When was the time you realized that you were born to be a writer?

Discussion in 'Fiction Writing' started by Louiesolenn, Apr 22, 2018.

  1. Louiesolenn

    Louiesolenn New Member

    The time when my english teacher in high school marked my essay EXCELLENT!
  2. Dyacezekiel

    Dyacezekiel New Member

    When i was in high school. I wrote a story about my friend and her crush. I made her dream came true in the story. She tell me details that she want to be in the story and i start my work. I made her 40 pages of her notebook. Then i gave it to her as a souvenir. And last year of december,she passed away. 17 years after i wrote that story.. Shes reaaly nice,and i will treasure our friendship forever.

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