What's your favorite color? Why?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by ColetteR, Feb 15, 2018.


What's your favorite color?

  1. Red

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  2. Orange

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  3. Yellow

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  4. Green

    9 vote(s)
  5. Blue

    19 vote(s)
  6. Purple

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  7. Pink

    9 vote(s)
  8. Black

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  9. White

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  10. Other

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  1. ColetteR

    ColetteR New Member

    Hi everyone!

    The question is pretty self-explanatory - what's your favorite color? Anything goes, from rainbow shades to black and white, and even beyond, if you want to get creative.

    Don't forget to elaborate in a reply, though! I want to know exactly why you love the color so much, too.

    For example, my favorite color is PURPLE. I'm definitely a fan of cooler colors (green/blue/purple), and out of those, purple catches my eye the most because of that tiny hint of pink. I know most people associate pink with femininity, which is admittedly a big part of my identity, but purple seems much calmer than most shades of pink I see. Calm, cool, feminine - that's what I'm personally striving for!
  2. Dagobert Komba

    Dagobert Komba New Member

    My favorite color is green because I love nature and feel obligated to it for conservation and sustainability. Green to me is a constant reminder that I have to take nature seriously and feel accountable to conserving it all the time.
  3. kloria18@gmailcom

    kloria18@gmailcom New Member

    What is my favorite color? You can see it in the color of my keyboard as well as my bags if I go onboard. You can find it in most of my dress because this color relieves my stress. You will see that is the usual shade of my lipstick because it is always what I usually pick. You will know that thing belongs to me because it is in my favorite shade. I cannot describe how this color makes me happy. You do not know how young will I feel when I am wearing it. I am the best of me when I am in it. It is the best colors for baby birthdays. Because this is the colors for the young and free. My favorite is pink. Pink because it makes me prettily think. Those straight guys will always give me a wink even those unstraight men whose preferred color is my favorite pink.
  4. Brenda Perez

    Brenda Perez New Member

    What is my favorite color? I can't answer this question because I don't have one favorite color, I have multiple! I love the color pink, because it's my moms favorite color & it's also just a BEAUTIFUL color. However, I adore the color red because I think it looks beautiful on me! I guess I will leave my answer at rainbow! My favorite color is rainbow, what's yours!? :)
  5. iPerfect87

    iPerfect87 New Member

    My favorite color is apricot because every time i look at it, it gives me a warm vibe and it fits every color and doesn't look bad. There's a lot of colors that i really like but peach stand out the most. the color apricot for me is a very unique color because unlike the other colors peach is not too dark but not to bright color for me unlike the other colors that are too bright and too dark that cause people to change their favorite colors because we all grow up and change styles but if we will stick with apricot we will be contented on our favorite color and never change it :)
  6. Tammytashy

    Tammytashy New Member

    Black is my favorite color. Its my favorite color when it comes to my dressing or choice of cloths. This is because black color aligns with so many other colors. I believe it to be the neutral color that supports all other colors, regardless of wher it is put to effect.
    Also, black color to me signifies dark times I have been through in life, it keeps reminding me of a darker pas I have had and motivates me not to want to go back to it. It not only acts as a reminder but as a ways of telling me that there is a better future ahead after the trying times you have been through. So black is a package for clothing choice and motivation for a brighter future to me.
  7. yellowthegreat

    yellowthegreat New Member

    Black is my fave though it is always associated with darkness. As for my clothes, it's easy to pair with any other color. It is soothing on my eyes whenever I see black-colored items. For me its like the shade of a tree, relaxing. But is it really a color? or just the absence of colors?
  8. Matia

    Matia New Member

    My favorite color is purple, but more specifically it’s violet. The color violet always reminds me of the rainbow, and who doesn’t like a rainbow? Violet is also a very calming color for me, so I prefer it over the other colors.
  9. Divine Soriano

    Divine Soriano New Member

    Purple would be my favorite color I like seeing purple food like in our country Philippines We have these food called Puto Bungbong and its purple I find food that are purple very yummy and delicious that's why I love purple everyone has its own taste and I find purple as a nice color even for flowers that is purple I find it so attractive
  10. Mister Abel

    Mister Abel New Member


    It used to be blue, and I liked it so much that people used to call me blue! But overtime, I think I hated that I felt almost EVERYONE said their favorite color was blue. I transitioned to green, but now it seems to be just as popular as the color blue used to be.

    It will definitely stay green for sure!
  11. Jurexblue

    Jurexblue New Member

    My favorite color as far as I can remember had always been green. Every time I am asked what my favorite color is, my answer will always be green. Now I’m not sure how the color green came to be my favorite color but all I know is that something about it just fills me up with a sense of serenity. Being surrounded by the color simply brings joy and happiness to me. That is the reason why every time I am down and subdued, you will most likely find me outside, underneath a tree or somewhere out in the open field, lying on the grass, as it is my way of experiencing serenity.
  12. rrsflores92

    rrsflores92 Member

    I used to like pink as my favorite color but as I am beginning to mature I started to like neutral colors such as black specifically. It all begun when I landed a job in a law firm. Everything has to be corporate including our attire so I started investing on tops, pants and dresses all in neutral colors. Unknowingly, I started liking black because I can pull out to any occasion with a little black dress or a terno in black.
  13. tahnieee

    tahnieee Member

    My favorite color is black. Black is a color that matches with any other color. Black makes me happy and I feel it is a calming color. Black looks good on me and my skin tone as well when it is on my clothing.
  14. yehn

    yehn New Member

    My favorite color is pink... I don't know why. Everytime I saw an item that is color pink I get attracted to them.
  15. Julz98

    Julz98 New Member

    My favorite color is blue. Blue like a sea that makes me feel calm and that's the reason why blue is my favorite color. It really makes me happy when I see my favorite color and it's looks cool when you see your favorite color in a car.
  16. Mane

    Mane New Member

    RED is my all time favorite color. For me red symbolizes happiness, strong, brave and independent. Reds are brights. It is also associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion and desire. Red means love.
  17. Blue because it shows the sky and the sea. It also symbolizes trust, wisdom and knowledge that visualize my inner self.
  18. potato_corner

    potato_corner New Member

    My favorite color is BLUE. I think, this color best represents my paradoxical personality. Blue is the color of the sky in a bright sunny day, yet it is also the color of deep sadness and melancholy.

    I'm a living contradiction. Some days I could be oozing with optimism and confidence. Days later, I would go back with being so negative about everything again. I tend to be realistic but sometimes lose myself in my fantasies and imagination. I'm both happy and sad. I'm warm and cold just like the color blue.
  19. gentlevelvet

    gentlevelvet New Member

    My favorite colors are Black and Red, for different reasons.

    I love Red because it is the color of blood, love, romance, hearts, passion, fire, the sun, and because it is the first color humans process besides black and white when they are babies.

    I love Black because it is bold, powerful, strong, masculine and feminine in different ways, dark, lovely, sexual, sensual, soft, cool, warm, deep, the abyss, and lonely. It is such a powerful, magical color that I go crazy over it! :)
  20. Mardiemason

    Mardiemason New Member

    I love the color blue because it resembles the color of the bodies of water such as oceans and seas. It also depict the calmness and peace. It is also a color that evokes loyalty, honesty and confidence. It creates a sense if relaxation and tranquility. So whenever I find myself looking for relaxation I just stare to the vast and clear blue skies above me.
  21. Mad2die

    Mad2die New Member

    My favorite color to wear is black, but my all time favorite color is turquoise. I find it to be an exciting yet calming blue variant. It's so pretty and unique, I can't stay away from it. I feel like it's a secret color that represents beauty and mystery.
  22. kris93castillo

    kris93castillo New Member

    My favorite color is blue because it represents freedom and sincerity.
  23. gemmarae

    gemmarae New Member

    I bounce between navy blue and dark purple. I love most shades of both blue and purple, but the darker ones seem to have a much more calming effect. Blue because it is the color of the oceans, the sky, the eyes of a boy I was once in love with, and the TARDIS. Purple flowers, however, are incredibly beautiful and I love them most of all.

    Also, pairing navy blue with any type of metallic color, such as silver or bronze, is just beautiful. I don't wear blue or purple very often, but I've decorated my apartment with different shades of them.
  24. Reynmarj

    Reynmarj New Member

    My favorite color is white. Because it is not only about the first meaning that comes into our mind which is purity, but because of the simplicity of that color. It became my favorite color because it reflect to my own character. White color is a plain and clean color, but as I said that this color reflects to my personality,not because I am a perfect person but for the reason of being an imperfect human. I've done so many mistakes in my life and change the color of my life into black. But with that mistakes, there's always a lesson to learn and take them as a challenge in our life. As I resolve and correct all my mistakes, my life color change to a white one again, as it cover and erase all the mistakes that I've done.

    I believe that we choose our color as a reflection to our personality. And as a human being, I believe that we are not all perfect, that's why we always fight and keep ourselves positive in any problems that we faced in our everyday life. We must not let dark colors come to our life, but let them fades away by covering it of light colors.

    Color means a lot to our life. Choosing or having our favorite one, can be used for some reason of remembering us easily when we will be gone of this world. Because when a one person owns a stuff that has only one color then, all of his or her friends will tell that this person loves his or her favorite color.
  25. Elle Gee

    Elle Gee Member

    My favorite color is PINK. Pink represents my whole self. As what we see on pink, it's girly, and pretty. The true symbolization of feminism. I, myself, can see that reflection of pink towards myself. I am girly, I love girly things. I am not obsess with pink but I can see it reflects my personality.

    I love pink because I think this became my true likes of Barbie. She made me like pink.

    Pink, they say, it's a girly stuff. It looks like a pretty princess that so little. Meaning, I'm still a little girl. No. Just look at the side of pink. Pretty isn't?
  26. khanhtran123

    khanhtran123 Member

    My favorite color is gray. Some people say that it looks dirty as it is similar to the color of rat skin. I love it as it is perfect for my mood most of the time. It gives me the calmness I need when I am in a gloomy mood.
  27. NesMarcos

    NesMarcos New Member

    I like the color gold much. It is the cousin of color yellow and is believed associated with love, compassion, magic, wisdom and courage. Color gold is a warm color that can be bright, and happy or somber and traditional. It represents, wealth, extravagance, riches and excess.

    It is basically a precious metal that is associated with prosperity, grandeur as well as glamour, fame and a sparkling glitz. It is known as a special gift for wedding anniversaries. They are believed to increase wisdom and power, wellness, success and prosperity, and leads the path towards your goal.
  28. orelmente

    orelmente New Member

    Definitely black because it makes for a strong outstanding look on it’s own, yet it’s also easy to match & complements any color it’s paired with. If it were a person it’d be the kind that works well both alone and in groups.
  29. Iam

    Iam New Member

    I have three favourite colours: orange, green and yellow. The orange is the colour of optimism and enthusiasm. The green in many cultures is the symbol of life, youth, strength and renewal.
    The yellow is the colour of happiness and endless joy.
  30. maemandapat

    maemandapat New Member

    my favorite color is light blue because it always puts me in a good mood.. it's like the color of the sky and who doesn't love skies??? the paint of my room is light blue and in my personal opinion i think it makes my room look more neat..

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