What's your countries current popular music?

Discussion in 'Music' started by fransterl, May 17, 2019.


Do you like your countries current popular music?

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  1. fransterl

    fransterl New Member

    In north America hip-hop/rap has certainly taken control in the past ten years. Hip-hop/rap acts are consistently releasing chart topping albums and singles, and all the buzz in youth culture is centered around hip-hop culture. I've been liking this trend lately, as I'm a fan of rap type music myself. Being Canadian, we even have some popular cultural figures in rap! Drake, one of the most popular rappers and artists in the past few years, is Canadian. While his specific sound isn't my favorite it still makes me proud knowing that a Canadian is out here in America topping the charts over American artists, haha.

    What's the current popular music in your country, or do you also live in America? Do you like your music scene right now? Do people from outside of North America listen to our music, or just music local to your region, I've always been curious to know!

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