When Did You First Fall In Love With Reading?

Discussion in 'Books' started by A.Curry, Aug 17, 2015.


When Did You First Fall In Love With Reading?

  1. As A Child

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  2. As A Teenagr

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  3. As An Adult

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  1. A.Curry

    A.Curry New Member

    I remember when I was younger my grandmother would always tell me that I needed to read more. I never really listened to her at the time, I thought reading was boring and that you should only do it when you're forced too. However, I could not have been more wrong. I don't recall the very first book I read for fun; although I do wish I could tell you the name of it because I'm sure it was an amazing piece of literature. I will tell you what I do recall, I recall all my trips back and forth to the library in search of the next book that would steal me away from this world into a world where anything was possible. I recall sitting in class, when we had free time, and screaming inside my head about the events that had just occurred within the pages of my beloved book. I recall falling in love with the idea of literature, and how it could take me to any place my heart desired. I was wondering if any of you can recall falling in love with reading? When the reader inside you finally break free?
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  2. TealTanks

    TealTanks New Member

    I started reading when I was real young. Just about since I was taught to read. I would have a book with me in class and the teacher would have to tell me to stop reading and pay attention. I think the first book series I started reading was called The Land of Elyon by Patrick Carman. I still have them, in fact. I started to become known as "the book worm" in school. By the time I was in the eighth grade I could finish a 1000 page book in just a couple of days. I've slowed down a bit with the reading nowadays, but I still love it and always will.
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    PRATHAMESH New Member

    I remember when I was in 4th standard one of my friend was reading a small book with a great concentration while the classs is going on. He was so concentrated that he was not able to hear the order by our teacher asking him to stand up and show what he was reading. I was wondered about that book, what was there in that book. So in the break I asked him to show me the book. The name of the book was "Sherlock Holmes". And to be honest I was unaware of the name Sherlock Holmes. I asked him about that book. He said that the stories of Sherlock Holmes are very amazing and mysterious. You must read the mysteries solved by Sherlock Holmes. I visited a book shop after our school got over and purchased that book and started reading and I got addicted by that book. Everything was amazing. The thought process of Mr. Holmes, the logic of Mr. Holmes, his style, everything was pitch perfect. In this way I fall in love of reading.
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  4. Standard019

    Standard019 New Member

    I remember starting to enjoy reading books in my own time halfway through primary school. I really enjoyed the added knowledge you could gain just through an enjoyable fiction book.
  5. leon212

    leon212 New Member

    My interest in books started at the age of 13. I remember holding a Harry Potter book and not stopping until the end. I had to literally sneak it in church to read it while the sermon was going on. I dedicated a whole week to finish the book and I did.

    I then became a constant visitor in the neighbor hood library after school. I loved fantasy books. The " Conquistador" has become my favorite book to date. I have lost count of how many books there are in the series, but I have read them all.
  6. FrankieD

    FrankieD New Member

    Fall in love with reading? :laugh: That's a good one. There was very little need for me to read, it's not like I'm stupid. Other people, like the ones who don't use Postloop, might have to do a lot of reading though.

    I've always hated reading books because I took it as some jerky author is attempting to change my mind about something. "Why isn't the author contacting ME to learn something?" is what I've been thinking since 5 years old. Then around 11 when I would send my parents off to work to make the money I needed to support my comic book and coin collecting addiction, I knew books were a scam. I would see self-help books being read by adults that clearly couldn't be helped. I was right, as usual. They didn't change. They still thought because I was 11 I shouldn't be their equal. :mad:
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  7. Sarahpetroff2015

    Sarahpetroff2015 New Member

    When I was in first grade, I asked my mom if I could start reading to her instead of her reading to me. I did it because I wanted to learn on my own and I loved reading myself. My mother is my inspiration for reading, from science fiction, fantasy, all the way to classical literature, I love reading as much as I can.
  8. TeeZee

    TeeZee New Member

    I have always loved to read. My mom taught me to read before I went to school and I can remember always having a book in hand growing up. Reading was an adventure for me and a way to learn about the world, people, and yes, even love. I could tune out everything around me with a good book.
  9. Abditive

    Abditive New Member

    I fell in love when I started reading the Harry Potter books. As a very lonely kid, they provided me with a window to escape my boring reality and enter into this fantastical world where magic exists and the power of love overcomes evil. From there, the power of reading became clear to me and I started devouring all kinds of books to get lost inside my imagination, something that I still love to do to relax.
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  10. krykiett

    krykiett New Member

    It is wonderful to see people loving books from an early age.

    I, too, fell in love with reading early on, but I don't recall being completely enthralled with a book until I was 8. My teacher left me behind, in the library, during our weekly school trip. Having managed to sneak into the other children's book section, I was enamored by novels that were well beyond my age bracket; in fact, I am not sure how that particular book even came to be in an elementary school library, but it was.

    I fell in love.

    As the years have passed, my appreciation for stories have grown. My collection has expanded, but thanks to digital books, space is no longer an issue. I hope my imagination never rests!
  11. Mattea

    Mattea New Member

    Growing up in the country without a TV, reading has always been one of my favorite past times. Starting at an early age, I could often be found curled up in an arm chair or nestled into a couch corner with a book. I usually had to be torn away from whatever I was reading when it was time for dinner.

    When I was ten I was introduced to my favorite childhood books; The Song of the Lioness series by Tamora Pierce. The heroine’s fearless insistence on being herself, no matter the odds, had a powerful impact on me. This is when reading became more to me than entertainment. It was a way to safely explore who I might become; to try things on for size so to speak.

    To this day reading lets me see beyond my own experience into a world of possibility. It is both an escape when I need one, as well as a teacher. I honestly don’t know where I would be without my relationship to reading.
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  12. paivik

    paivik New Member

    Im always loved reading, when i was kid/teenager i always sit somewhere and reading something. I hope that i get so much time to read now what i have then
  13. chev

    chev New Member

    Growing up i was always the younger of the lot, everyone was always reading something be it school related or not and i felt left out.. i had hated that feel and therefore felt the need to read as well. Of-course being about age 6 i had only wanted to read books with pictures, as i got older i came to realize that books are more interesting without pictures as it allowed me to use my own imagination to enjoy someone else's words.
  14. Mindy

    Mindy New Member

    I fell in love with reading when I was a child. It was an escape for me from all the dysfunction that was in my childhood. Later on, I still loved reading as way to relax from a long day. I also love learning about almost everything, and my favorite way to do this is through books.
  15. Joey Mullins

    Joey Mullins New Member

    For me it was definitely in adulthood that I gained an appreciation and fondness for reading. As a child and an adolescent reading felt like a chore and extremely tedious. I also had a lot of difficulty focusing on the content of the book and would find myself chapters in without retaining any of the story. I was reading, but I wasn't paying attention. As an adult I can choose the types of literature that I want to consume and that makes it a lot easier to focus.
  16. Ali Fakhoury

    Ali Fakhoury New Member

    I remember when I was in 9th grade, my teacher introduced to us a new book we have to read throughout the semester. The book was The Kite Runner, written by Khaled Hosseini. I was forced to read it at first, because I needed the grades, but then I fell in love with reading after only a few chapters. It was the first 300+ pages book I read, and I fell in love with it! The story was interesting and I felt like I was watching a movie in my head, and that's what kept me in love with reading this whole time. Reading makes us creative, reduces stress, and teaches us about many cultures around the world. I learned about so many things since I started reading and I think it is one of the best ways to consume time.
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  17. lillismommy

    lillismommy New Member

    At four I could read and repeat the book Brown Bear Brown Bear according to my mother. And as they say the rest is history. At 15 I had over 200 books overflowing my book shelf and a cell phone full of digital copies. I had read each one multiple times.
    To me reading is an escape. I have to read at least once a week.
    My daughter at one even loves to flip through her books and she has to have books read to her multiple times a day.
  18. PaulaStardust

    PaulaStardust New Member

    Steven king in junior high. As well as John Saul, John Grisham, Deen Koontz, Anne rice, Anne McCaffrey. Just to name a few lolll!
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  19. absinthelilyth

    absinthelilyth New Member

    I fell in love with reading when I was a little girl. I remember going to my Auh-Mahs house and seeing her room filled with hundreds and hundreds of books. (i'm not kidding) She loved reading, seeing her love for reading made me wonder why. So I grabbed a book, sat on her bed, and started reading. I fell in love, I was this little 8 year old girl, reading books until I had to go back home. Ever since then I've never stopped. I'll read books until the end of my days.
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  20. ArianaRenee

    ArianaRenee New Member

    I loved to read when I was younger. I was so bad at reading though. I had a tutor, extra classes in school and extensive Mommy and me time to read some books:) During elementary school, I grew amazed with reading. I became obsessed. I'm constantly reading. It's amazing the turnaround:)
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  21. Christi Heimple

    Christi Heimple New Member

    I was 7 years old, new in town, and horrified at how scared I was of my new environment. First grade...and I couldn't pass any of my placement scores in reading. I was placed in a program that was for S L O W kids. Lol ;) But it helped trigger whatever I needed to learn to read. I went from less than 1st grade level to 5th grade level in a year. It needed to click for me, time to register. I learned to read, with a wonderful tutor. I had an assignment, a chapter book that was to last me the quarter. I finished it over the weekend. I enjoyed it so much that I tested, passed and was sent on to 6th grade class. I ALWAYS have something to read with me at all times! I stand or wait in line constantly, but not in vain. I'll read anything!
  22. ugochukwu magnus

    ugochukwu magnus New Member

    The art is in my family. I started reading with my bible. Our family is deeply rooted in catholic church. every morning everybody will reading a verse in the bible. Before i know it, i started reading other books and newspaper. My best book still remain Robinson Crusoe, Treasure island and Julius Ceaser.
  23. Aramon1911

    Aramon1911 New Member

    I fell in love with reading when I was a teenager. One day I just stumbled upon a review of an e-reader. I watched a few advertisements and read a few things here and there about it. It was Kindle Paperwhite. Ohh man, it simply is brilliant. It's got this super e-ink display that is visible even in direct sunlight.
    The year I bought my e-reader I read over 20 books. Before that my read book count was close to 0. I think that says it all. I love reading, in fact I'm going to grab something to read after I finish this post. ;)
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  24. Janice Davis

    Janice Davis New Member

    As a child, I was raised by a single mom who worked very long hours. I was the eldest of three girls and oftentimes found myself taking care of the home and my two younger siblings. Once I made sure that my sisters homework and chores had been completed, they had been fed, and coerced into taking a bath to settle down for the evening, I usually found myself extremely bored. The only form of entertainment we had was the record player alongside of my mom's vinyl records of music that was before my time, and and old black and white television.

    I started to complain to my mom about how I wished she was home more to tell us stories like she had done when we were small children. She must have been listening because one day, after school, my mom arrived home early from work. She walked in the front door with her usual chipper face on saying "Hello girls!" This time, I noticed she had a bag in her hand with colorful writing on the front that I couldn't quite make out. She said that she had a gift for us as we all ran up to her ecstatic and anxious. She pulled out one book at a time and handed it to each one of us. I looked at the front of my book and it read, "The Big Pancake."

    I ran to my room and devoured every page of this easy reader, I realized at that moment that I could transport myself to another place in time. This realization was the start of a life long love of reading.

    As a teenager, when I landed my first job, I couldn't wait to receive my paycheck. The first place I would go to is the bookstore and spend at least 1/3 of my earnings on books. I was like a kid in a candy store. Nothing else mattered except deciding which book I was going to take my next fantasy trip inside of once I made it home.

    To this day, those feelings I experienced then still haunt me when met with a good fiction book.
  25. mcvay4044

    mcvay4044 New Member

    My love for reading started with my mom. My mother used to read to my siblings and me when we were babies. And from that moment on I always had a love for books.
  26. sierranicole

    sierranicole New Member

    I always enjoyed reading as a child. My parents never had to force me to read. However, it wasn't until I was in 5th grade that I really began to love reading. My teacher would read to us for a half hour everyday. The way she read and the books she chose were so enticing. I was always dying to know what would happen next and hated having to wait to find out! I would often check the book out of the library and read it on my own just so I wouldn't have to wait for her to finish! That was when I really started to love reading and she gave me a lot of recommendation for books I would enjoy reading.
  27. MikiMae

    MikiMae New Member

    My mom has always been an avid reader, she homeschooled us and that helped instill a love of reading in us at a very young age. She always read a book to us before bed and story time was a highlight of our day. Now I have my own little ones and they love books just as much as I did when I was that age. I love reading to them, it's such an important part of our day and life.
  28. Elisabeth Hogan

    Elisabeth Hogan New Member

    I fell in love with reading, the minute I could actually read. My mom and dad taught my sister and I how to read, even before we were in school. I was able to read books that were at a higher level than my age. If I wasn't in school or sleeping, I was reading.
  29. Payton_xo

    Payton_xo New Member

    Growing up my mom always took me to go see the Harry Potter movies in the theaters as they came out. It became a tradition for us and whenever the movies started to get intense, I wanted to read the books so I could know what happened as the movies continued. After reading the Harry Potter series for the first time, I fell in love with them. I loved the excitement that came with reading and that led me to reading more and more. I read all of the basic popular series - (Hunger Games, Twilight, ect.). Now I have a passion for it, and I could talk to someone about books for hours.
  30. SarahDailey

    SarahDailey New Member

    My mother read to me in her pregnant tummy, and nearly every day until I learned to read. I learned to read very quickly in school and I've always loved it. I was that child that stayed up every night past bed time reading with a flashlight, and I maintained a reading level two grades higher than my current one throughout all my years of school. I never liked non-fiction though, had to be fiction!

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