When Did You First Fall In Love With Reading?

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When Did You First Fall In Love With Reading?

  1. As A Child

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  2. As A Teenagr

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  3. As An Adult

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  1. TNMoon

    TNMoon New Member

    When I was in school, like most of my friends, I didn't enjoy reading. I read what we had to and never comprehended anything.
    When I became sixteen, I got my driver's license and that first summer I was able to go to the library the first time for leisure. This was before the Internet. I would look up books that interested me, not my English teacher. I really began to enjoy reading then and in my senior year, I paid a lot of attention to the books we had to read for reports. I remember choosing "Gone with the Wind," and a few friends laughed because the book is so long, but, once I started reading it, I couldn't stop. I was hooked. I loved that book and to this day many years later, it remains a favorite.
    Now, the size of a book is not daunting to me, and I see my fifteen year old son picking books for school, by how long they are. It's funny and I tell him that hopefully one day, he will see the joy and eploration in reading, just as I did.
  2. Alfred Joshua

    Alfred Joshua New Member

    I first fell in love with reading as an adult. I guess I am one of the very few that fell in love with reading at adulthood. Reading is good as I finally realized when I was an adult "why was I not a bookworm when I was a child/teenage?" Alas I grew up alone, playing away my childhood and teenage years with no one to yell at me "go read your books"
  3. Rebekah Kay

    Rebekah Kay New Member

    I can remember absolutely dreading reading whenever books were assigned to me in school. I would look up the summaries just to avoid actually reading them. Then, in my junior year of college I realized trying to use summaries wasn't going to cut it anymore and that i needed to actually read the literature if I was going to pass. We read To Kill a Mockingbird and i fell head over heels in love with reading. I bought myself a Kindle a little while after and just haven't been able to stop finding new things to read and indulge myself in.
  4. Ilovebunnies85

    Ilovebunnies85 New Member

    I first learned to love books as a child. I remember getting some books for Christmas one year it was wind in the willows, around the world in 80 days, wizard of oz and the secret garden. And ever since then I have loved reading. My biggest dream in life is to be an author.
  5. Ezlidur

    Ezlidur New Member

    I fell in love with reading when I was a child. My mother gave me her copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and I fell in love with the book that I did nothing but read Harry Potter. My love for books did not die with the end of the Harry Potter series but instead carried on to other fictional series like The Chronicles of Narnia and Percy Jackson series.
  6. jennifer palmer

    jennifer palmer New Member

    I never cared for reading much when was younger. The most Reading I did was when I had to. I Fell in love with reading when I started 8th grade. My class had to do a project and paper based off of our favorite author. I was stumped for the longest time because i never really read much. Then, my mother gave me a stack of books. most of them i couldn't get into except the few books that were there by Jane Austin. She is the reason i love reading so much. I will always be able to pick up one of her books no matter how many times I've read it and read it over and over again.
  7. hatchem08

    hatchem08 New Member

    Elementary school was when I first got into reading. I use to have a really hard time with spelling and reading, had absolutely no interest in books. When I got into grade 6, my teacher introduced me to Island of the Blue Dolphins and I fell in love with it. Now I love reading, it is one of my favourite activities.
  8. yandra

    yandra New Member

    I developed a love for reading by age eleven. I think this happened because my mother also loves to read. There was never a shortage of books around my childhood home. My mother and I would constantly be laying down on her bed reading some good books. As a child, I preferred to curl up and read a book as opposed to spending time playing with friends.
  9. Rumbidzai

    Rumbidzai New Member

    I fell in love with reading when I was in my teen years. I had just changed schools and at my new school the English classes were all about vocabulary, learning big words, how to speak good English and writing good essays and all this was new to me because we did not have it in my previous school and I always failed. My new teacher then took me aside and told me I had to start reading books so as to improve my English, she advised i read the 'Babysitter's club' series and 'Goosebumps' series. Since then my English improved and my love for reading books grew,now I enjoy to read books by Danielle Steel, motivational books like the 'Secret' and 'Rich dad poor dad'.
  10. cleo29

    cleo29 New Member

    I first developed a love of reading at a very young age. My family, mainly my mother, always read to me. When I learned how to read, I returned the favor. I would also read books to each of my stuffed animals in turn. Then, when my little sister came into the world, I read to her constantly. Now, it is nice to use it as an escape from reality. I enjoy connecting to characters and learning about other's lives (real or fictional). I think reading a wide variety of books helps you understand people better. I've pretty much been reading my whole life. To this day, I walk around with my nose in a book! :)
  11. QuinnEvans

    QuinnEvans New Member

    My love must have started early. I remember sitting by a window in my first home at about three years old, reading in the light. I had a Dr. Seuss book, I think it was The Lorax. It was just a way for me to pass the time.
  12. aburch

    aburch New Member

    I remember really enjoying reading in third and fourth grades. We had time set aside to read (usually about 30 minutes). I loved going into the library and choosing a book. The school library also had a covered reading wagon. You could only go one or two at a time, and it was a special treat to get chosen to read in there. I remember settling in on the pillows, and then, the teacher sticking her head in and telling me that it was time to leave. I felt like I had just gotten in there! Time seemed to fly when I was reading.

    I also loved the feeling of coming back to earth when I closed a book. I'd get sucked in to the story, and when I stopped reading I felt like I had been somewhere else. And, I was. I was a part of the story. I was always happy and relaxed after reading, and I sought out books to feel that way again. There's a quote that goes something like, a person who doesn't read lives one life, a person who does lives hundreds.
  13. dobusinesswithclb

    dobusinesswithclb New Member

    I remember I always had fascination with books but I got really hooked with reading when I read The Fault in The Stars back when I was a teenager. Back then I didn't know books could affect you like that. How even though your not really sick - like the two protagonists on that John Green's book - you could still relate to their struggles. I felt their pain and sympathize with them. I prayed that both of them heal but it just didn't happen. I like that it wasn't the usual happy ending I get when I read books. After that I couldn't stop reading. I was always looking for what's the best read and friends recommendations.
  14. elliethegypsy

    elliethegypsy Member

    I can still remember the days when I was in high school and I was required to read books since I got transferred in a different school for the last semester of the year. I needed to take exams which basically means, the topics that they've already discussed will be the answers on the examination papers. I panicked since I'm not really that fond of books and reading before. But right after I failed on their exams, that's the time I found myself seeking help to books because all of the answers was just one read away. I felt really stupid that time so for me to prevent myself from getting on the same situation again, I started to find more time reading books even there was no examination coming. Reading also became my past time hobby apart from drawing and sketching. Until now that I'm already an adult, I still set a number of books that I need to read every year which makes me happy and helps me to be more responsible as well. Responsible in a way that I have to meet my goals once I set it because in the end, it will still benefit me.
  15. Akirekire27

    Akirekire27 New Member

    I wanna share to you guys, my experience. When I was a kid, I don't really like reading books. All kinds of books. But, of course, especially Academic books. But, when I encountered E-book, there, it began. Yes, I admit, most e-book genres are romance. That is why, I was hooked up in reading e-book. I read, and read, and read. Until, I'm looking for more genre. Not just romance, but mysteries, fantasy, fan fiction, teen fiction, adult, everything! People always tell me, e-books will not help me learn. It will only make me a teenage mom, because all I read was romantic stories. But, no. It gave me new interest. A hobby. A world and a fantasy where I can go anywhere. Because, honestly, authors are so amazing! They make us readers feel something and let us hook into something. So, my advice, to all the younger people, keep on reading! Maybe you don't like it right now, but once you see the beauty of it, you can't get enough of it.
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  16. kimmy2315

    kimmy2315 New Member

    I started to fall in love in reading when my classmate held me a book and got curious with it. I started reading it and fall in love with it. I started to borrow more books. The genre of the book are fiction. Since technology is on trend, I started downloading e-books and read the whole day haha just kidding!
  17. kumarsunil123

    kumarsunil123 Member

    When i was student of class 5 in middle school Basudhar. All teachers motivate me to reading and that time i thought I have to read. Then i was decided reading hearlty. I start reading well designing. There was problem of light and in the night. I first fell in L0ve. with reading.
  18. Treveez

    Treveez Member

  19. Rinkukrksth

    Rinkukrksth Member

    When I was child, My mother told me for reading books daily. She lived around me in the reading time and watch me.What I reading the book and watched me carefully. I loved my mother and obeyed her saying. I was reading daily in the morning and fell in love with reading.
  20. Jflower

    Jflower New Member

    I fell in love with reading approximately at seven years old. We were given a poem to memorize and to return the following week to recite it to our teacher, this was like in my mind a space between, like on a monthly basis. I realize that each poem had a story and I still today, love to read stories. Upon reciting the poem, I was sent to recite the same poem to other teachers in front of their class and I realized that I was not accompanied by any of my friends. To be honest, I developed a love for reading since then and I will not look back. While my teacher did not commend me verbally, but her actions told me that she was pleased with my memory, pronunciations and emphasis.
  21. DianeBorg

    DianeBorg New Member

    I always loved books since I was a child, at first I used to only watch the pictures as they read stories to me, but when I learned to read I started reading the books myself. When I was 6 years, they had to remove my tonsils, so I took lots of books with me to keep me company :).
  22. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    I was twelve years old when I started reading books. My brothers often told stories about the books they read. I became curious and borrowed these books. As I read them, i felt I was transported to another time and place. After that, I started reading several books. They stir the imagination and are very inspiring. I sill love reading books because they were my internet at the time.
  23. thegoddamntree

    thegoddamntree New Member

    I think I fell in love with reading because my parents used to read to me, and quite honestly I think reading to children is a great way to get them involved in reading as an interest, as well as providing them with a better sense of language and vocabulary, but I digress.

    From a younger age, I was exposed to stories and encouraged to read aloud as well. And my parents would read to me or make up bedtime stories before I went to bed. It was from there that I started reading extensively about many different things. I particularly liked sci-fi and later on, non-fiction or mystery.

    For a while I stopped reading though, unfortunately. Mostly through my teens, where reading became "unfashionable". I've been trying to get back into the habit of reading recently, and slowly, but surely, I feel the passion and flow for it coming back :)
  24. ohevit

    ohevit Member

    I fell in love with words since I learned to decipher words and their meanings. I was in Grade 1 when I became a voracious reader. I have finished reading my Beginner's Reader Book before the middle of the school year because I had my own strict schedule of my own. I grabbed my older sister's book for additional stories. I was in Grade 5 when I learned about pocketbooks. I even read detective stories of Arthur Conan Doyle and Ian Fleming. It was in high school when I got bored of love stories in small pocketbooks that I started to read Denise Robbins and others.
  25. Teambits

    Teambits New Member

    I think I fell in love with books at my tender age of 8years.All my childhood life l have been indoors just reading all sorts of books to avoid being bored. Fictional books was mostly my taste.It is what inspired me to continue reading.
  26. Tasheika

    Tasheika Member

    Ever since I was younger I would read almost everything I see, billboards, posters, books, signs, advertisements, And most of all books...I really enjoy reading.
  27. jeszai

    jeszai Member

    I fell in love with the books in a very dramatic way. lol
    I remember when I was in my childhood years, I got so envy whenever I hear my neighbors outside playing. My dad used to buy me a lot of books and I have to read it because as he arrives in the evening after his work, he'll gonna ask me what book I finished reading and what I've learned about it. I still remember how obedient I am as a kid but I do also remember how it made me sad that I couldn't have more time to play. Until one day, our English teacher shared to us that she's hooked up into reading this one particular book. I got surprised because that book was actually the very first novel book my dad gave me. Fast forward, my very first best friend is my English teacher, we shared a lot of things from the books we used to read. Thanks to my dad :laugh:
  28. subhan456f

    subhan456f Member

    i first fall in love with reading when i was 12 years old it was proved very good for me
  29. mhatter47

    mhatter47 New Member

    Method 2 Developing a Reading Routine You Love
    1. Create or find a good reading environment. Find a place that is quiet, well-lit, and comfortable. ...
    2. Set times to read. ...
    3. Always carry a book with you. ...
    4. Keep a reading list. ...
    5. Track authors or series you enjoy. ...
    6. Socialize around reading. ...
    7. Try audiobooks. ...
    8. Visit your local library.
  30. DiDi20

    DiDi20 New Member

    A teen and was in high school and it was a summer that was really boring and I saw some books at a friends house so I just decided to borrow them. Best idea ever, they were all really really good.

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