What's the first thing you do when you're online ?

Discussion in 'Computers' started by harisali4, Dec 18, 2015.

  1. ronald clerigo

    ronald clerigo New Member

    my first thing to do in the morning when i woke up is facebook on my cellphone. :)
  2. klyx0R

    klyx0R New Member

    being an online entrepreneur, I have adopted a routine for using the internet when I first wake up.

    I had to create the routine otherwise Facebook, addictive as it is, would take a large chunk of my time (like this post if you can relate)

    So when I first go online i always connect to my emails (since I have more than one) and make sure I go through all the necessary stuff before even touching Facebook.

    I have set up my gmail filters and labels to make the most important one's come up first, and then go through them first. I then proceed to answer those that need my attention immediately, and let the rest stay for the day if I need to formulate my reply carefully.

    After I have gone through this, then and only then, do I open up my Facebook messenger to catch up with what ever messages I have received. And lastly, that's when I open up my main Facebook App.
  3. Carolb

    Carolb New Member

    The first thing when I'm online is check my email. Even if I have something else that I need to do, I seem to go for my email first.
  4. Abdel89

    Abdel89 New Member

    Usually the first thing I do is check the news, especially the sport section and after that, I will go and check my emails. Those two alone will take up anything between ten to thirty minutes of my morning time. Obviously, there a ton of other things I will do as well in the morning, but checking the sport news and my emails are usually the two things I will do first.
  5. TrinityTypes

    TrinityTypes New Member

    I check my emails and social medias like Instagram and Snapchat and then I check Youtube.
  6. farazakhtar

    farazakhtar New Member

    First thing i do when i online is to check my email and also open facebook.
  7. The first thing I don when I am online is to check the financial markets, specially the futures markets of gold, oil and indices before the opening bell. I am addicted to trading and I am most of the time online.
  8. lastday14

    lastday14 New Member

    I always check Facebook because of my message from my friends and family that are far from me. Also, it updates me like in news,viral funny video, or trend.
  9. roshan98

    roshan98 New Member

    The first thing I do when I go online is check my email. I work from home, so it is extremely important for me to know who is trying to get in contact with me and respond to them in a timely manner.
  10. cha

    cha Member

    The first thing to do is check my messenger and other social medias. Messenger because i want to see who send me message and i want to an update about my favorite artist or athletes. Even in the morning, i want to greet my friends and loved ones first before do something else.
  11. Asif_as

    Asif_as New Member

    When I am online,at first I check my Faceboook account and all social media account.I also check my mail inbox.
  12. makitagz86

    makitagz86 New Member

    Here's my important priority, I will check first with emails or Facebook Messages. Basically, I have sideline business to take care of and need to monitor from time to time if there's a new message from my clients. Sometimes I receive missed calls from Facebook and I want to check if it's personal or business matter.
  13. RighteousSquish

    RighteousSquish New Member

    Hop on Reddit, whether I'm on my computer or my phone. It's habit, at this point. It's not long before I'll find a video to watch or a game to play, though.
  14. nzha1

    nzha1 New Member

    The first thing I do when I open up my internet, is reading my daily horoscope, in ordre to have an idea of what challenges or rewards my day will bring. unfortuntely it's a bad habit and I can not stop it.:(
  15. ejaysancha123

    ejaysancha123 New Member

    the first thing I do is to log in to my Facebook.
  16. User 21

    User 21 New Member

    Lately it's been check email, reddit and the cryptocurrency market.
  17. mitchyyy

    mitchyyy New Member

    First thing that i do when i'm online is check my accounts, may it be facebook or instagram or mail. It already became a hobby specially if you're not doing something to check on your account and keep on browsing stuff for entertainment. But it is can also have a good purpose like on email, some work related stuff.
  18. HK Lalfakzuala

    HK Lalfakzuala New Member

    Check my social media. Go to reddit and scroll through a couple of posts and see if I find anything worthwhile to read(which usually takes up hours lol).

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