What's you favorite anime?

Discussion in 'Television' started by rendeleon02, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. rendeleon02

    rendeleon02 New Member

    I grew up watching anime in my country even if I'm not living in Japan because local television networks broadcast it and it's easy for a kid to be captivated even just by it's graphics. But now that I'm grown up, I still love watching anime because it has so much emotion in it. It has a funny side, it has a sad side, it has emotional side(it also made me cry :cry:). It's very entertaining to watch! Not to mention the moral lessons you will learn.

    The animes that I always watch are Fairy Tail, Boku no Hero Academia, Naruto, Shokugeki no Souma, Dragon Ball and many more. :) The thing I like about Fairy Tail is the power of 'nakama' and they treat each other not just friends or comrades. They're like a family. They crush unthinkable enemies just by trusting and helping each other. All these animes have a similar concept and it evolves around family, friends and the bonds that were created between characters.

    But my favorite anime of all is One Piece!!! :D It's so cool and funny. I even watch replays of it. One of my favorite part of One Piece is the walk to Arlong Park but before that, Nami asked Luffy for help then Luffy put his treasured hat on Nami's head and shouts 'atarimaida!!!'. Damn! Just thinking about it forms tears into my eyes! Then all the guys were ready and the walk is so epic! You really know someone's gonna get f*cked up.

    So how about you guys? What's your favorite anime?
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  2. LauJayMil

    LauJayMil Member

    My favorite anime is Kimi no Nawa, a mix of quality graphics with drama and comedy. The settings were amazing and how the protagonists portray their roles it's just a mix of quality anime and good drama.
  3. instantpudding

    instantpudding New Member

    My favorite anime always has been, and always will be Sailor Moon. It's the first anime I watched, in middle school, and I've seen every version now, since there was recently a reboot. It's pretty dorky but I can't help myself. <3
  4. sofianebgh

    sofianebgh New Member

    naruto of course
  5. Franco868

    Franco868 New Member

    My favorite anime has to be Samurai X English Dubbed edition
  6. JRKKL

    JRKKL New Member

    I'd have to say Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.

    It's the least "anime-like" of all animes xD But it was the funniest anime I've ever seen along with Prison School.
    It's so good I saw the Japanese dub first and THEN I watched the entire English dub. Only anime I've seen twice in it's entirety.
  7. Leo33

    Leo33 New Member

    My favorite anime is Haikyuu. Ou boy that anime is fantastic. It's about volleyball, but even if you don't like volleyball the anime is still amazing. So much passion, so much driive, emotion, devotion, simply amazing. It's kinda motivating as well, they put in so much effort and hard work, you just get the feeling like you can do anything if you go for it, if you train like them. So yea guys try it out if you haven't you won't regret it.
    PEACE :thumbsup: https://tenor.com/view/haikyuu-gif-6114987
  8. NielDavidVillaverde

    NielDavidVillaverde New Member

    My favorite anime is also One Piece because of how good Eiichiro Oda make his story. I like the adventure vibe in the anime. The story is about the Straw hat Pirates and their epic journey in achieving their dreams. One Piece produced many amazing and iconic story arcs like Enies Lobby and Marineford that many people praise for it's quality. What I like about One Piece is almost every character has their time to shine and the Straw hat Pirates are likable characters and I like them because I actually feel for the characters. Monkey D. Luffy is an amazing protagonist. I like his never give up attitude and I like how the series is focused on his dream to become Pirate King. I like Luffy as a character because he is not afraid to say and do anything he wants. The philosophy of One Piece revolves around Libertarianism. It promotes liberty and freewill. The world-building is super amazing. The world of One Piece is so vast that it is unbelievable that it is created by just one man. One Piece is the best for me.
  9. Jeremyovan

    Jeremyovan New Member

    Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. I like how the characters involve in so many problems and almost got killed but in the end they resolve everything.
  10. Chruzie

    Chruzie Member

    My Favorite ANIME is Doraymon.I remember when i was in elementary I've always watch doraymon when i get home and I'm always excited to watch doraymon because he act like a lazy boy when it comes to school assignment and a coward boy.
  11. gobbledygook

    gobbledygook Member

    Death Note and One Piece!

    I've always liked Death Note- I've read the manga several times already and watched the anime once. L is my favorite. The battle of the wits between L and Light is very interesting. It would make you binge watch the whole series in one sitting.

    One Piece, I just started watching the anime last year but I'm already on the latest chapter on the manga. I prefer reading the manga than watching the anime. I salute Eiichiro Oda for creating such a wonderful masterpiece. His imagination is just out of this world.
  12. kuik

    kuik New Member

    Gintama. Nothing can beat it. It's an emotional rollercoaster. The storyline is a little messy in the begging but after some time you are getting used to it and start to understand the plot. There is drama and comedy in almost every episode. The characters are well made. The protagonost is giving the viewers a nice vibe and a lot of life lessons. It's really nice you can see his charismatic and sometimes pathetic side. Gin-sensei for life!
  13. JELLYb

    JELLYb New Member

    My hero academia. Just such a good anime. Honestly, I haven't seen a lot of animes but this one really pulled some heartstrings.
  14. denisemuriel

    denisemuriel New Member

    Anime is the reason why I always wanna go home early from school. I remember there is a lot anime back then when I was young, but my favorite was Slamdunk. Yes! Sakuragi and his orange hair. There's also Dragon Ball, Ghost Fighter and Lupin the III. Oh, I love them all.
  15. iansilvino18

    iansilvino18 Member

    It is because of the awesome character development they have focused upon, during the whole series so far. Every main character portrayed in Naruto series, has his/her own story. They don't just come and go away. ... They grow along with the character.
  16. Jonasaguilar

    Jonasaguilar Member

    My favorite anime is naruto
    Important morals/topics that it touches--how violence/revenge is never the right answer (for a particular series that is only about the violence that seems unreal but it just fits), how children should not be abandoned, the collateral damage of war, child abuse, poverty etc etc.
    You can find it all in there.
  17. Israelwalex

    Israelwalex New Member

    My favourite anime is Naruto. It is more or less the only anime I have watched. I don't have any particular reason for liking it. My favourite character is Sasuke Kun
  18. mondjan

    mondjan New Member

    As a kid, I've seen a lot of animes like Dragon Ball, Holly e Benji, Lupin the III, Ken Shiro, Pokemon etc. and I liked them all.
    But I've been watching my favorites animes lately, after my twenties.
    I will mention Death Note that is a masterpiece of thriller and suspense.
    Code Geas is a great anime too.
    My favorite anime of all time is Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, beautiful storyline and very touching.
    Actually, I'm watching Naruto and I'm enjoying it.
  19. Mafi

    Mafi New Member

    I have been watching Anime since I was young, and most of the Anime that I watched were long running shows like One Piece, Naruto, Dragon Ball and Fairy Tail. But if you're gonna ask me about my most favorite Anime, I could enumerate lots of it depending to which genre you're referring to. In terms of friendship, One Piece has showcased strong bond among its characters. It has a great story plot, the characters has a well written backstory, and the ambiance was made similar to real life historical events.
    In terms of comedic acts, nothing beats Gintama with all of its cosplays and funny skits in which I spent most of my time laughing. It also has a good storyline that despite from all of the laughter, a deep--dark and sad story is gradually unveiled.
    Lastly, Attack of Titan gives a lot of suspense, action, and thrill. This anime shows the cruel reality of human nature. It adds meaning to life, in a tragic way :laugh:
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  20. Makinaru

    Makinaru New Member

    My favorite anime is Alice academy. It was a story of a little girl that follows her best friend in a school a school of special children that have a special power. The story started there, then she met different people that became her friends. But the best part that I loved with this anime is this anime depicts friendship and even your are fighting with your friend your are still there whenever they needs you.
  21. prexv

    prexv Member

    There's too many anime that I consider my favorites because each shows has their own story, its impact, and the uniqueness that peaked my interest. But I'll choose Naruto since I grew up with it and met new friends because of it. There's so many reasons why I still loved this anime despite over some new animes nowadays that has been released. The character development was very well-done and it really showed how even antagonist can become likeable because they're portrayed finely as its explained how and why they chose the dark or wrong path and was not born being a villain but they have a story to tell as well. I also liked how the creators explained properly the development of jutsus or techniques shown. Fighting scenes are awesome to watch too, from stopping the world's destruction to saving a friend's life and believing they can change for the better. The values shown in this anime can be even applied in real life like appreciating and fighting for true friendships which I think is my favorite core value aside for not giving up for your dreams or goals in life.
  22. pceug17

    pceug17 Member

    My favorite anime of all time is Angel Beats. It is the first ever anime series I have watched. The first episodes will get to know the characters and their stories. The latter episodes will make you cry. That was an unexpected turn of events to vanish just like that.

    I love watching action anime like SAO, One-punch man, Deat Note, Tokyo Ghoul. The typical protagonist-antagonist genre. Its amazing too how the progress of the main character developed.

    School/sports anime also are also thumbs up! Like Kuroko No Baske, Haikyuu, Free!, Ace of Diamond, etc. The different techniques and strategies of the sports are included. Plus the story and their high school life is interesting too watch.
  23. Venchy

    Venchy New Member

    Wow, One Piece is my favorite anime too. The fact that it has more episodes than any other anime. Aside from that, the story is so great and it made me cry too, many times. Specially when Going Merry said her farewell to the crew, it broke my heart, I cried in silent while watching the scene and same thing will happen every time I watch it again.

    What I hate about this anime/manga is their making too many Hiatus (break) on creating more chapters/episodes. It's like they're releasing out chapter/episodes once in two weeks now instead of once every week. But aside from that, I totally love this anime. I'm waiting for their new movie One Piece Stampede. I hope they'll release it more sooner.
  24. Marcosdc

    Marcosdc Member

    My favorite anime is Son Gokou and Vegita. I use to watch one piece but it I got bored when it became OA. They did not reach the red island till now.
  25. JMae372

    JMae372 Member

    Honestly from all of the anime that I've watched so far, I literally can't choose which one I like. If it's possible I'd say that I like all of them. (^.^)
  26. indigoralon

    indigoralon New Member

    My favorite anime is Naruto because of the impact it had on my childhood. The characters always inspired me to persevere in life and stand up for what I believe in. I even have a tattoo that was inspired by the influence Naruto had on my personality and my dreams in life. I'll always love it.
  27. Geofrey93

    Geofrey93 Member

    Rick and Morty. The layers of depth isn’t what makes Rick & Morty so addictive .Most of us start to watch Rick & Morty for fun and we get hooked to it for the same reason . It’s funny !! The music is tremendous , the way Rick sings Gerry Raferty’s song in the famous M.night episode is probably the point at which I started to love the series.
  28. hlabajosa1966

    hlabajosa1966 Member

    My favorite anime would be Code Geass. To me who was young back then was fascinated with the character designs and most importantly the story. The story showed great depth for every character. It showed the many facets of society as well as the many aspects of an individual's character, their sorrows, struggles and their relationship with the people around them. It was different from the other animes I watched back then, it had a great impact on me. It was thrilling and fun to watch. I'll always watch it again and will always love it.
  29. evequicho

    evequicho Member

    In our generation...Sailor Moon is popular. And my favorite is Sailor Mars probably because we are in opposite character. She is more of a brave one but as of me, I grew up to be timid. As I remember, I do not know how to deal with confrontations. My family have known me as a cry baby. So, they always treat me special for that...love it!
  30. sherrie021

    sherrie021 New Member

    I really love animes. My favorite anime is Assassination Classroom because it inspire me so much. It is a story of a unique teacher to command his class to kill him to get the money reward. I thought that this anime is only focus on killing their teacher, but as time goes by it shows how the teacher teach his student by motivating them to study in his incredible way. Take note that the students from this class is in lower section which means they are the not most intelligent, the most bad students in the school. The anime shows us that through hard work and unity, we can achieve something. I recommend you to watch the series, you will definitely love Korosensei.

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