When Did You First Fall In Love With Reading?

Discussion in 'Books' started by A.Curry, Aug 17, 2015.


When Did You First Fall In Love With Reading?

  1. As A Child

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  2. As A Teenagr

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  3. As An Adult

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  1. Nims

    Nims New Member

    I started reading books when I was a kid of about 8 years age. Because my neighbour used to buy a weekly named "Balarama and its Digest". I am eager to read to get it from them and read it. The main thing I was interested to read in that was the the novel " Bram Stoker's Dracula" was published on it which made me crazy on those days. Every stories and fictional characters on that made long too much on those days.
  2. leogem123

    leogem123 New Member

    When I was a Teenager, I started to love reading books like " The Brief History of Time" By: Stephen Hawking. That's it!
  3. Rexway4

    Rexway4 Member

    Reading is one of the best hobbies for me this process is a continue process, I started reading right from my childhood and I think that it advance throughout my colledge days.
    Now I visit library and paid reading auditorium to expand my knowledge more on reading aspect and to widen my knowledge and experiences in a field related to the materials that you want to learn about.
    We continue reading from our day one on earth to the very last day we leave the earth since life is a continue proces.
  4. Anj1018

    Anj1018 Member

    I started reading because of Harry Potter. Right after watching the Sorcerer's Stone, i started reading all the available books about it until i fell in love with reading and started reading other genres and also reading something online.
  5. JTibIV

    JTibIV New Member

    When I first fall in love with reading is when my girlfriend introduce me to it. She recommend me lots of book that she has interest in. When I read those book, I just keep on reading because I like it right away. It is really a good time when I am reading with my girlfriends. It is like the best past time that she and I have.
  6. StephWhis

    StephWhis Member

    I definitely fell in love with literature when I was younger. While I still love it, that was my first real introduction to books. I remember I would get so excited when the book fair would roll around because they'd have so many new books that the school library might not have had, so I could really stock up. My love has only grown, but I don't write myself. What I write tends to be more article-based sort of things, but I'd definitely like to try giving fiction writing a try one day.

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