When do you listen to music?

Discussion in 'Music' started by Tiia, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. Satya Narayan

    Satya Narayan New Member

    I usually listen to music when I am travelling. As my office is in another city, I have to travel by train to reach my destination.
  2. Tomlinsson

    Tomlinsson New Member

    I only listen to music when I'm driving or when I'm at the gym, and sometimes I got for walks in the park and listen to music. I love going for walks because it means I have absolutely nothing else to focus on but the music so I appreciate it so much more than if I'm listening when I'm busy lifting weights at the gym. It gives me a chance to focus on the lyrics and notice all the small elements that make the songs great.
  3. nonphixion

    nonphixion New Member

    I always listen to a bit of music when I'm doing work at home. I have always found that it helps new ideas spring up to the front of my mind. Listening to music when working out is also great for a bit of motivation.
  4. cogitaSoft

    cogitaSoft New Member

    I usually listen to music to feel relaxed, or whenever I'm in a good mood. The radio seems off - bounds for a while now though, as of late 'What does the fox say?' plagues the network. I often listen when I'm doing research, or large papers, which help me to work faster.
  5. msnerd

    msnerd New Member

    I try to listen to music whenever possible. The type of music I listen to depends on what tasks I'm trying to complete as well as my mood for the day. When I'm driving and in my car, I like to listen to fun dance music or songs I could sing along too. When I'm trying to study or focus, I prefer classical music. If I'm trying to wind down for the day, I like soft jazz or piano music. Music is what gets me through the day though, so I listen at every opportunity I can get.
  6. mango4529

    mango4529 New Member

    I love hearing the music all the time , but the music also changes time to time according to my mood
    When my sad then I try to listen good and inspirational songs which motivates me and when any new release of Eminem and other rapping song. Music is my drug its balance my dopamine level.
  7. Arrow123

    Arrow123 New Member

    I listen to heart pumping music when I run to get my heart rate up and to feel energetic. I listen to my favorite songs while studying (although I probably shouldn't since I get distracted so easily). I don't really listen to any classical songs but I do love listening to movie soundtracks especially the Harry Potter ones.
  8. Sean1234

    Sean1234 New Member

    As a musician I find it hard to not listen to music. I jam to it in the car with my CDs or radio or I play music myself through guitar and singing. I also find that it helps me go to sleep. Night, day, whenever. Music is my life and soul. Youtube is a great source and so is the Tunein radio app. Also it helps me pump those few extra reps in the gym ;)
  9. Mrs17716

    Mrs17716 New Member

    Usually when I'm going somewhere, or when I'm cleaning the house or cooking dinner! It always makes the time spent doing tedious tasks a little nicer :)
  10. BoundToSailAway

    BoundToSailAway New Member

    I think I tend to listen to music on a pretty regular basis (in the car, in the shower, walking around the city...)

    But the most important time when I MUST have music is when I'm cleaning. If I'm trying to clean the house and don't have music going, it is a physically painful experience. For some reason it's just so much easier to mop the kitchen or sweep the living room while rocking out to some Pearl Jam.

    Yeah...music while cleaning is an absolute must.
  11. brooklynemilee

    brooklynemilee New Member

    I tend to listen to music in my car and when I am doing schoolwork. Driving gets boring and it helps me focus. The same goes for when I do schoolwork.
  12. Shannonbutler18

    Shannonbutler18 New Member

    Normally, I don't listen to music when I'm home, because people are constantly talking to me and I need to be able to hear them. I usually listen to music when I'm on my way somewhere, or if I'm alone. Most often, I listen to music on the bus, because I get anxious on buses.
  13. Juggerbyte

    Juggerbyte New Member

    Whenever possible, but mostly in the car. I do a lot of gaming and I try to listen to my own music when I play but a lot of games lately seem to rely heavily on environmental noises to make that work to well. I don't wanna get shot in the back off the head because I didn't hear the footsteps behind me!
  14. FatesWing

    FatesWing New Member

    I love to have music playing around me at all times, but there are times throughout the day when that isn't possible. This is when I listen to the music that exists inside of my head. It can be a tune I heard somewhere or it can be an all original tune. My mind, and probably yours too, allows music to always be there!
  15. tforde90

    tforde90 New Member

    I always have music on when I'm working. Puts me in a kind of "zone" where I'm not really thinking about what I'm doing, just enjoying the music!
  16. sandra0530

    sandra0530 New Member

    I absolutely love listening to music! At any given point of the day, if I'm not doing anything important you'll catch me listening to music. Walking to class, driving to work, cleaning the house, or even have the radio on while showering! Music will always put me in a great mod therefore I try to listen as much as possible.
  17. crockcrock24

    crockcrock24 New Member

    Music is the majority of my life. I listen while driving, showering, working, running, etc. At any given moment I am listening to it. However, my absolute favorite time to listen is while driving at night. There is something truly amazing about loud music at night that I will never fully understand.
  18. ranavex

    ranavex New Member

    Am a Engineer and a Freelancer. Most of the time i have to stuck with my projects.
    So when i am travelling, driving my cars, working with my home pc, doze, fell to yelling inside my mind, When i get time i like listening music. For me it's meditation and medicine.
  19. Mr.Bosilkov

    Mr.Bosilkov New Member

    The music is all around us in the car, on the TV, in the clubs, everywhere. I usually listen to music every time I have the chance and the chances during the day and the night are a lot. :)
  20. mickiego

    mickiego New Member

    I love listening to music when I'm working out. Whether I'm on the cross trainer or on the treadmill, music blasting in my ears helps me get going, and helps me move to the beat. It also helps take the boredom away and motivates me to move at a faster pace.
  21. Detlev

    Detlev New Member

    I typically listen to music while I'm doing something else, like driving or playing video games.
  22. canadijen2013

    canadijen2013 New Member

    I listen to music all the time; at home, in the car, while walking and running, while working. Music keeps me moving and makes everything more fun.
  23. evelyn nkuba

    evelyn nkuba Guest

    more like when do i NOT listen to music, I am always listening to music, i am rarely seen without my earphones :cool:. I usually listen to music when i'm walking to the bus stop, when i'm on the bus, just walking down the street, when i do my homework, when i do independent work in class, when i'm cleaning, when i shower i play it out loud, and when i'm just surfing the web.
  24. thenelsoned

    thenelsoned New Member

    I personally listen nearly all of the time. I virtually always have at least one earphone in, especially whilst traveling. However I also enjoy dedicated listening sessions at my desk at home on either my higher quality headphones or my speakers.
  25. JamEngulfer221

    JamEngulfer221 New Member

    I usually listen to music when walking to and from college. I find it helps me to relax and prepare myself for the potential work of the day to come. In the afternoons I also listen as it helps me to wind down, relax and get out of the concentrated mindset of the day.
  26. april84

    april84 New Member

    I listen to music anytime of the day. I listen to kid's music on Pandora on my cell phone while I'm dropping my kid off for school. I put music on to help me through the monotony of doing my dishes. Music is awesome....it can help put a spring in your step or help you settle down to sleep at night.
  27. hayleyprimm

    hayleyprimm New Member

    Only in the shower. All of my friends tell me I am completely tone deaf.... And whenever I listen to music I HAVE to sing along. So the only way I can listen to music is in the shower, that way I can scream out the words and no one will yell at me.
  28. NMSkies

    NMSkies New Member

    I mostly listen to music when I am working out at the gym. The steady beat encourages me to push myself. I also turn on the radio whenever I am in my car and tend to sing along. Sometimes I also listen to music while I am cooking.
  29. NRiz

    NRiz New Member

    I listen to music all the time. I listen to music when I shower, when I make breakfast, when I drive in my car, when I'm relaxing, when I'm hanging out with friends, when I'm using the rest room, when I'm exercising. I'm listening to music right now.
  30. Lisa Ruiz

    Lisa Ruiz New Member

    I have always loved music. I love to listen to music while I clean, workout, surfing the web, and when I cook/bake. At night I'm always listening to some soft music to put me to sleep. Music actually helped me study when I was a student a long time ago.

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