When Did You First Fall In Love With Reading?

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When Did You First Fall In Love With Reading?

  1. As A Child

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  1. 3DogsInATrenchCoat

    3DogsInATrenchCoat New Member

    When I was in kindergarten I really, really hated reading. I don't remember if I could read but just didn't want to, or if I was refusing to learn, but either way, my dad's solution was to buy a Captain Underpants book and leave it conspicuously out on the table. Took a few weeks, but eventually I picked it up and ended up reading the whole thing that night.

    Dad was thrilled. Mom didn't like the subject matter.
  2. jennaw528

    jennaw528 New Member

    I first fell in love with reading whilst attempting to show off to my peers in fifth grade. We were in library class and I picked a very large book at random to borrow; little did I know that I had chosen the fourth Harry Potter book. By an absolute miracle, I read the entire novel (it was over five hundred pages) and proceeded to finish the series from that point forward. Because I was keen on bragging about my reading abilities, I made absolutely certain that my entire class saw me lugging this gigantic book around school.
  3. Loongecko

    Loongecko New Member

    I remember when I was about three years my dad got me hook on Dr.Seuss books to the point I wanted to read them myself. My passion for reading books grew even stronger once I was in Kindergarten, for we had a time in the class specifically for reading. I pick up on Cam Jansen mysteries and Goosebumps series during the time. Those always kept me on edge for I’m the type of person that likes to predict the ending or who was the mysterious criminal.
  4. Emwdz

    Emwdz New Member

    The first time I fell in love with reading was when I was nine. My favorite uncle told me he had pre-ordered a book for me called Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. When the book came in, he gave it to me with a sweet inscription in the cover. I was enamored by the cover and chapter art, and immediately sat down to read it.

    I don't think I ever put the book down. I read it constantly; on the bus to school, traveling in the car, in bed when I was supposed to be sleeping. Since then, I've been the biggest Harry Potter fan and overall literary lover.
  5. asyasmith

    asyasmith New Member

    I remember the first book that made me fall in love with reading. It was the Boy in the Striped Pajamas. I read through the whole thing falling in love with the boy who was so naive to the world at hand that was giving the little jewish boy food. At the end, when he mistakenly went in the gas chambers, it broke my heart and I cried for days. I cried because someone could be so good when everything around him was so horrible. I cried because all he wanted was a friend, and he paid for it in the end. When I finished crying, it astounded me how a book could have this much hold over a person. From then on, reading did not just become words on a paper, but an adventure waiting to be went on by me.
  6. crmeche2

    crmeche2 New Member

    I became an avid reader when I was a child. Coming from an economically disadvantaged home, books checked out from the library was one of the few leisure activities that were available to me. By the time I was in 5th grade, I had read every book in the elementary library. I had to check out books from the county library to keep up a steady supply of books.
  7. Tzahnke

    Tzahnke New Member

    I remember reading some children's poetry when I was four years old, and I was truly fascinated! I liked the variety of writing that existed; fiction, nonfiction, simplistic poetry (such as what I read when I was four), complicated poetry (such as what I read when I was seven), and much more! I am not a fan of all kinds of literature, but I am truly fascinated by the variety! One time I saw a tiny children's book that felt like it was ten thin pages, and one time I saw a computer programming guide that appeared to be bigger than a Bible! There is truly a wide range of literature, and I love it!
  8. MaXeN

    MaXeN New Member

    Reading is one of my favorite hobbies that started out as a way of competing with my older brother. Our mother has a complete collection of Nancy Drew Mysteries that he started reading when we were both in elementary school. It was the early 90s and we didn't have conveniences like the computer, the Internet and gaming consoles that we spend a part of our time on. During also that time, we get a lot of power outages and we would pass the time either playing in the woods or giving each other riddles to solve. Mother got worried all of a sudden and handed my brother the very first book to her collection. I got a little disappointed that she didn't give it to me instead so I started reading the second book. By the end of summer (which we only have two months of), we're already down almost a quarter of that collection and had realized how much fun the stories are. Today, my favorite reads include works by Sidney Sheldon, John Grisham and Victoria Laurie.
  9. waffle.girl0

    waffle.girl0 New Member

    I always loved to read. When I was younger, I never had a problem with reading. I used to get in trouble for reading when I wasn't supposed to. I'd read just about anywhere at home, on the bus, at school, in a library, the list goes on and on. Even now, I'll sit in class and get my books taken because I wasn't paying attention.
  10. iZED

    iZED New Member

    For me, I really fell head over heels in love with reading when the two of us had our "love child", that is, WRITING!
  11. Jessica Lyons

    Jessica Lyons New Member

    I fell in love with reading when I was a child. My family always bought me so many books, and I would love going to the library to check out books. I was a huge book nerd when I was a child. :)
  12. 1313dw

    1313dw New Member

    My earliest memories involved reading by flashlight hidden under a blanket on my bed! I always got caught but never cared and couldn't understand why I was being yelled at for reading while being encouraged to read!
  13. Sworden

    Sworden New Member

    I'm a very avid reader, and in terms of when I fell in love with it... I think it goes back to watching my older brothers play old school RPGs, such as Lufia and FFIV, and then trying out those games myself. I fell in love with absorbing different stories, regardless of the medium.

    If asking specifically about reading novels, I think it was when I was in 4th grade, and got the book 'Holes' as a prize for being the quietest person on the bus. I've read that book probably more than 10 times to date now, but I think I also sacrificed the ability to read on a vehicle.
  14. Maddie Pat

    Maddie Pat New Member

    I fell in love with reading when I was a child. I remember the first books I read were the Goosebumps series (which at the time I loved). They used to be so exciting! You could choose the ending yourself like if you would do this in a situation go to page x but if you would do that go to page y.

    Then came the Harry Potter series. I remember literally begging my dad to buy me the sixth installment the first day it released, even though it was too expensive at the time. And then once I started reading, I just couldn't stop myself until I reached the very end. I had to absorb ever single word the book could offer before I could come back to my senses. It was fun back at that time. There was so much free time. Life has become much busier now.
  15. itisokaye

    itisokaye New Member

    I've been in love with reading since my mom taught me to read. I hated our writing and reading lessons back then, but when the magic of letters, and words, and the stories captivated me, I was hooked. I remember myself reading a very thick, hardbound world history book just for the sake of reading it, and I was just barely 4 years old that time! Yes! I am a self-proclaimed reading-addict - ever since. The worlds that I'm able to experience and live in, and the lives of the characters I'm able to feel, love and hate - all this I experience through reading. Now, tell me, how could I not fall in love? <3
  16. shiozawa

    shiozawa New Member

    I was in 4th grade and my math teacher told us to ask our parents for Christmas a little unknown book called... Harry Potter. It was maybe 2 years before the first movie came out, so I had no idea what it was. I asked my parents the book for Christmas and on the 25th I started reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It was the 4th one, but I had no idea. I read it before the New Year and did not rest until I caught up with the series. A true gateway book to hard literature.
  17. Carlleon Thomas

    Carlleon Thomas New Member

    I fell for it really young.
    At first it frustrated me because I couldn't really pronounce or read on my own well.
    Over time when I was read to, I found myself falling in love with the art of stories and how words could turn into people and places I have never seen or been to.
    It really fed into my imaginative mind and helped
    me form free thought as a child and become a more creative person.
  18. Amanda M

    Amanda M New Member

    When I was a child, my mom was a huge influence on my reading habits. She always read around the house or on vacation and I must have picked it up from her. I fell in love early, but I can't remember what particular book, if any, was the key. But we always had books in the house and trips to the library were a regular thing.
  19. Issa Yacoub

    Issa Yacoub New Member

    I first fell in love reading when I was a child and my mom and dad kinda forced me to read books, at first i did not like reading but then i continued to read and read until it kinda became a habit and that is when i first fell in love reading.
  20. nonormals

    nonormals New Member

    My fondest memories of reading come from elementary school. The first one ain't too fun since I got into a bit of trouble. I had Saturday classes for another language in the same school I went to during the week and tried to give my brother a leg up by taking the book he was supposed to learn in grade 2 ( I'm a year older). Being extremely naive when the teacher asked if I had known what had happened to the missing I told her. I think I only got detention and further learned that stealing is wrong. The better memory was winning a reading contest run by the library. It was a reading marathon and for every book you read you have to write a review on a little circular piece of paper. That was supposed to be proof that you read the book. Being zealous I immediately started reading and reviewing the books I had, eventually hanging out at the library to continue that. At the end I had read over a hundred books and could see plenty of my reviews around the school (the reviews were posted as part of a caterpillar throughout the halls). The prize was a trip to the local book store along with a 25$ giftcard. I choose a guide to the original Pokemon along with a frame that now holds my school letter.
  21. portal126

    portal126 New Member

    I fell in love with reading around first or second grade. I never paid much attention in class but I always had a curious mind that was eager to learn, I just hated listening to lectures and people talk forever. I discovered reading was the perfect tool to feed my eager mind with knowledge and new skills. I began reading non-fiction and immediately fell in love. It felt as though my mind was travelling to the places I was reading about, that the people I read about were an extension of me, and nothing would get me calmer and more relaxed than a good book. Reading would soon lead to my second love, writing.
  22. Jullianne Odivilas

    Jullianne Odivilas New Member

    Since I was a little girl, stories in books have always fascinated me. I'd open my English textbook and read the stories I thought were interesting. I had even managed to make my own story at the age of eight. But I was a kid. I didn't normally choose books over toys. Books were just there. And then came my young adulthood; this is when I'd prefer books over alcohol and drugs and outings.
  23. kjpruett0422

    kjpruett0422 New Member

    When I was a kid, my mom used to stay home and babysit other neighborhood kids. I was an odd duck and didn't like to hang around others very much. I was very good at being quiet, coloring, and creating things without much ado. One day, some of the kids brought their friends so I was truly alone. I picked up a book that my mom had left on the side table and began reading. It was a fantasy book that talked about dragons and princes and war. I fell in love and haven't looked back since.
  24. Kc1992

    Kc1992 New Member

    I believe it was between the ages of 6-8, though I can't remember which was the first book I read as a hobby. I do know for certain that some of the first books I read were Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, or Harry Potter. I was introverted and I didn't spend much time around people besides my immediate family. When I discovered reading as a hobby, I found that it was a way to pass the time and keep my mind stimulated. My aunt got me and my siblings registered at the local library, and I would withdraw books regularly so there was never a lack of reading material. As the years past, however, I spent less time reading for entertainment until eventually I stopped it all together. Recently, after having completed my studies, I've picked back up reading as a hobby and I can honestly say I missed it.
  25. MotrescuAlexandra

    MotrescuAlexandra New Member

    I fell in love with reading when I was a child. I remember that I liked to read even when we all sat at the dinner table and my grandmother always told me to stop reading while I eat. After I grew up and became a teenager I started reading a lot of boos even during my holidays. During the summer holiday we all went to the countryside and all my cousins and friends were playing outside but I preferred to take one of Jules Verne's books, go into the garden and read.
  26. Gaia_Gamer

    Gaia_Gamer New Member

    When did I fall in love with reading? Probably in middle school.
    I didn't have many friends so I took quite an unhealthy interest in reading.
    Believe it or not, I read about 8 books a week, more if I could. This made me reject offers of friendship which probably would have made me quite a bit of good. I wasn't as picky those days I read anything interesting that I could find. These days I mostly just read fantasy.
    Having said that, even though maybe it would have been better if I hadn't gotten so attached to reading it sure improved my grammar. That much I can be thankful for.
  27. ellepaulette

    ellepaulette New Member

    I fell in love with reading in the first grade. I still remember the moment when reading just clicked for me. Growing up I would get in trouble in school for reading. I always had a book with me and whenever I was bored I would read. When I got in trouble at home my parents would punish me by taking my books. It was horrible!
  28. teachingrchildren

    teachingrchildren New Member

    Reading was something that was difficult for me as a child but I remember specifically two things that helped me to develop a passion for reading. First, my mother introduced me to the children's library. I still love going there with my own children. I was lucky our city library is beautiful. It's old and looks like a castle. What child won't fall in love with a real castle? Once inside I was in awe of the huge selection of books I could choose from. I remember how proud I was to be able to check out my own book. When I got them home I would delight in taking them over to my friend, Amy's house. She was the second person who helped to develop my passion. We would have read a thons. Often we would pick the same book so we could discuss the characters. So as you can see my passion for reading started around third grade because of the influence of my mother and friend.
  29. acrase

    acrase New Member

    I first fell in love with reading books with I was nine years old; I had started to read Harry Potter an absolutely loved it. This was soon followed by reading the Percy Jackson series and Twilight series. I recall reading several books per day, and especially with the Twilight books I would read a single book per day, and when the last book came out I forced my mother to go to the nearest book shop and buy it for me. I read it in less than eight hours, and had been completely disappointed by it. Nevertheless, the love of reading still persists to this day.
  30. TangPau

    TangPau New Member

    My father is a English Professor and has been my whole life. He is Science fiction junkie, a short story author, an essayist (one of his work is in Harper's 100 Best Essays of the Century Collection), and I had a very large library in the house growing up.
    I remember in Kindergarten and First Grade being in trouble because I could read too well. They apparently did not like how my dad was teaching me to read.
    With all of that said I do not remember learning to read or a time when I did not have a lot of books. I do remember I changed schools in the second grade and checked out the library day one and found a book called "Alvin and His Secret Cipher" I remember reading it over and over that year and wondering if there were more books like this I could read.
    I think that was the point of no return, so to speak.

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