What's your favorite Video Games?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Leirad, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Leirad

    Leirad New Member

    What's your favorite Video Games?
  2. gettothemoney

    gettothemoney New Member

    My favorite game is Uncharted God Of War and the Call of duty and black ops games. I like uncharted because you get to explore different parts of the world and complete puzzles and sneaking around to find the lost treasures of the world. God Of War is fun because I can just go around hacking and slashing the crap out of the bad guys and figure out some puzzles and complete different obstacles. And who doesn't like going around shooting people I mean for game playing purposes only. I like all the maps they are so detailed and seemingly accurate.
  3. Xane911

    Xane911 Member

    I have many favorite video games, but the one that makes me wanna play it more and more every time is Monster Hunter, and yes monster hunter has many different versions and I love all of them. The idea of striving from the start where you get to hunt monsters, carve them when they're dead, mine some ores, collect some herbs, go fishing or even trying to barbeque a raw meat. The scenery are just mesmerizing and breath taking, the different variety of weapons like, bows, light bowgun, heavy bowgun, switch axe, insect glave, war drum, great sword, long sword, gun lance, lance, dual blade, and sword and shield, makes you wanna collect each of them and hunt different monsters. The difficulty is very challenging, you'll be tested and challenged by different types of monsters and most of them are very horrifying, like the Zinogre or the lighting wolf, which calls on lighting from the sky, or the Teostra and Lunastra the great elder dragons, or even the Rathalos, king of skies and the Rathian, the queen of skies.Let's not forget the most adorable thing on Monster Hunter, and those are the felynes, the comrades of the hunters, which they accompany with during the hunt. Monster Hunter Games have different variety of monsters, weapons and many more, I'll suggest this strongly because it's fun to play and very challenging.
  4. Mstarrk

    Mstarrk New Member

    League of Legends!
    I've been playing since 2013 and I just can't stop, I'm in love with this game.
    What I like the most is the competitive environment and Draven, of course.
    What I dislike is that people can get tilted easily and be very rude.
    Despite that, I've made many friends!
  5. Caguioa747

    Caguioa747 New Member

    The Elder Scrolls v Skyrim.

    I got this game when it came out in 2011. It captivated me for 5 years it's about all I played besides from call of duty and Madden. everything from the character creation to the character customization to the world that it's actually placed in the game is a masterpiece of its own. That's why I think it has lasted for so long.

    I have put over 150 hours on the Xbox 360 over 1000 hours on my PlayStation 100 hours on my Xbox one and 200 hours on my PlayStation 4 pro.

    Skyrim is one of the greatest games of all time.
  6. tetsuya

    tetsuya New Member

    For me its dota 2 because its so fun to plat it
  7. kreyyoung

    kreyyoung New Member

    Super Mario Bros. 3
    I can grab that game at anytime and just play the hell out of it. I remember playing that for hours as a kid with my cousins. The game felt so complete. 1 (the original super) was good. 2 is good but strange. 3 just felt right. World definitely expanded, but I always go back to 3.
  8. mak2x123

    mak2x123 New Member

    I like Dota 2 its addicting. Especially if you have the skills you will be so addicted to it and much more if your playing with friends. Sometimes I tried to stop but sometimes I just really miss it and I just go play it, but right now having a job I really make my job first of all. Cause were not allowed to absent just to play games

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