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    Have you ever fall in love you and loving that person more than yourself? What does it really mean?

    Love: a four-letter-word that gets tossed around in conversations pretty carelessly to describe just about anything. I love your shoes. I love this restaurant. This dog totally loves me.

    But what about when it comes to relationships? What does it really mean to love someone?

    Love means accepting another person in the strongest way possible. It means supporting them in anything and everything, even when you may not agree on the situation.

    Love means not looking for something better or seeing what’s out there. It means committing to that person because you know they complete you in every way. It doesn’t mean being a replica of another person, but rather being like a puzzle piece that fits perfectly with the other. Your traits complement each other to create better versions of you both.

    Love means waking up early and whipping up pancakes in the morning just to show you care. It means going out of your way to make them smile and, without even thinking about it, dropping everything for them in those times when smiles aren’t appropriate.
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    Interesting but I believe in order to truly love someone, you must first learn to love yourself. I'm not saying to love yourself narcissistically or having a sense of being superior to everyone. It's loving yourself and accepting who you truly are. Accepting that you have flaws and grateful for all the good you have in yourself, in that way you won't have insecurity and you will be able to provide what the people you love need and they can also in return if they love themselves.

    It's simply saying that you can't give what you don't have. What if you love someone but you don't love yourself. That will be very toxic and you will depend a lot on the person which might lead to you not loving them for the sake of loving them but loving them because you need them to complete you and to make you feel secure and validated.
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    Interesting Topic :thumbsup::thumbsup:
    You just explain What real love is . Love is all about sacrifice,patience ,able to understand one another , self control, Discipline , And for me Love is the most Powerful Element that we had in ourselves . if we love what we do we becomes good at it , Im happy of what im doing right now sharing ideas with other people on social media was a fun thing to do .I enjoy reading other people opinion about the topic and sharing my own . Let's spread this love <3
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    Love is hard to define because what some people call love others call infatuation. While some say is a biological construct we’re all born with, others say that love is a social construct designed by the media.

    The scientific study of love is still ongoing, as there hasn’t been any hard evidence to determine whether or not love is, in fact, real–or that it’s just made up and merely exists in our minds. But, what we can say is that when studies are conducted on these feelings of love, researchers do find that parts of our brain and its reward system are active.
    Some scientists compare falling in love to the experiences a drug addict endures because of the similar levels of dopamine released. When you fall in love, your brain releases the hormone and you feel a rush similar to the kick one receives when taking a hit of cocaine.

    Like cocaine, your brain becomes addicted to the rewarding feeling of “love” and wants to keep the source of it around, hence why you might fall deeply in love (or infatuated) with another person. And if you were to lose someone you love or experience a break up, your body will experience withdrawal.
    Contrary to what we like to say and believe, the feeling of love doesn’t occur in our hearts, at least scientifically. Instead, it happens in our brain when we release hormones (oxytocin, dopamine, adrenaline, testosterone, estrogen, and vasopressin) that create a mix of feelings: euphoria, pleasure or bonding.

    Our emotions exist in our brain’s temporal lobe, inside its limbic system, with the amygdala at its center. This is where our brain processes hormones and release emotions, such as fear, anger, desire and love.

    Some people refer to oxytocin as the “love hormone” because of how it’s associated with feelings of attachment and bonding.
    If you’ve found yourself searching the Internet with terms such as, “does love exist?” or “is love real?” you might be questioning how you feel toward someone. But “love” is hard to define because, well, it’s rather ambiguous and we can all experience and express it in different ways. Some of us might view it as something written in the stars or as mere lust and attraction, while others view it as an intense, powerful feeling or some chemistry they feel toward another person.

    It’s an exciting feeling and something we all seem to strive for–but does it exists or is it a social contrast were made to believe is real?

    To understand whether or not love actually does exist, we can look to science to see what happens to our bodies when we experience this feeling we all refer to as love. If love does exist, this is what’s going on in our bodies when we have that intense feeling.
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    Love is obsolete to define because many people in this world can define what is love. People nowadays can easily fall in love with another person. If it cares, cherish, and many more adorable adjectives to describe. But what is important is that, when you love someone you tend to accept and embrace each other flaws. Acceptance is the first step to commit truly in love because without it there will be no love. Next is understanding, you tend to accept the person you love , you must understand his character so that there will no longer a problem in your relationship. Last is patience. Love is truly patient.
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    There are different level of love. Yes it is called love but the level of love is different for every one we love. The love for your parents is different for the love you have for your children, friends and your partner. The love that you fell for your partner is different from the love that you fell for your children , but it is both called love. How can we measure love?
    Can it be measured? Is it the feeling of excitement when we first saw our crush? or the feeling of a mother when she see's her child? For husband and wife when did they felt the blazing love for each other? Some say love is "Unconditional" I don't know, for my love, I know its "Conditional".
  7. Herbz

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    When love exists there shall be great sex. Lets spread love my friends!!! <3
  8. 118

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    Does the word Love means sex? If you wont have sex then you won't love? You cannot compare Love and Sex, their totally different matter. Love is love, there is no other word for it. Great love means great sex? "yes " sort of, but you can love your partner even without sex. You can be together forever because of love but you cannot stay together for a long time just because of sex.
  9. freddie42

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    Love for me can be described as the feeling of doing something so trivial with someone that I love and turn it into a memorable memory.
    For example,this one time that I'm arguing with my partner and we are not fighting or yelling each other in the face but instead we are arguing maturely and have this talk about how live would be totally different if we never met each other and that makes me so grateful to be loved and care by my lovely girlfriend.
    I would rather argue with her rather than anyone else because it magically turn into an experience that can't be described using words.
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    We are the epitome of LOVE


    We live, we breathe, we die, we laugh, we cry, we sing, we run, we get hurt, we hurt someone, we feel pain, we feel emotions, we have emotions ALL BECAUSE OF LOVE.


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