When is the best time to listen to music?

Discussion in 'Music' started by Dominic, Aug 19, 2014.

  1. Dominic

    Dominic New Member

    I basically listen to music each and everytime. Have you ever had a bad day and all you want is to be alone? I know different people have different methods of coping with stress. Is this the time when music should play a great role in resolving your issues or when is the best time to listen to music?
  2. Ash4

    Ash4 New Member

    I love listening to music when I'm at the gym. It helps me stay focused on the task at hand. I am always amazed that I can get alot more done and can push myself a lot further when listening to my favourite tracks on my Ipod.
  3. Music is referred to as timeless across the genres. As life is not a snapshot, but developed slowly to be seen as a whole picture, I have used music anytime i have wanted, and or needed it. As many curve balls have been so thoughtlessly thrown spot on in my own day to day life, I've found music is the one constant in which I place no limitations on in best or not at the moment timing on. Every appropriate and more than timely, the lyrical and melodic ability of the musical universe, are welcome anytime. Even if I could use a little piece and solitude, I am un equipped to deny it.
  4. dominodiamonds

    dominodiamonds New Member

    My favorite place to listen to music is in the car. I have a 30 to 45 min drive to work and my AUX cord is my best friend. It's to the point where I hate getting calls while driving & I even take the long way home sometimes just to get a full listen. It's just something about driving and listening to music that go perfect together. Another way I really enjoy connecting with music is at the gym. The shower listen is always fun, too. Since I was 13 years old, I always had a radio in my bathroom.
  5. DragicTime85

    DragicTime85 New Member

    Best time in general for me to listen to music is when I have time to clear everything off my schedule and devote 100% of my energies to the music. Music is not much of a background experience for me, I personally prefer silence or the banterings of a television in another room if I'm only going to be partially paying attention. Any time day or night that I can sit down, put on a certain song, set of songs, album or simply scan few things I'd like to study, practice or learn from is the right time for me to listen to music. In other words, there isn't a right or wrong time, simply a matter of clearing space for a proper listening experience.
  6. Rachael25

    Rachael25 New Member

    My favourite time to listen to music is half an hour before I go to bed. Music helps me relax and enables me to go to sleep faster. It takes my mind off anything bad that has gone on during the day and clears my mind. I do not like listening to music when I am working or studying as I find it too much of a distraction.
  7. samuel kingori

    samuel kingori New Member

    I once read somewhere that music is the only universal language. Like when you hear an African beat and you know it's time to party when you don't even know the culture or the language. So any time is a good time to listen to music.
  8. holt

    holt New Member

    I mostly like to listen to music when i'm travelling somewhere (to town, to another city etc.), i can never get bored of that. I wish i could listen to music while i'm doing work, but that seems impossible to me, because i really have to concentrate on what i'm doing. The only exception may be in atmospheric genre, which i don't really enjoy that much.
  9. ImperialTea

    ImperialTea New Member

    In my opinion there is really no best time to listen to music. Music is an emotional enhancer and I listen to it whenever I want to feel pumped for a workout, or whenever I am feeling down and wish to get back on my game. It is useful when trying to get boring work done or if I wish to relax. There is no time that isn't a good time to be listening.
  10. ThirdRailRider

    ThirdRailRider New Member

    On a road trip is the best time to listen to music. I like to roll up and then roll out. Once I hit the highway it's all good.
    I also listen to music all day at work. It helps to pass the time and it keeps me motivated. I put in my earbuds at 7:15am and don't usually take them out until lunch. I also listen to audiobooks and podcasts.
  11. Lynnette161

    Lynnette161 New Member

    I think the best te to listen to music is really anytime. I personally like to listen when my house is empty and nobody is home, than I'm able to turn into that rock star I always wanted to be and dance all crazy you know just a moment of insanity to maintain sanity.
  12. tricoteuse

    tricoteuse New Member

    I love listening to music while walking, or while cleaning or doing something else around the house. For some reason, I feel the music better if I'm moving around. I probably look like an idiot bouncing down the street, but who cares?
  13. tzbt827

    tzbt827 New Member

    I try to listen to music as much as possible as it is a great way to relieve stress and to relax. I find it very calming to listen at night time when you do not have anything else to do, but I also enjoy to listen to music in the daytime as it tends to bring out my inner self as I can sing and dance along to the lyrics.
  14. nina1989

    nina1989 New Member

    The best time i listen to music is when I am working out or cleaning. I believe music is best listened to when you want to relax as well. Music can be a stress reliever and i support it 100%. I believe music speaks to ones soul and spirit. I believe it has the ability to calm and sooth an individual.
  15. MikeYorke

    MikeYorke New Member

    I believe there is never a wrong time to listen to music. I also believe listening to the right song at the right moment is incredibly powerful. Finding a song that fits the mood you are in is an awesome feeling.
  16. slayah

    slayah New Member

    The best time to listen music is early in the morning
  17. kmommy37

    kmommy37 New Member

    For me there is no set time that is best to listen to music. I enjoy music at different times but my favorite time has to be at night winding down before I go to bed. I love listening to slow jams from the 60s, 70s, and 80s because those songs take me back to a time of real expression. The happy memories and feelings of love just flow from me with joy.
  18. Tahir Roethof

    Tahir Roethof New Member

    The best time to listen to music is when you're traveling. ALONE. I can't stress that enough because when you're travelling with people and you're using earphones it's pretty darn annoying. I have a friend that does it but I don't blame him I fall asleep time to time on the way back from school.
  19. Pomegranate

    Pomegranate New Member

    The best time for me, the time I can really get wrapped up in the melody and the lyrics to take me away from myself, is in the evening. When dusk falls, I light a couple of candles and avoid putting any artificial lights on. Leaning back in my favorite chair and letting the sound wash over me is one of most relaxing feelings in the world. It's hard to create the same effect at any other time of day.
  20. urbanletter

    urbanletter New Member

    The best time for me to listen to music is early in the morning. It seems to charge me up to get the day going. I find it best to listen to positive, uplifting music in the AM!
  21. Kiven Gottem

    Kiven Gottem New Member

    When you are alone. Nothing feels the same.
  22. kcubed

    kcubed New Member

    Music to me is life. I always have it on while working. Actually, even right now am downloading some cool tracks to listen to before sleeping. Just like asking me to choose the right time to laugh.
  23. 13holeintheearth13

    13holeintheearth13 New Member

    In the car....if you have a long commute. I have 1 1/2 hour commute so I get plenty of time for music in the car! Also while you are writing or working on a boring online project. And last but not least, during sex. It sounds high maintenance... but no music=no sex. lmfao.
  24. 30SweetNoggyDays

    30SweetNoggyDays New Member

    Any time I'm not sleeping, eating, bathing, speaking with family, or in some classroom are the most favorable times for me to listen to music. In other words, at all times my attention is not needed for some specific task that could be distracted by music. Music is the greatest pastime at any time of day.
  25. mae

    mae New Member

    During my college years, I don't like going to the library because i felt like there was so much silence. I feel like I can concentrate more on studying when music is being played around. Same with my workplace now, I tend to stay focus on my work when listening to it.
  26. Nemes

    Nemes New Member

    My best time listening to music is after lunch time, relaxing and taking a short nap.
  27. 13holeintheearth13

    13holeintheearth13 New Member

    When all hope is lost....I am thinking of the movie titanic and how as the ship was sinking, they musicians were playing sad violin music. I would like to go out with some sad violin music if I am gonna die anyway. lol.
  28. Axinte2002

    Axinte2002 New Member

    It does vary a lot, depending on your mood and mindset, you might have a song that you would like to listen to at 5 in morning as the first rays of sun light up the sky from atop a building or late chill or melancholic music. It can be any genre, its about if it truly manages to convey those distant primal human feelings.

    I have a few songs like that that are very close to me and my personal history and they mean a lot to me because they remind me of special times and special people :)
  29. trevorwilson131

    trevorwilson131 New Member

    I listen to music just about anytime I get the chance to. I don't think there is a certain time when music "sounds better". No matter what time it is, music lifts me up and makes me feel better generally. Plus, depending on my mood, I listen to different genres in order to achieve different goals. For example, if I need to study, something like Pink Floyd would fit best, at least for me. If I go outside for a jog, electronic music such as Prodigy helps keep my heart rate up so I can run for longer distances.

    All in all, I think music soothes your senses and helps you be in a better shape than if you wouldn't listen to it. It always is the right time to listen to it, you just have to consider changing the music according to what time it is.
  30. ItzSparkyy

    ItzSparkyy New Member

    My emotions tend to run high when i am nearing sleep in bed, which is my favourite time to listen to music, so I feel that it depends on the user and if they like to run emotion or not, but night is for me.

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