When Copying is Illegal ?

Discussion in 'Copywriting' started by nnacrter, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. nnacrter

    nnacrter New Member

    In these days, most of us do copy paste to reduce time instead of typing it manually. Holding Control+A Control+C then Control+V might be easy but you need to know When Copying is become Illegal ? Copying is right when you include below your paper or worksheet who wrote the article or idea and where you get that article or idea you copied. Copying requires permission before copying it. Based on my research, Derivative Work or article or idea you revised by changing of words is also considered a copying. Most of schools are against of plagiarism that's why they are strict in scanning projects and paper works. So If you attempted to copy in the internet, in google or in another search engines, also credit where you get it from or who wrote it just to make sure that your procedures you do in copying are legal and right.
  2. Helgem Navales

    Helgem Navales New Member

    Yes its illegal, especially for those who pirating a movies and videos.
    It's illegal in the eye of our law, of our government.
    But why some people keep doing this job ? even if its illegal ?
    Maybe our government know that problems, but why they didnt do some action against corruption and poverty ?
    Maybe they're just a blinded people.
  3. Blaire

    Blaire New Member

    To legally use parts of someone else's writing, you must put it in quotations and cite your source. Also, you have to use it in a way that enhances your own writing. You can't just rephrase another person's writing, you have to form your own opinions and gather facts for yourself. Once you do that, you can use small snippets of someone else's work (with citation) to help bolster your argument or description.

    Anything other than that is plagiarism, and can get you expelled from school or fired from your job. If you ever need help on how to properly cite something (or want to see examples of this correctly done), I would recommend checking Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL). They have plenty of resources to help you write academic and scientific papers.

    Also, when I say "you", I mean it in a general sense. I'm not targeting you, specifically.
  4. rjay

    rjay New Member

    Copying is illegal when you try to copy other people's work without acknowledging the owner or worst, owning what you've copied. A person should always be mindful of giving credits when trying to mimic someone else's work. It is not rightful to claim what is not yours.
  5. Janice Acebes

    Janice Acebes New Member

    Copying becomes illegal when it comes to documents. Example, you've made a fake documents, you have copied it from the original for your own purpose. When you're caught of that illegal actions, may be you will be undergo to some punishment or be detained to jail. Another is in school, if you were caught with a teacher copying from your classmate, may be you will be suspended because it is illegal. And finally, in terms of writing, copying becomes illegal when you own it as your own works because it is now called plagiarism.
  6. VheaSD

    VheaSD New Member

    Copying becomes illegal when you get some information on the internet without even giving credits from the owner by giving the source or links there. As we all know plagiarizing is a crime and we must be aware with it. You must give credits to the owner once you get some information over the internet. Don't own someone's idea for it's not a joke to create one like that. Give credits guys!
  7. msg17

    msg17 Member

    Yes, copying is illegal. But as long as you give credits to the those who made the original article, then you should be fine. Remember, to always acknowledge the author of the work or piece you copied. Because if not, then you might get into serious trouble. Plagiarism is a big issue. Even a senator in the Philippines faced this kind of issue. Therefore, everyone must be careful of every information that they take. And be sure to give credits to their original authors, and creators.
  8. savecarl

    savecarl New Member

    We have laws that covers the copyright that protects the author or publisher of a particular works. But then again there is limitation and some consideration that will end their right and where the right of others begin. =) And always remember when you copy something especially written information you have to acknowledge the author. Now a days, copying is commonly done by many of us because of the needs of information but do not forget that there is always a limitations and consequences to what we are doing.
  9. Jamieheart101

    Jamieheart101 New Member

    Not all form of copying is illegal. It becomes illegal when there is no approval from the writer.
  10. Ale3andro5

    Ale3andro5 New Member

    Being a university student myself I would say its difficult to cite your sources in a right way. Sometimes you might cite them but still be considered as a plagiarism because you copied a text that was too long. Using quotations upon copying text from online sources can help as long as the text is short, otherwise is still a copyright issue. Referencing at the end is also important to show where did you find your source.
  11. Rafael fuentes

    Rafael fuentes New Member

    When you copywrite a movoe rhat already came out
  12. cjwencerey

    cjwencerey New Member

    Copying per se is illegal. When doing a speech and you source it out from somebody else composition it is called plagiarism. In the course of a research it is possible to use a previously published material. The right thing to do is to acknowledge where you took it out from by using footnote. Always practice courtesy, remember, it was the intelligence of the original owner that you are trying to "steal" from.
  13. It consider illegal when copying without the consent of the author or the one who write the article. We know that copying without the consent or giving a credit to the owner is illegal or called plagiarism. That's is why we need to be sensitive especially in this kind of situation. Because they are the one, the author, who make the article so meaningful and after that you'll just copy without informing and asking for the permission of the author. What you'll feel if someone copy your work? Like what they said, "Don't do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you."
  14. Evz1417

    Evz1417 New Member

    The owner of a copyright gets to decide who can legally make copies of that work. It is illegal to copy large sections of someone else's copyrighted work without permission, even if you give the original author credit. Fortunately, a fair use exemption allows you to legally copy small amounts of someone else's work.
  15. Felansel

    Felansel New Member

    Copying is ILLEGAL, if the one who copied a content or a material did it without permission to the person who originally made it, and copying may not be ILLEGAL per se if the person who made it granted permission to the one who copies it.

    Copying is one of the most common crime in our world. It may be done by a Politician, a Potus (Yes, i'm referring to her.), a TV Personality or just any other commoner in the world.

    These crime is most commonly committed by students in colleges and high schools levels. One factor maybe is because of the pressure of being a student desperately wanting to pass the semester or a professor who is just a natural-born terror.

    P.s. I'm not justifying this wrong doings neither, promote to do the same thing. As we all have been to that stage and somehow relate to this matter. No matter how perfect you are, at some point you may have done it, either consciously or unconsciously.
  16. stainedlala

    stainedlala New Member

    With everything posted or written in the internet, I think it is inevitable to not copy the information we need. Revising it will do you no good, you still got the idea off the internet hence it is still plagiarism.
  17. KENDEE021

    KENDEE021 New Member

    When you own it. Copy writing is not illegal if you are putting credit to it. It is not wrong to rewrite other 's information. You will get accused just by rewriting any information that is not originally created by you. Putting credits to the information you copied is very important. Be aware.
  18. danmitagain

    danmitagain New Member

    illegally because when they taunted their original work it would be disrespectful to others as in the class when the exam was inhibited by the study so that the students really wanted to make a career in the classroom ...
  19. mindzerogenaskey

    mindzerogenaskey New Member

    copying will only be illegal when the thing that's being copied are big confidential documents, like company papers and unreleased videos and movies being pirated
  20. alexreyesss

    alexreyesss New Member

    Copying is illegal when you don't give credits from authors or owners. Somehow, copying is not about copying the text or the context it is also about stealing and posting pictures on social meadia without giving any credits or owned by is a crime.
  21. Setari

    Setari New Member

    I think it's a matter of how much text is taken as a direct quote and cited as a source. Of course you can't take like, three paragraphs of text from someone else and cite the source for it, that's too much. But a line or two, yeah, probably.
  22. Kennnnn

    Kennnnn New Member

    It is completely illegal when you don't give credit to the owner. There is a thing called source or bibliography that you can do to put all of links or name of a person to the one who made the thread or a study. You can copy things online but don't put all the text and the content.
  23. justnhel11

    justnhel11 New Member

    Copying is illegal in different ways and contexts. It is more likely in a form of cheating and so-called plagiarism. It occurs when someone is copying or stealing someone's intellectual property. It also happened in reference to having document-related works containing informations without any citation of reference or permission with the author/s. Doing this is considerably a crime and a violation of law, thus, it is illegal.
  24. lakeisha9708888

    lakeisha9708888 New Member

    Copy writing is not illegal if you are putting credit to it. It is not wrong to rewrite other 's information. You will get accused just by rewriting any information that is not originally created by you. Putting credits to the information you copied is very important. Copying is illegal in different ways and contexts.It also happened in reference to having document-related works containing informations without any citation of reference or permission with the author/s

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