What's the furthest you've gone writing a story before scrapping it?

Discussion in 'Fiction Writing' started by Madeleine Banta, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. Madeleine Banta

    Madeleine Banta New Member

    I feel like I always get pretty far in before deciding it's all garbage and tossing it into the metaphorical trash. What's the furthest you've been into a story before doing the same?
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  2. RobMay

    RobMay New Member

    I have started many novels and forgotten them entirely. It's not that I think they suck, it's just that I don't feel like writing them anymore. They're not bad per se (well, not all of them), but I just don't want to write them. I toss them into some folder deep in the harddrive and start a new project. Then, later, I might come back to it.

    My biggest one was something like 30k words, but that one sucked.

    Come back to your work after a few days (or weeks) you might be surprsied.
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  3. sager

    sager New Member

    I wrote full blown novel with 50 000 words or so, first draft. Never got around to second draft, because I lost the original file. I do remember the story and work on the plot in my head. It was the only thing I kind of finished, aside from many short stories, that can still be considered as first drafts.
    Also, after reading the first draft of the novel, I was confused. I remembered it much better in my head, lol. The short stories are more consistent, if you read them later. But maybe it is because my genre for a novel was a hard one overall, and narrator was unreliable.
    Overall, writing is fun. It feels great to write down a story out of your head and see characters come to life. Selling it would be 10 times better, but it requires a lot of hard work and dedication. And also ability to stop perfecting a thing. Finished thing is better than a perfect thing you never finish, as someone said.
    Also, given what crap sells worldwide with huge success, anyone can be a writer and get paid for it. It can be down to luck sometimes, but also down to being brave enough to show something to an agent that you personally feel is "not good enough".
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  4. jwlsmacray

    jwlsmacray New Member

    Well, I wrote a complete novel, did several drafts which dwindled it in half, and then quit for a year of ever looking at it. I am about to get it back out and embrace it again. Because I really want to see it come to life. I thought I was done but now I have that urge again to finish it completely. I want to write. :D I think at times I would be better at writing short stories but I sit down and nothing sparks. All I can think about is that first novel. I guess my inner self is telling me something. Write. Finish. :)
  5. Creativeblogging

    Creativeblogging New Member

    I wrote 24 pages front and back in my small had writing and started over because I got a new idea and instead of eraseing it because I love what ever I do I love for it to look it's best Even rough drafts so I threw it away my hands was hurting like crazy and I haven't started back writing the story yet
  6. Toon

    Toon New Member

    I spent the better part of a summer working on a science fiction novel. The elevator pitch involved blowing up the Earth in the first chapter, and a team of Mars investigators had to figure out what happened. Another 200 pages and the book would be complete, but the mystery is too easy to guess before the end. I still think about finishing it, but fixing the clues would mean rewriting the whole thing anyway.
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  7. camigirl

    camigirl New Member

    I have gotten to about 55,000 words but never quite finished it. The issue for me is often that I don't plan out my stories well enough so once I get far enough in, I'm not quite sure where to go next. I often write out of order so I will have a beginning and an end but no real plan for filling in the middle.
  8. anndiaries95

    anndiaries95 New Member

    I have started a lot of novels and never once finished one. The furthest I have ever written a novel was 18 chapters. I can't remember the exact word count. I was 2/3 done with the plot I had in my mind before I lost motivation to finish it and decided to halt writing for it. I took a long time off from writing that when I was motivated enough to start writing again, I re-read it and realized how bad it was. I also had a better plot inside my mind so I decided to just scrap it off. However, the same thing just happens to me all the time. I always lose motivation in the middle of writing something, take a time off then end up starting a new one. It's a never-ending cycle.

    I still have "Publish a novel" on my bucket list though.
  9. Diana Jane Perez

    Diana Jane Perez New Member

    I reached chapter 10 and I stopped writing after that. Well I was young then, I was in elementary when I wrote my first fiction book (not sure if it counts as a book though). It was a romance novel talking about love. Just imagine an elementary student writing about love just because she got hooked reading about romance novels!! Outrageous! Right?? No wonder I never completed the book.

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