What's your favorite Anime?

Discussion in 'Television' started by marcmelit, May 14, 2019.

  1. marcmelit

    marcmelit New Member

    I'm twenty-six years old and I just found out my love for anime. I recently watched One Piece and loved it. I'm currently binge-watching Hunter X Hunter and enjoying it a lot. I wasn't expecting I'd enjoy watching anime. To be honest, I was an anime snob before, but I found out how meaningful the storylines of animes. They're also capable of making feel things which I thought I can only feel through films and books. So what's your favorite anime? I want to watch them after Hunter X Hunter.
  2. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    For me:
    1. Baki The Grappler
    2. Gate Season 1 & 2
    3. Rouroni Kenshin
    4. Hajime No Ippo
    5. Hakuoki Seson 1 & 2
    6. Berserk
    7. Slam Dunk
    8. Beelzebub
    9. Full Metal Panic
    10. Bleach
  3. jackiejackie

    jackiejackie Member

    Guess what, I am 35 and my family (including my husband and children) are anime-lovers. We watch anime almost every night and these are what I really love:

    1. Naruto
    2. Dragon Ball
    3. Hunter X Hunter
    4. Hero Academia
    6. Bleach
    7. Haikyu
    8. Slam Dunk
    9. One Piece
    10. Baki
    11. Ghost Fighter
    12. Flame of Fire
    13. Attack on Titans
    14. Fushigi Yougi
    15. Cooking Master Boy

    If you haven't watched them, yet, I recommend you try. Stories are great.
  4. Novak20

    Novak20 New Member

    My favourite anime for now is Dororo, it is an ongoing series, 17th episode was released yesterday out of 24 episodes.I just love how characters develop quickly and you get attached to them during first two three episodes. It is really dramatic and violent anime, if you are into fighting, mystery and a bit of sci-fi this is anime for you! It features two main characters which are...oh never mind I don't want to spoil anything for you! I highly reccomend it and hope you would give it a try!
  5. ariieskid

    ariieskid Member

    I've been a 5 years Otaku/Anime Enthusiast these years and as i have watch a lot, these are some of the Best Watch Anime [which are my taste also] : 1. Magus Bride — Fantasy with a touch of romance and thriller. This anime is a whole package of good animation and effects. If you are also looking for pure romance, this is the show for you. 2. Re:Zero — Another Fantasy and overrated anime. I recommend this a lot because it has a lot of plotwist going on in the show. 3. Promise Neverland — Another overrated anime but i still recommend it. If you are looking for a genre that has Supernatural, thriller, and horror. With a lot of plot twist and a lot of witty kids with witty and awesome strategies. This show is for you 4. Fairytail — again another overrated and fantasy anime. Show has a lot of actions and main point is Friendship and Family. 5. Erased — an underrated slice of life anime. This show is supernatural and something that tears your heart as you watch this anime. Highly recommend 10/10. 6. Hyouka — Show focuses on solving mysteries which is really lit and amazing. 7. Konobijutsubu Wa Mondai Ga Aru — A very cute, fluffy and comedy anime which is really funny and soft at the same time.
  6. oramos

    oramos New Member

    My favorite animes are:
    *Dragon ball z
  7. FakeHappy

    FakeHappy New Member

    Omg that's a lot to mention. But i think it's Charlotte
  8. cozhart

    cozhart New Member

    Depends on your favorite genre, but right now, I really LOVE Ajin. People don't like Ajin due to the 3d effects but it really is good!
  9. thusi123qw

    thusi123qw Member

    My favorite Anime is,Full-metal alchemist and following One piece hehe.
    In full-metal Alchemist its all about family and love and brotherhood,it gives a deep meaning to love,life and relationships. I really likes the series so much I watched it two times.I hope a new series of it will come soon.
  10. Fujiekun

    Fujiekun New Member


    Gedou gakuen




    Demon lord dante

    No game no life
  11. Wolfiend

    Wolfiend Member

    For me its Hajime no Ippo. Fight scenes are incredible, storyline is simply amazing and the main character Ippo Makunouchi is very relatable on so many levels. The theme of the anime is very human in itself. Man's many facade; his strengths, weaknesses, insecurities, anxieties and fear of the unknown is clearly shown in almost every episode of the anime. Speaking about every episode, the humor on Hajime no Ippo is also on another level. It's really hard not to have a laugh every now and then. Even the manga is equally awesome as well.
    If there are any Hajime no Ippo fans on this thread as well, do let me know what you think of the anime.
    God Bless.

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