Rexway4

    Rexway4 Member

    I have different schedule daily so it's depend on which schedule that come first .
    Sometime I will chose to reply my client messages before I can open any other website.

    I don't spend much of my time chating with people in social media when I have important assignment to complete, I only go to social media when am done with the things that bother me most.
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  26. agasmen

    agasmen New Member

    The first thing that I can do when I'm online is checking my account in Gmail if there are important emails to read, and then open youtube just to play my favorite music.
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  27. shankz15

    shankz15 New Member

    Checking emails, browsing to the internet. Logging in to my social media accounts and second thing is sharing my thoughts and other activities i have to do in my whole day, next thing is manage my channel on YouTube check my subscribers followers and checking new uploads of video on YouTube. I also downloading a movies to watch too so me and my family watch the movie i download enjoy every one of us.
  28. Rexway4

    Rexway4 Member

    You can check your emails as the first thing when you go online but the first step is clean up your computer hard-drive and clear some cookies to allow the smoth runing of the system and it's application.
    some emails come with virus and may likely affect your computer program checking of email shoild be the second thing to do after cleaning up your system memory.

    You also need to update your antivirus this will make your system to run smothly and avoid memory clashses.
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  29. nnvghb

    nnvghb New Member

    What I usually do is that I go on YouTube and see what new videos are out. Then if there is nothing interesting I will usually watch basketball videos or learn more about my computer like what new computer components got release and stuff like that.
  30. Seseyumi

    Seseyumi New Member

    Basically I always open my messenger once I get up on my bed . Mostly Filipino did that rotation daily in their life to update their relatives and friends

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