When do you listen to music?

Discussion in 'Music' started by Tiia, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. shervin rahimzadeh

    shervin rahimzadeh New Member

    I listen to music when i feel happy or sad.
    When heartbroken sad music is great and emotional.
    When happy and in partymode i listen to pop/dance, whatever that gets my legs wanting to move.
    Peace be upon you all.
  2. Verity Darkwaters

    Verity Darkwaters New Member

    I listen to music a lot actually. I always have the radio on in the car. It usually never stays on one station very long I will admit. I also listen to it while I write or paint. I find it help keeps the creative juices flowing. If I am frightened while home I play it, if I am bored, or wanting to dance. So basically I listen to it at least a few hours everyday. Which I find is a good thing, it is calming and good for the soul.
  3. davidsf225

    davidsf225 New Member

    I like listening music when I hawe defined time....
  4. davidsf225

    davidsf225 New Member

    alsou i believe trained musicians lose a creative element in their musical ability that self taught musicians strive on and bring a unique sound. what i want to hear are other peoples thoughts on this subject.
  5. Gnopps

    Gnopps New Member

    Music is a big part of my life. I listen to music the most when working and when surfing the web. While working I prefer to listen to either classical, opera or dance music. This since they are all without much words (and I anyway don't understand opera sung in Italian. While surfing I listen to more soul, pop, latino and reggae.
  6. Aphex4ever

    Aphex4ever New Member

    I listen to music every day, in the bus , while running, while studying pretty much all the time I just like to listen music allot.
  7. Plunkd

    Plunkd New Member

    All day, every day. I turn it on the moment I wake up, and I set a sleep timer when I'm going to bed.
  8. numbers9000

    numbers9000 New Member

    I listen to music during my gaming sessions and when I work out. There's nothing better than some good hyped up background music when you're slaughtering monsters or pumping iron. My gaming/workout playlist usually consists of hard rock, dubstep, and heavy metal. However, it's a completely different story when I'm just just working or studying. During those times I need some more mellow, contemplative tunes. Normally some classical or soft electronica.
  9. Amber Lamoreaux

    Amber Lamoreaux New Member

    I listen to music in some form every single day. Music is almost like food and water for me. I depend on music to wake up, to focus as I'm painting (I'm a professional artist), and to keep going strong throughout the day. I choose the type of music I want to listen to based on what I need to hear in that moment. Sometimes it is going to be something with a lot of rhythm to get me energized if I'm feeling sluggish. Other times I will just crave to hear vocal acapella groups or some Offspring for no apparent reason.
  10. Richard Cherry

    Richard Cherry New Member

    I love listening to songs when I'm outside, mostly to get away from the world. I live in New York City, where the place is always so busy and loud. It feels good to get away from the world and enjoy myself before beginning a new day.
  11. Te'Arra

    Te'Arra New Member

    In our household, we will crank up the stereo when we are getting dressed to go out somewhere. It is just something fun we like to do with the kids. We will turn it up loud enough to where you can hear it wherever you are in the house. Occasionally, we will go in the living room and dance in between getting dressed.
  12. Paul_McG

    Paul_McG New Member

    As a working musician, I mostly listen to music that I'll be performing or teaching. Since I was trained to listen to music as a skill to be developed, I put a fair amount of attention into and therefore get distracted by music if I'm trying to do anything else. However, I do like to listen when I'm doing relatively mundane tasks like cooking or sorting laundry. And if I'm driving, I usually listen to public radio - news/information/call-in shows.

    I also like Twali's comment about listening for inspiration to write poetry. I can see how listening to classical or other instrumental music could provide that.
  13. benderjl1

    benderjl1 New Member

    I like to listen to music while I am at work. It really helps me concentrate, especially when I have to try and design a website or work on a monotonous project.

    I also enjoy listening to music while cleaning. There is nothing better than blasting some music and dancing around while scrubbing the floor.
  14. Matias Dominguez

    Matias Dominguez New Member

    Any time I'm able to, really. Lastly, I'm listening when working late at night since my mp3 player broke. Before that happened, I took that gadget absolutely everywhere, commuting, doctor's appointment, you name it. I also like to do a bit of radio streaming before sleep, that usually gets me in the mood to rest and relax. Oh, and I really like to go all out with my voice-impersonation skills when driving around town.
  15. Carneita2000

    Carneita2000 New Member

    I listen to music any time of the day, as long as I feel a pull from the inside to do so (when running, dreaming, swimming, eating, dancing, studying, etc.. There are times when I just feel sad out of the blue and so I pull for my phone and begin to play my mp3 songs. There are other times when I would like to learn the piano notes for a song, and I just visit YOUTUBE and listen to that song whilst learning the notes. Music is all over me, and if I could manage the hefty utility bill at month's end, I would have had a grand sound system set up in my back yard. :thumbsup:
  16. lbunting

    lbunting New Member

    Music gives me motivation and makes situations feel like a movie scene. Because of this, I like to listen to music almost every time I go to be active whether it be biking, snowboarding or even jumping on a trampoline. The music just gives me that movie like feel and makes me push myself to do things I may have not tried without music. Some music genres I like are hip hop, dub step, or even a little metal, but mostly electronic type music. Music helps me and I just love it!
  17. Zwiv

    Zwiv New Member

    During the week I listen to music in my car on the way to school as well as while I'm walking into school and the hallways during passing periods. On the weekends I'll turn on music while I'm working on the computer just as background noise and it helps me focus more.
  18. Paul Looper

    Paul Looper New Member

    I usually listen to music when I workout at the gym or go for a run outside. Occasionally I will listen to some tunes before I go to bed or while I'm surfing the web.
  19. Restro

    Restro New Member

    Listening to music for me is just at a random, whenever I feel like listening to it I just do it. I don't really know when I listen to it the most though. I think it might be at my Basketball and Boxing warm-ups; I usually listen to some big hits or some undiscovered, but amazing artist, for example I found Macklemore before a month when he became popular with his 'Thrift Shop', anyway, he's just an amazing artist. Back to the topic..I mostly listen to it in my Basketball and Boxing warm-ups because it kind of pumps up my blood onto the next level, I don't know, cam't really explain it to you folks.
  20. PlayItSafe

    PlayItSafe New Member

    I mostly listen to music while I'm driving. Usually I drive alone, so music makes me company :)
  21. Crystal Finley

    Crystal Finley New Member

    I listen to music when I'm cleaning my home, exercising or just feel the urge to listen. Depending on the activity, music helps me stay focused and entertained. There's nothing like listening to someone with great vocals.
  22. wah.mom

    wah.mom New Member

    I listen to music when I’m in the car but I sing when I’m feeling blue. Singing makes me happy.
  23. Samd23

    Samd23 New Member

    Listening to music is so soothing for me. I could listen to music all the time, however I mostly listen to music at night before I go to bed as it helps me sleep.
  24. Joe Foster

    Joe Foster New Member

    I listen to music absolutely whenever possible. If I can't listen to music, its in my head, and it manifests itself in my whistling, humming, clicking, tapping out a beat or just doing something rhythmic. I am constantly in touch with music somehow.
  25. Matthew Murphy

    Matthew Murphy New Member

    I listen to music all the time! Whether it's a school, at home, at work, in the car... I always listen to music becauseI enjoy it so much!
  26. Kurt

    Kurt New Member

    I actually never listen to music when I'm running or, generally, doing menial tasks. I like to sit down and really make it something special, actually!

    ...though I do like to put on jazz when I'm cooking. I don't know why, but it makes me feel more creative!
  27. Parth_

    Parth_ New Member

    As many of you have said, driving is one of the main times where I listen to music. Besides that I listen to music when I'm working out, sometimes before I go to sleep, if I'm bored on campus, and sometimes even in the bathroom.
  28. dandale676

    dandale676 New Member

    I love listening to music whenever I have a free time. Whether be it in coffee breaks, lunch breaks, at home, riding on bus, walking for office or to my house, as long as I have that time to listen to music. I love music and I grow up listening to different tunes and music genres. I calms my nerves and sometimes brings me up to a good mood.
  29. Mihaeleni

    Mihaeleni New Member

    As Ann said, there is always a good time to listen to music. I listen to it every chance I get. At home, especially if I'm doing something that I don't really enjoy (chores, homework, etc.), on the street. Anywhere and anytime possible. It centers me somehow. I think it also isolates me in a way and it's a kind of warped protection from the outside world. At least, that's what I've observed in myself. How I feel when I'm listening to music while on the street, among the hustle and bustle of everyone's daily life, and how I feel on my own, so to speak.

    To conclude this convoluted little babble, I always listen to music. :D
  30. ewi102

    ewi102 Member

    i listen to music every day.when i have a breaktime i listen to music.when i have doing some haouse chores i listen to music and when i am going buy some groceries in the market i wear my headset and listen to music.when im going to sleep i listen to music to me fall asleep faster and when im stress and tired listening to music makes me calm and forget.

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