When is someone ready to get married?

Discussion in 'Books' started by Giselle Ann Lising, Apr 28, 2018.

  1. Giselle Ann Lising

    Giselle Ann Lising New Member

    Really hard to decide :(
  2. Lyka zeel

    Lyka zeel New Member

    Myself am not married and am 22 so the right time to get married is when you feel I want to see the same face for the rest of your life when you wake up in the morning and that is the moment your heart will always tell you what to do but also when you have found the right person in your life ,someone who puts you first ,someone who misses you and say am coming to see you ,someone who will travels 1000km just to see and someone who is committed and responsible ,never rush into a relationship just because your friends are in a relationship .patience !
  3. wisdom

    wisdom New Member

    Being ready for marriage may be distinct for each and every individual. It depends on one's state of mind, mental capacity or maturity, commitment, & most of all - genuine love.
    As I have learned from several years of existence & being married for more than a decade, being married to someone means sharing everything with him - physically, emotionally, financially, mentally, & spiritually. If you expect your partner to be fully connected with you, you have to start to do the same.
    You have to search within yourself if you're really ready to take the big plunge. After all, no one knows how long or how short you'll be married with your partner.
    You see, the wedding is not the 'everything' in marriage. What happens after the wedding is the most important and juicier part and this is the true meaning of marriage. It's the time you spend together without anyone else. Before really deciding to get married, you should consider some factors.
    1. Are you going to rent a house? Share with your in-laws? Or have invested in a house by now? How are you going to pay the rent - his share or both of you will share? How about the meals and utility bills?
    This is one of the financial aspects & I know that a lot of single people may cringe with these statements or the way I present them. But this is reality! It would be better to talk about this with your partner before pushing into marriage than blaming each other when tough times come. If you have already invested or bought a house, then that would be very good.
    2. Has he shared his secrets with you? Do you feel safe & secure to share your entire self with him - including your most kept secrets?
    Sometimes, couples get frustrated when they discover that they have been cheated on by their partners; basically because they do not know their partners from head to toe. Definitely, there would be warning signs along the way even before you enter marriage with respect to your partner. Be keen for this signals. Maybe, he has told you some white lies or even big ones or has done something terribly wrong but subsequently, he has admitted them all to you. If this is your guy, well and good.
    3. Have you accepted each other's flaws & faults? Are you okay with his snoring habits, drinking spree with friends, & the social life he has with other people? Do you know his female buddies?
    Males are usually take longer to reach maturity. I have personally proven the old adage about knowing a person is truly different from living with the person on a daily basis. Your partner may have a habit of taking a shower before eating breakfast or drinking only coffee for breakfast. Little things like this may irritate you after being married for a few years & this could hurt your status.

    There are still a lot more to consider before finally accepting his proposal, and these are only a few of those factors. But if you truly love your man, and you feel that both of you will be committed with each other; go on and best of luck for both of you. May the Lord be the center of your marriage. :)
  4. rrsflores92

    rrsflores92 Member

    When you are emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially ready.
  5. yeeshin11

    yeeshin11 Member

    Many said you are ready to get married when you are physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially stable. Actually there is no perfect age or time to get married because you will never now what will happen in the future. What if you are doing your best to be stable in everything without knowing that you're gonna die tomorrow? You cannot marry someone if you are already dead. If you are in a relationship with someone live every moment with love, make them feel how important they are, if you both want to get married then get married. We only live once so don't waste your time making money or doing things that will not make you happy. Live to the fullest!
  6. ClainDeVier

    ClainDeVier New Member

    There is no specific age or age range to know that someone is perfectly ready to be married. However, when you know you already have a stable, permanent job, ample earnings, have started collecting assets and can actually live b without much of your family's intervention (financially) and that you know you can already set your chin up that you have accomplished lots of things and goals you have been pushing through all throughout your years being single, then you can be fit to take a step higher to adulthood--marriage. That is, again, if you found the right person already.
  7. hisgrace

    hisgrace New Member

    For me, there's no right age for that and it depends on your situation. Me as a breadwinner of the family, sometimes having a own family is a really hard decision, it is because are always thinking them first, before you. I'm giving almost 80 percent of my salary every payday and turns out for not being financially stable. I know having a family not always about money, but in our world today, wisely speaking, money controls everything.
  8. Rosekaizer

    Rosekaizer New Member

    We all know that getting married and making a family is not that easy at all. Getting married is full of decision making.
    For me, there is no age to say that I am ready to get married, right now I have boyfriend, I can say that when we are both stable and have permanent job, that is the time that I can say that I am ready to get married. But for now, we are both happy with what we have right now.
    What focus me right now is to help my family first before anything else, after that saving money for my future and future childrens
  9. daisy15

    daisy15 New Member

    Marriage is a very serious thing that it is necessary to think and act well. Based on my experience, we are, my wife now thinking carefully about things before we entered the situation of marriage. although in other neighboring countries and easily abolish the marriage in the country we are very sensitive and sensitive to do so. lots of fixes and many others. you have to prove that you really are getting married to someone else or something really important.

    The feeling of being different is all the emotions you feel. It's fun to be sad, but getting married to me is a sacred work for marriage so it takes a positive thought before you move it. Everyone is in my possession to be bound by the ritual of marriage before you join the same house it is biblically stated in the Bible.

    so for me marriage is a very important thing in human life. because your own family will complete your life so that people who are getting married get a good look at the personality of your reflection if you are sure about this person. Because marrying is not like a snake and when you get out of it you will suddenly spit it out. Think carefully before deciding to get married.
  10. ItsTheRealTRLG

    ItsTheRealTRLG New Member

    Sometimes it's really hard to get married cause you will not be able to what you want to do. but it's ok for those people really know what are they doing. but getting married is not that hot rice that you put to your mouth and just spit it up.. easy to say you cannot retreat if you are getting married.. and that's why you need to know first your ready to get married to your love one before getting married..
  11. addogassho

    addogassho New Member

    I think it will be when the both of you are mature. Marriage is an insane part of human relationships, it forces two people to commit to each other thereby "unifying" them. I know I sound like a christian, but that is the reality of marriage, two different people agreeing to be devoted to each other until the end of their lives.

    Is it easy? No, in all honesty; marriage is never easy. Both participating parties agree when they said their "I do's" all of that they will go together "For poorer or for richer, In sickness and in health, 'til death do us part" or in other words thru hell. Hence, to be married a person should have the maturity to forsake himself to the other/s. It is a daily experience of self-giving, because one's life is never owned by him anymore, it is owned by his wife and his children. Thus, selfless maturity is needed to be considered remotely ready for marriage.
  12. danielgd

    danielgd New Member

    Being ready to marry is not a checklist. Simply said, it is not like training for running a 5k running competition. You will marry only when your inner self will decide that this is the right action to do, and only when you have found the person that will feel to be in the same team as you are.
  13. silvey

    silvey New Member

    I think you know when you are ready to get married. The feeling is magical when you find the right person and you will know when you are ready because it will feel right. You will feel like you never felt before.
  14. itsmetoni

    itsmetoni New Member

    For me it's not about the age. The right time to get married, for me is when you sincerely feel that you are ready to be with someone fully, who will not only just be your spouse, but also your partner and best friend for the rest of your life. Also when you feel you are matured enough to take on life's challenges with the person you love, and also when you are already financially, emotionally, and mentally stable. In short, when you feel like everything is in place, and you are without doubts and hesitations.
  15. nekochan30

    nekochan30 Member

    when you really found the one ,that you cherish most and the one that you will spend your whole life ,the one that makes you happy when you are with her/him that all the time you spent will be forever with no hesitation
  16. menggay

    menggay Member

    Accepting your partner wholeheartedly.If they are not bothered by their flaws and just embrace them as they are.If they are committed to their partner and cannot live without them by their side.When they are financially,emotionally and spiritually stable realizing that there will be problems but they are ready to conquer them all.
  17. Soffy

    Soffy New Member

    Marriage is not about being young or old.As long as you both feel in love to each other why not? but make sure you both had something in life to start new life like: permanent job, enough earn and make sure you truly love each other because marriage is not easy.It is a big lifetime commitment so you ask yourself first many times If you truly sure and ready to settle down.
  18. Cinda

    Cinda New Member

    I don't think you are ever really ready to get married. Many people think that when you attain financial or emotional stability is when you should get married, but I think this is a pipe dream. Finding that stability is elusive. It's always within reach but you just can't grasp it.
    In my opinion, if you find that person who you can be yourself with, feel you can spend the rest of your life with them and be absolutely ready to commit to them, then you can get married.
  19. Lydia13v@gmail.com

    Lydia13v@gmail.com New Member

    Marriage is a sacred and beautiful thing arranged by God. You need to be married with a partner that you really love and deserves you.
    Marriage shouldn't be taken lightly. Marriage isn't like eating rice, spitting it out the moment you realize that it is very hot. You need to be spiritually, physically and mentally ready to get married. You must pray if he or she is the right partner for you. Trust in the Lord. I don't believe in divorce, among the most important are the marriage covenants made between husband and wife. Determine that there will never be anything that will come between you that will disrupt your marriage. Make it work. Resolve to make it work. There is far too much of divorce, wherein hearts are broken and sometimes lives are destroyed. Be fiercely loyal one to another.

    Spend time to talk about your plans in getting married. Pray always that God will guide you making your steps in your life.God will now be the One to fully guide you into whatever decisions you will make.
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  20. Mayang0910

    Mayang0910 New Member

    Marriage is a very important. That is why you need to be ready in entering into this Big Event. Here are the things that I want to share in knowing that you are ready to get married.
    1. You are financially stable.
    2. You get the blessings of both families.
    3. You are aware about the attitude of your partner and you are also aware about your attitude as his/her future partner.

    Maybe there's still a lot of things to remember but for me that is the basic things that you need to consider.
  21. Jason01@

    Jason01@ New Member

    Getting married is not an easy activity to decide. YES, not easy. I am in relationship for 4 years and one of our plans is to get married. We consider a lot of things such as money, emotions, peers and family. It came suddenly to my mind, ask yourselves with this:
    1. Are we Happy Together?
    2. Are we Pressured with our Peers?
    3. Are we Pressured with our Age?
    4. Are we Pressured by our Parents?
    5. Are we Emotionally Ready?
    6. Are we Financially Ready?
    7. Are we Ready to Race a Family?
    8. Are we Emotionally Ready?
    9. Are we Mature enough to have a Family?
    10. Are we in God-centered relationship?

    Consider these 10 questions to really assess if you are getting married. Answers may vary if you really answer honestly. Just seek God's Guidance in answering questions about marriage.
  22. aboel3z

    aboel3z New Member

    Ok, first of all, I'm just going to say getting married is not like choosing an ice cream flavor or buying a car. Marriage is for when you have decided that you want to share your life with someone very special.
    You have been in relationships. That's good but that's not nearly enough to warrant a big decision. You'll know when you know but and I say this with an enormous amount of respect for your sincerity, work on you. The other person deserves the best of you also.
  23. SoapboxMotrin

    SoapboxMotrin New Member

    I fail to see the relevance here, unless you're a book dealer who intends to marry a book dealer.

    But if you like Stephen King novels, and he likes them too, the rest is going to be history.
  24. Im_a_morena

    Im_a_morena New Member

    Marriage is a union of two person willing to sacrifice their freedom in order to be be united as one for the rest of your lives Marriage is a once in a lifetime decision with a big responsibility that comes along with it. It is something that you can't take back or backed out once your there.

    Marriage is something that you really have to give time to think of many times before saying yes. For me couples need to consider certain factors before getting married such as financial stability and being emotionally ready. it is very important that both the couple are already financially stable before getting married because the wedding itself will cost them a lot most specially if the couple really want to have a big wedding and its just the first part after the wedding they need to take care of the house they are going to live in, their daily needs, the bills and many more. Secondly being emotionally ready is very much important also, if you really love the person or can you imagine yourself spending the rest of your life with that person or even if are you ready to give up the freedom of being single and take the step up and be a wife/husband and sooner be a parent.

    Think a million times if possible before saying yes for marriage is a lifetime commitment and responsibility.
  25. jedmacrox

    jedmacrox New Member

    Marriage is a huge step in life. In order to get married, there are some things to take into consideration for this big step. First and most important thing for marriage is be confident and sure the person you are marrying is the one. You want to spend your life with someone you feel comfortable with, where both of you respect each other, help each other to grow and become a better person, be there in the good and the bad times, and love each other. The next step is to be sure that economy won't be too much of a problem when deciding on marrying and moving together. Last but not least, is just to think if you are mature enough for this big step, to be sure you have nothing else to miss on being single or not married. Enjoy life, be happy with that special one who also decided to spent the rest of the life with you.
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  26. ClaudiaPolanco

    ClaudiaPolanco New Member

    Marriage it's a huge step !!
    And that step it's different in each person. You need to love and accept yourself first and then you'll be able to love another person.
    First , marriage its a commitment with one another about loving and be there for each other on the good times and adversity, not everybody its ready for that commitment and never will, so you need to be sure you can make it and the other person as well.
    Be sure you have things in common so can relate and have fun together because its sad when you're not comfortable with somebody.
    You need to be prepare for all the challenges marriages have and be sure you can always choose to do life with that person.
    Last but not least life it's about sharing good moment with your loved ones so you must be able to share your life with your significant other.

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