What's your favorite animal?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by mibridina2001, Aug 25, 2019.

  1. mibridina2001

    mibridina2001 Member

    My favorites are dogs and horses.
  2. yayanaz13

    yayanaz13 New Member

    I love cats because they are so funny and like to sleep. They also consider as human frenemy which I found it is so cute.
  3. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    Wolverine because it can stand its ground against bears and wolves.
  4. mbrnrd

    mbrnrd Member

    I used to love cats. But now i prefer dogs
  5. mkrisdc

    mkrisdc New Member

    I love cats. They're cute, cuddly, and have their own personality. Some are very clingy and sweet, while most are snobbish, or as a comedian (Zoltan Kaszas) said in one of his skits , cats are like apathetic roommates, and I like them for that. I don't really need high energy all the time. I just want a companion with whom I can be "alone together" with.
  6. Since i was a kid my favorite animal is DOG until now im adult because i believe that DOG is Man's bestfriends. Dog is very Loyal to his\her owner it depends on how you will treat your Dog
  7. Amester2003

    Amester2003 New Member

    I think animals are all the same, everyone is choosing the basic dogs and cats as it's the ones most typically used. I think if rabbits were widely known pets, people would choose rabbits. So I wouldn't choose dogs or cats as my favorite animal, I would choose a sea otter as I think they are so cute when they hold hands so they don't drift apart.
  8. talagirl

    talagirl Member

    My favorite animals are dogs and then pigs. Dogs can be your friend, enemy and shoulder to lean on when your sad. They can be your bodyguards too. Pigs, we have currently have them now. An intelligent animal, they can listen and remember you just by the sound of your voice.
  9. Jacob16

    Jacob16 New Member

    I love cats very much, also like dogs. but my passion is that one day i can have a Wolf as my animal friend. wolves are very unique. one of a kind animals. they're very loyal, strong, and they live in a packs. so a wolf will not consider you as his master or friend, he will consider you as his family. live die and fight for you. you will be his wolf pack. that's what i love the most about Wolves. and that's why Wolves are my favourite animal
  10. ewi102

    ewi102 Member

    my favorite animal is dogs and birds.i like dogs beacuse dogs are loyal and easy to pet.ihave two dogs and i love them both.my second favorite animal is birds,i like viewing birds flying in the blue sky.my favorite birds is the monkey eating eagle and the luzon bleeding heart.both of them are very rare and cant be easily find in the forest.i would love to see them personally in the wild someday.
  11. selectra

    selectra Member

    I just love dogs, they are so adorable. 2 years ago i had a dog, she was so beautiful and each time i would come home she would be so happy to see me and when i was sad she could see it and just come near me trying to make me feel good.
  12. Ayhie

    Ayhie Member

    Dog is man's best friend. They are gentle, loyal and loving pet you can have. They are good company for us and they became our extended family.

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