What's The Last Book You Read? Be Honest!

Discussion in 'Books' started by Rhauze, Jul 23, 2015.

  1. JmarkT_T

    JmarkT_T New Member

    for me i last book i read its WITCHSPELLMAGIC BOOK i am honest becouse why i am reading that book becouse i want to learn BLACK MAGIC and WHITE MAGIC
  2. Catherine Martin

    Catherine Martin New Member

    I just finished ‘A Little Life’. It was heartbreaking, and has played on my mind since finishing. It looks at male relationships, trauma, self harm and mental illness in such an honest way and is beautifully written. I would recommend for sure, but it’s definately not a light read.
  3. Aimee Calo

    Aimee Calo New Member

    The last book that I completely finished reading was "When Invisible Children Sing" by Dr. Chi Huang, a doctor who went to a certain place to learn, understand, and provide care for homeless children.

    On the other hand, the last book that I haven't finished reading was "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett. A story that shows what life would actually be if we let discrimination sprout or bloom into our lives.

    The first book that I mentioned is what I highly recommend. After reading such book, I guarantee you that part of how you see things will truly change.

    The second book, I'm pretty sure that everybody is familiar about this book and were even able to watch the movie, is something I would recommend as well to all of you readers. Now, I actually saw the movie a long time ago but as for the book, I really haven't been able to read it yet because it took so long for our stores to finally sell it here in our city.
  4. chups_chupa3619

    chups_chupa3619 New Member

    The last book i read was "The Giving Tree" by Jork Jarder. It was all about the boy and the tree. They were friends since their child. And this tree loves the boy that he will give the boy everything it has.
  5. ros_chicken

    ros_chicken New Member

    The last book I read was Bible Story Time The First Christmas. Every day I read books for my daughter, Ellie. She's 7-month old now and loves to read too. We read every night before going to bed. The Bible Story Time is composed of 12 series, each series tells a story in the bible. This book has colorful and fun illustrations that would bring delight to the young ones. Children can have fun reading these books while learning beautiful lessons.
  6. Aimee Calo

    Aimee Calo New Member

    The last book I read was "Labor Law II", also known as "Labor Relations" by Azucena; and the main reason why I read that books because I took the most torturous course that I have ever known. Law.

    Which makes me wanna cry.

    However, I know that someday, everything's going to be worth it in the end.
  7. Lea Santos

    Lea Santos New Member

    The last book I read was Generation One by Pittacus Lore. It is the first book in the new series of the New York Times bestselling I Am Number Four series. It's about the lives of the teenagers that were chosen by the "Entity" to be one of the Human Garde. If you're interested with it, I recommend that you start reading from the very first book which is I am Number Four.

    For those who doesn't have idea on I am Number Four Series, it's about 10 teenager aliens who were sent here on Earth to preserve their kind and get revenge to Setrakus Ra. It's really a great, action-packed book. Must read!
  8. Hanna Anonuevo

    Hanna Anonuevo New Member

    The last book I've read was Twilight, the first in the novel series of Stephanie Meyer. Actually I read it out of boredom and to be honest, I don't like vampires because I find it corny. Once I started reading it, I was always finding myself in my room holding that book and excited to continue the remaining chapters. Little did I know that during the reading, I am attached to the love story of the two vampires.
  9. solera1324

    solera1324 New Member

    I recently read F. Sionel Jose's 'Ben Singkol' and 'Gagamba'. Gagamba is light reading and every chapter is written differently as they focus on different sets of the characters. Very entertaining and good for passing time. There are some chapters though where the characters talk about sociological, political, etc issues and I've also noticed that Jose is not that talented in seamlessly integrating his philosophical messages within the story. I agree that the characters come out artificial. All in all I'd recommend the book still.
  10. Sassky

    Sassky New Member

    The Last book I read was “Out of the Devil's Cauldron” by John Ramirez; I was intrigued by this book when I watched the testimony of John Ramirez on Youtube. The book talks about his life’s Journey from being a warlock satanic worshiper to being Christian. John shares his practices from the cult world and explains how he met Satan. If you are wondering if Satan is real and if you want to find hope in life then this book is for you.
  11. laconic scout

    laconic scout New Member

    Hothouse by Brian Aldiss. It's being promoted as science fiction but it's a lot closer to planetary romance. The science is quite off. The story veers into planetary romance territory at about the midpoint and all the way to the end.
  12. Meridith Yumul

    Meridith Yumul New Member

    It is entitled Anatomy of a Misfit by Andrea Portes, some part of the book is based on a true story of Andrea Portes when she was on her 3rd year of high school. Anika is the main character here and she is the 3rd most popular girl in their school, her father is Romanian so Anika has a blood of Vampire but she keeps it. Logan McDonough shows up one day, hotter, smarter and mysterious. Logan has feeling with Anika, and so she is. They kept on going out secretly because once Becky Vilhauer(most popular girl) finds out she will definitely kill her. Will she find out? Just read it! i swear it is so good and worth reading. By the way it's TRAGEDY!!!!
  13. EOsorio

    EOsorio New Member

    The book, that as a matter of fact I'm still reading is IT by Stephen King, or maybe I should say reading again. I read it the first time way back in 1989 or 1990, and after seeing the latest movie adaptation, I had to read the book again. Now that's something easy to say about a book over 1 thousand pages long I know :D. I did liked the movie, I took it as how they said, based on the book, so I was not expecting a carbon copy of the original. In fact, I enjoyed pretty much how they changed the story from 1958 to 1989, maybe because I was about the same age in 1989 than the kids in the movie
  14. Blanc8888

    Blanc8888 New Member

    The Hollow city by Ransom Riggs. Its the sequel of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. The story is about a boy Fascinated with his grandfather's stories about fighting some kind of monsters during world war II, then after some events he then discovers that the stories of his grandfather are true. This novel is very interesting because the author uses some old pictures to describes the events and characters in the story.
  15. petitnousnous

    petitnousnous New Member

    I recently finished Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell. I've been working my way through this list called "1001 Books to Read Before You Die" that I found on an obscure forum years ago and that particular book was on it. Gladwell provided the stories of several different successful individuals and analyzed how they became successful. The point of his entire book is to explain that many success stories are not explained by simply working hard and are actually compiled of several factors including luck and the circumstances of one's birth. Some of the reviews said that Gladwell generalized or glossed over a lot of the points he brought up which I can understand. However, I really liked the more casual nature of it and would recommend it to anyone interested.
  16. thegraves

    thegraves New Member

    The last book I read was Desert God by Wilbur Smith. It is the latest in his 'Egypt Series' - a set of historical novels set in Ancient Egypt told from the perspective of a very well educated slave named Taita. The original book was released in 1992 and is far-and-away the best book I've ever read! I have actually read the first book (which is a stand-alone book) about a dozen times. Desert God does not disappoint either; the South African author has an incredible command of the English language.
  17. Jobie Grace Jaralve

    Jobie Grace Jaralve New Member

    Rage of Angels by Sidney Sheldon. I love that book. Everything was there. Love,Deception,Revenge,Passion,Mafia and Family. Jennifer Parker was a brilliant simple lawyer put in a wrong place at a wrong time. But with her courage to go through life and be the lawyer her father wants her to be, she became successful. Determination was her key. And after reading it I just want to be the woman like her. Read it.
  18. Romlyn

    Romlyn New Member

    The last book that I've learned is Black butterfly and the story is talk about the Gang leader which is girl with a nice and hidden character and the one who had a special ability in fighting. It also has a love story between the both gangleader..
  19. Maartenn100

    Maartenn100 New Member

    The last book I read was 'Art of War' by Sun Tzu. It's a work of military strategy. But, to me, it's more a work of philosophy. Sun Tzu was a philosopher, rather then a general.
    Knowing when to act and knowing when you should not act: The mastery of Shih. Shih is a difficult Eastern concept, but you will understand it more and more on a unconcious level while reading the text of Sun Tzu.
  20. Ephedrine

    Ephedrine New Member

    My last reading was Pernicious Belief of Adam West, is an amazing book. The writer explain how any concepts like are health, politic, religion, etc are a lie. West says: "anyone who gives you a belief system is an enemy to freewill learning and self expression. Once you believe, you stop searching for the truth".
    I read this book one week ago.
  21. Unsullied

    Unsullied New Member

    The last book I read was 'The Mafia Manager' by V. It's a work of corporate survival strategy. To me, however, it's more a work of philosophy and life strategy.

    As the title suggests, V is a mafia syndicate, and his view could be easily brushed off as being criminally minded. However, the book offers a realist guide and gives a deep insight into the world will live in, and as the Playboy Magazine said in its review, ..."V offers the sort of advice that is dangerous to refuse".

    It's a guide to the professional and corporate Machiavellian. Of course, one is not expected to agree with everything or apply the strategies precisely as the author outlined them out. Instead, they are to be used as some guide with some twist where necessary to navigate through the treacherous water of office politics as well as the stormy voyage of life.

    It is good to know what to do in any given situation, when to act and when not to act. This knowledge will provide you with a lot of confidence and prepares you ahead for life's unpredictability and any eventuality. A fascinating and concise book to read.
  22. theDanielGuy

    theDanielGuy New Member

    [The Power of Habit]

    The last book I have read was The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. As a busy college student, it has been a great time killer of mine when I search in the internet on how to improve myself as a student, and more ideally, as a future working individual. This book is very powerful because it changes your mindset on many aspects in life. This book is also a recommendation by famous people who are also interested in improving their responsibilities with workload
  23. rosealie

    rosealie New Member

  24. Felansel

    Felansel New Member

    The last book that i have read, well to be honest is "Accelerate", It's a cheap book if bought in book sale for less than a dollar, this book focus on the story of a teenager who's working a summer job at trains where he and his senior were assigned to collect lost and found items in the trains.

    Well on that day, he found a diary or a journal that shows a man's daily life. His daily life opens mystery to the protagonists life, because in this diary is a detailed events that the owner is doing whenever he kills or do such hideous crime.

    This makes the story very interesting. Because if you were in his position, would you rather find the owner to correct his wrong doings or just pretend you didn't see it? This is a really hard answer to make for a person who's just living his normal daily life and found something so revealing.

    P.s. Anyway i'm reading the book 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami from this moment and i havn't finished it yet but i found it really interesting for its deepness in details. I would recommend this book!
  25. Gretna

    Gretna New Member

    The last book I read was The Little Prince by the French author Saint-Exupery. I read it in French, the original language and I can assure you that, if you are a sensitive person, you will cry in many occasions. It's a gentle and thoughtful book and many think it is just for children but it is not. In my opinion, every parent should read it. It is simply wonderful!
  26. Shane1728

    Shane1728 New Member

    Part of my career is to read books, and the last book I read was Things Fall Apart written by Chinua Achebe. This book reveals the oppression and sufferings of people in Nigeria. While reading this book, I felt like I was one of the people suffering under British colonization. Chinua Achebe was able to make me feel the setting and events of the novel. As a reader, I learned the Nigerians' traditions, beliefs, practices and even ways of living. This book made me realize the importance of unity among the citizens of a nation to achieve peace.
  27. iambullsheep

    iambullsheep New Member

    I read the The Klone & I by Danielle Steel. It's a sci-fi romance, a simple and yet complicated love story that with one character who has a clone, where when he was introduced, the story got complicated and on.... I have been reading Danielle Steel novels for sometime now and I never get tired of those. I also read suspense, crime stories by John Grisham, James Patterson and David Baldacci.
  28. AmeliaS.

    AmeliaS. New Member

    Since I was a child, I always enjoy reading and part of me loves the idea of romance. As I grew up, I always look up to poetry and fiction wherein the emotions and how the characters handle it affects me. The last book I read was Lang Leav's Sad Girls. As a poetry inclined person, I enjoy reading the works of Lang Leav since she's a writer who knows very well about the millennial situations when it comes to love. When she published the book Sad Girls, I was very excited to grab a copy since this time, she did not make a compilations of her poems but instead, she published a fictional book. I love the story and everything is on point. Leav is simply feeding her fans and other teen readers with romantic fantasies in this book.
  29. ChelseaG

    ChelseaG New Member

    I recently managed to get started on Ellis Peters' Brother Cadfael series and have been completely hooked ever since. If you're interested in medieval mystery, I'd recommend someone to have a look! Think Sherlock Holmes meets Carlos Zafón. And there's like 20+ books in the series, to boot!
  30. PersephonedeH

    PersephonedeH New Member

    I just finished The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman last night. It's her prequel to Practical Magic, which everyone knows from the film with Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock but which is a great novel in its own right. Alice Hoffman is one of my favorite modern writers.

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