What's the last thing you gave up?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by michimo, Aug 6, 2016.

  1. michimo

    michimo New Member

    For me, it kind of happened naturally. I didn't make any extravagant, executive decision to give up soda, but eventually I just got tired of it and cut it out. It always made my stomach feel weird anyways, probably the carbonation or something. Every now and then I'll get a craving for Diet Coke and give in, but I'm pretty good at denying it most of the time.

    My next challenge is cutting out coffee. My mornings consist of way too many of those. That's the real kicker.

    So what's your last thing you gave up? What makes you give in sometimes?
  2. Louise Jagus

    Louise Jagus New Member

    I finally gave up gluten! I have already lost 5 pounds in the first 3 weeks; my family thinks I'm secretly taking diet pills!
  3. Becky3434

    Becky3434 New Member

    Bread and baked goods. I never made the conscious decision to quit on bread but it just happened when I started substituting it with rice cakes. Baked goods just followed after that. Carbs and sugars are so addictive so after not having them for awhile I feel I've broken that addiction I had because I don't crave either bread or baked goods like I used to. 2.5 months and I've lost 12 pounds!
  4. Rosa7911

    Rosa7911 New Member

    The last thing I gave up was done for the benefit of my health. Soda. Coke to be exact. I have had this addition for over 20 years and I just haven't been able to shake the urge to grab a cold can. Even after I began having kidney infections and kidney stones, I didn't see an issue. What I did do, which is still not correcting the problem, was decreased the amount of intake from two 2-liters a day down to a liter. I still, however, continued to have problems. As the years tallied up, my condition worsened.

    As of 2016, and with the nagging voice in my head telling me I'm not getting any younger and my body is not as tough as it used to, I have abolished Coke from my house. No more temptation. I have replaced my craving with flavored water. I add fruits to my cup with organic Agave sugar and put it in the fridge. After a few hours, I have a delicious, healthy drink. I change it up every day so I don't get bored of the flavor. I have used sliced cucumbers with mint and lemon, strawberries and mango slices, lemon with sliced ginger and mint, and sometimes, just plain lemon.
  5. Zzyli

    Zzyli New Member

    That sounds really delicious! I'm not a huge soda drinker but I know that it's not a great thing to drink even sometimes and having a naturally sweet alternative may help me have a tasty option if a craving hits. I am just wondering if you find that your water ends up with little bits of fruit or vegetable in it when you drink it or if they mostly stay in one piece in the bottom of your cup? I feel like the texture could be a bit off-putting for me if there were small bits of soggy fruit like you sometimes find in punch.
  6. itsmindy

    itsmindy New Member

    This is my exact story, including the kidney problems. Only I drank diet, which is even worse! I would even read all the terrible things it does to your body, like it basically freaks out your cells until they die! Even then I was like,
    "meh, it's fine." Finally I ended up with severe bladder issues, to the point where if I even have a sip of carbonation, I am in severe pain for hours. It is terrible, but it is the only thing that allowed me to give up soda. Now it's just water and chamomile tea for me.
  7. CJ Deala

    CJ Deala New Member

    Change is a way of life for me and I give up on things that hold me back from my full potential. That is my ex girlfriend and me blowing all my money on her and friends that didn't appreciate it to begin with. Sometimes letting go on something hurts but is worth it. Never give up on something that sparks a fire within you cause if that happens chase it unconditionally!
  8. roxanam84

    roxanam84 Member

    I am proud to say that I recently gave up smoking. This was a real struggle for me because as you know, smoking is very addictive. I tried patches and all kinds of over-the-counter therapies but nothing really helped. The only thing that helped me for real was motivation and exercising.
  9. latifa007

    latifa007 New Member

    The last thing i gave up was take out. It was hard as it is quick easy and convenient but i convinced my self that it is not very clean or healthy for both my health and my pocket. Home made food is way better and cheaper you only need to get used to it.
  10. EDM

    EDM New Member

    I gave up two things last January and I don’t miss them a bit, although the first few weeks were a bit rough. Diet Coke and Mama Noodle Cup. Both are terrible for you and possibly deadly if taken together. The energy increase was amazing, and I feel great.
  11. emegdad

    emegdad New Member

    I gave up one thing and it was the best decision I've ever done. That one thing I gave up is unfortunately found in about 80 percent of what we buy and eat. This isn't good news for all the chocolate and candy lovers out there. Because it's "sugar". I've been reading a lot about sugar lately and its adverse effects on the body had got me feeling like all my life was a lie. Sugar happens to be the most dangerous drug of all time people! They talk about smoking and cancer while sugar is found to be the main source of heart, liver and kidney diseases. It's known as a silent assassin because people feel good taking it into their system but they don't realize the impact it can cause to their bodies.
  12. gerarddrakes

    gerarddrakes New Member

    Due to my family's history of diabetes and hypertension, I have given up adding sugar and salt to foods. It's a small but useful step towards breaking that cycle.
  13. porkkyextra

    porkkyextra Member

    I tried to give up my habit of drinking soda often. Somehow i managed to do it for the first few weeks of 2018 but unfortunately i failed because there are lots of festivities in mu country. I just couldn't help it!
  14. Stax11

    Stax11 New Member

    I finally gave up on soda and all juices that we dilute before you drink except Ribena.
  15. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    Cable tv. What's the use of subscribing to it if you can't watch what you want?
  16. mvillere

    mvillere New Member

    I gave up sodas after I realized how many empty calories it was costing me. Even diet sodas are full of chemicals that cause you to crave sugars. I gave them all up and instead will drink carbonated waters with flavors but no calories or sugars.
  17. vebselpo

    vebselpo Member

    The last thing I gave up was the toxic relationship I had with the father of my child. It wasn't easy especially my son was less than a year old but I had enough courage when we left for good. It was the wisest decision I made so far.
  18. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    Alcohol. I only drink when I have to.
  19. jvhlxi

    jvhlxi Member

    I just started with a low sugar diet
  20. Dietjay

    Dietjay New Member

    I gave up people who give me negativity in life. I let go people who give me pain and disappointment in life and those people that brings me down. It is not easy to let go, but I realized when I am free from burden, I easily find new opportunities, happiness, and love with my life. So do not waste your time and start to CHOOSE THE THINGS THAT BLOOMS YOUR HEART!
  21. aditya8485

    aditya8485 Member

    Long back i used to have hallucinations about people ill-treating me for no reason. It could be due to my situation in life at that point of time but now i somehow came over it completely gave it up. I stopped thinking negatively about people. I realized that if we love people unconditionally, people will definitely love us back with all their heart.
  22. git531

    git531 Member

    I used to drink carbonated beverages every now and then, but after reading its side effects, i decided to quit. It was a simple useless habit but still it took me quite sometime to leave it .
  23. ruthc

    ruthc New Member

    I finally made it and give up drinking soda and bottled fruit juice. They has more sugar content which leadnus to weight gains. From nov up to present no soda and no fruit drinks and so far i lost 5 kgs with minimal
    work out. Water helps me a-lot during the process.
  24. Wolfiend

    Wolfiend Member

    Masturbation and porn. I bet you never saw that coming, did you?
  25. Thaxton

    Thaxton New Member

    I recently gave up pre-workout supplements. I felt as though I was growing dependent on them. I had gotten to the point that I believed I would not have a good workout if I had not taken a pre-workout supplement. The amount of caffeine found in these products started to give me concern, as well. I'm now in my 40s, and as I've gotten older, I've become much more concerned with certain health issues such as heart attacks and stroke, and it's led to me avoiding caffeine more and more. It's important to me that I state I am only speaking for myself; this is not a post passing judgement on anyone choosing to use these products. I simply got to a point where I felt the potential negative effects outweighed the positive.
  26. DiegoRCardoso

    DiegoRCardoso New Member

    I finally gave up on soda and i started with a low sugar diet.
  27. ArseniAMD

    ArseniAMD New Member

    I smoked more than six years , finally I gave up Smoking,it was very hard,the first time I really wanted to smoke again but a month later I realized that I no longer have this bad habit, now I can breathe clean air.

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