What's The Last Book You Read? Be Honest!

Discussion in 'Books' started by Rhauze, Jul 23, 2015.

  1. markjays

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    About the workout, I'm afraid I'm going to have to work hard because I feel like tomatoes. I read about the different workouts I've been reading. I've read a lot of books but it's the last one.
  2. samntha

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    "South of the Border, West of the Sun by Haruki Murakami. Don't know should I call myself a fan of his writing style just after reading only 5 of his novels. But he has these soothing yet an aching kinda way to describe human emotions that make you feel some kind of blue. Like you have everything, yet you have nothing kinda feeling if you know what I mean.Again bragging about Mr.Murakami (Typical me).

    Ok now. About South of the Border, West of the Sun, one thing I've learned from it that you can hurt people deeply even without knowing. You can cause damage to others just by simply existing. & a past (mostly those part that we don't wanna let go) do haunt you down.A simple childhood fascination can make you do all types of crazy shit that you never thought you would've done in your craziest dream.So much depressing yet true thing (at least to me).

    so let's go to the good part now. No matter how things are, life doesn't stop for you, or a matter of fact, for anybody. People do vanishes out from life, mostly da one we one to hold on to. Yet moving forward is the only option soldier. All you have to do is find your inner strength, inner willingness. According to the book "No matter where I go, I still end up me." & It should be easy cause people who actually loves & cares about you will forgive you for your crazy stunt.All you have to do is just to wait for the new dawn.

    Recommedded to: Actually i don't know. Cause Murakami is a loop & I'm still stuck on it.
  3. alkaine

    alkaine New Member

    Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach, the first and the last book i read this year. This book gave me deeper understanding on how faith works, and its magical book by the way. This book is recommended to those who are openhanded.
  4. azzday14

    azzday14 New Member

    I read a book of Chinkee Tan called "Till dept to us part". Its all about how you handle your money properly/wisely. I kinda like it at the beginning when i started reading it and it kinda relates on what i was experiencing on my college school at the moment. Even small change could change your life or others'. I thank this guy by following him on social media and asking more about the things he might help me.
  5. Barnel

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    Being honest I have admit that I've never read any book outside my school and college curriculum wholly other than news contents and bits of historic events on the internet as I am not one of the persons who have the patience to read a book from cover to cover. Tough I have read bits of a lot of books that I felt were important and left the rest of the pages to save some space in my head.
  6. The last book that I'm in the middle of reading is Call Me By Your Name by André Aciman. I don't know.. I just watched the movie and i know I needed a sequel and to read the book!! Did I say Call Me By Your Name is so beautiful? Wonderful? Heartmelting? Depressing? Because it is.. and I wanted to cry!!!! I just love Elio and Oliver.. that's all :(
  7. MomoStarr

    MomoStarr New Member

    It was a Spirirual Book titled " Jesus Experiment." It's a nice booking teaching us a perspective in life on focusing every decision on how Jesus will do on that same circumstances. Helps us to see if we are obeying Him or not.

    XXICHRSTN New Member

    The last book I read was fictional. Actually it's a series of books and I'm in the 4th one. The title of the first book is Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas. It's a story about a Fae girl who lost her parents who was the King and Queen of the land called Terresan. A King from another land called Adarlan killed them and wanted to kill her too. Before she was killed, an assassin found her and trained her and she become the most notorious assasin in that land. But eventually, she have to reveal who she really was in able to save her people from the oppression of the King who killed her parents and forbid the use of magic.
    I love the plot twists of this one. I read so many books that sometimes I can already tell what will happen next but this book is different! My only problem is that it's a very long story with 6 installments so I just wanted it to be over for the characters because they have suffered enough!
  9. proudkuripot88

    proudkuripot88 New Member

    I am a fan of Sidney Sheldon and will always be. I actually have a collection of his masterpieces and love reading them all over again. The last book I have read was The Sands of Time, which tells the story of 4 nuns who left their convent in Spain and experienced different sorts of violence and threats of the outside world. I so much loved the story- specially how the twists and turns were presented and narrated by the author to the extend that I even watched its movie version. But as always- the book is always better than the movie. The story has the usual Sheldon formula - suspense, thriller, love and passion. But what sets "The Sands of Time" apart from the rest of his works are the settings. This includes the time, place and geographic location. I am always curious about the culture, traditions, rituals and beliefs of other countries.
  10. sarah.staudt

    sarah.staudt New Member

    The Last book I read was The Disaster Artist. It's the memoir on which the new James Franco movie is based, about the making of the "worst movie of all time" The Room. It ended up being more of a story about friendship, and what it's like to have a friend who is really, really strange, which was something I could relate to! I really liked it and highly recommend it.
  11. olorvidarebecca

    olorvidarebecca New Member

    The last book I read was Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, which I would say one of the most memorable books that I have ever read. It revolves around this type of cyber world named OASIS; it is a hyper-realistic game where people log in every day to escape their daily lives. This geek game player, James Halliday created OASIS. Before he died, he created an Easter egg hunting wherein the prize is all of his estate money that he gained all throughout his whole career. One of the participants who is the first to enter the ranking is Wade Watts who is living in the world for 18 years and living in the OASIS as Parcival. He spends most of his time in OASIS because of his uncomfortable reality. He also grew up playing games just like James Halliday and when he found out about the Egg hunting, he spends his years researching on how to get it. On his journey, he will meet many avatars that will help him to get the prize, there will be betrayals and you should know whom you trust.

    All throughout the whole story, I am just amazed how it brings me to the story as if I am falling into the hole of Alice in Wonderland. Do not talk to me about how detailed every chapter was, he is using words like how an artist paints his craft astonishingly. When it's time to read and I started to turn the book page over, my surroundings will automatically be out of focus and I will start to immersed and read for 3 hours constantly until I stop because I can't take what is happening in the story. I like how the characters affect me as if they are real, their decisions, the feelings that they convey through their words. I salute Ernest Cline for having a great foundation in his story, the OASIS and his characters, the flow of story run smoothly. However, the plot, it looks like I rode in a rollercoaster for three times, the intensity of the characters' feelings in every chapter will make you hooked.

    Every story will give you so much lesson, and in this story, you will know the importance of friends, how far the greediness of the human go and you will get a sneak peek on what will happen on our society in the near future. This book is for everyone! Especially to those readers who love dystopian and sci-fi novels.
  12. ric897

    ric897 New Member

    The last book I read was Flash Boys by Michael Lewis. A great novel describing the internal flaws of the stock market. It goes in detail to describe the ways in which the stock market was effectively rigged by High Frequency Trading firms. It follows the unmasking and correction of the damage done and creates great analogies to help readers with little knowledge of the stock market follow along. For anyone interested in investment or the stock market it is a great read.
  13. Setari

    Setari New Member

    The last book I read fully was The Wrath of Valenastrious, World of Samar Book 4. LitRPG genre book which is pretty much all I read now since I love RPGs so much and am currently working on one.
  14. sohel1977

    sohel1977 New Member

    The book I read last it is the economic conditions of Bangladesh .the topics I read it was how to develop our macroeconomic, I finally realized 7 major things are needed to develop to increase our GNP .those are Agricultural sector, Full employment, Technology, industry, Finance sector, Efficiency, Price stability.
  15. estads03

    estads03 New Member

    The last book I read was "The Art of Seduction" by Robert Green. This is a very machiavellian book about how to deal and wield power over everyone around us. A truly very interesting read!
  16. Simba_1

    Simba_1 New Member

    Being completely truthful I read "Fifty Shades Of Grey", and ended up reading the whole series. Let's just say I couldn't put it down. lol. I finished all the books and was glad to see the movies that came out. I also do like to read inspirational stories.
  17. Ana Galdamez

    Ana Galdamez New Member

    Ok, I was in the mood for a dumb romance so I downloaded one called "First Bite". Oh, man, did it deliver! Though I kept cracking up about halfway through it because I recognized some aspects of the relationship between the protagonist and the love interest were kind of like mine and my boyfriend's. Still, dumb, cliche and well worth the read because it was fun.
  18. Jamesoner

    Jamesoner New Member

    The last book that read is the Filipino literature of "Florante at Laura" This book is all about a two lovers who was being contradicted by their family because of the different side of them but the two lovers, Florante and Laura disobeyed the rules for being in love of each other. But then The two Families know their relationship. Thats why they are seperated at each other. Then, Problems entered to their relationship. But they didnt give up. Their Families give them the problems. But then, the ending is they married
  19. Lilchids

    Lilchids New Member

    Specifically, the last book I finished reading was Keigo Higashino's "Journey to the Midnight Sun" translated in English. Does reading just the prologue from a book whilst browsing in the bookstore count? In which case that would be Haruki Murakami's "IQ84". :D

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