When writing, where does your inspiration come from?

Discussion in 'Fiction Writing' started by Jardin, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. Jardin

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    My daughter has been writing since High School. She loves to do it almost all the time. If I don't stop her from writing, I'm sure she'll do it from morning till night. She'll even forego eating. I ask her once where does she get all these ideas. She told me from everywhere. She said that a person could just be talking with someone but for her its a scenario in her stories. It could be when she's walking in the park, in the ocean or just sitting and watching t.v. Writers have really amazing imagination capabilities. What's yours?
  2. robertkennedy

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    Inspiration can come from anywhere. Many published authors have said that sitting on a bus and overhearing a conversation can spark entire novels for them. Others say they read the newspapers or draw inspiration from their own lives. Whatever the source of the inspiration, the hard part is actually getting that idea down on paper and turning it into a readable story that people will understand. It's easier said than done, but like with most things, if you practice at it long enough you will eventually get the hang of it
  3. Lady_Seah

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    My inspiration comes from everywhere, it's just a matter of appreciating of all the little things around you. You can get inspiration from your family, friends, you are in a relationship with or even your present situation. If an idea pops in my head, I make sure that I write it down on my mini notebook, so when the time comes that I run out of an idea I can just look at it.

    And as I said, just appreciate the little things around you. It can be a stranger in the park that somehow became your friend or a cashier in a supermarket. Listening to music also gives me an inspiration because a song is a representation of someone else story.
  4. Venpenname

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    Most of the time I don't,I am currently in school and my method is basically I have one year to do the basic rough outline of the story,plot,characters and their characteristics.
    And I a lot of time I have one idea or scene and then little by little it changes ,twist and blends and at the end it's nearly unrecognizable from the original idea.

    And then I have the entirety of summer to write the story.
  5. joshy404

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    I'm really into Crime stories and movies. And I wrote my first story in Wattpad that until now is still unfinished. My inspiration in writing are all my favorite writers. I want to write a story that is well-written as theirs. I read a lot of articles about them and I've learned so many things about writing. Also their stories and humble beginnings really inspire me. I also have friends who motivates me and support my story. They spend time in reading it give some suggestions and corrections. I appreciate all of those. With their help I feel like I can be what all my favorite writers had achieved.
  6. Deeyhan

    Deeyhan New Member

    I believe on the saying that People who is Inlove nor broken, wrote the most heartfelt novel or song. Every time I wrote a poem, any inspiration speech, and advices. I relay it on my own experience. The thing is, im Inspired on what i had been through before.
    Every time i wrote, i always put firts on my head that it should be meaningful. The question why I wrote, should be answerable.
  7. CarlaBorden1

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    Honestly, I am one of a fan and addicted reading wattpad stories, been attached to those teen fiction stories, sci fi and action stories. Amazed with those incridible writers behind those inspirational works. Then later on, I find myself writing mine as well. Its hard at first, especially creating your titles that can catch readers attention, introductions that will make readers to continue reading it to the next chapters, and of course when you've encountered "writer's block" but despite all of those things I am very glad and thankful that there are those writers whom I look up to guide me those difficulties. Published 2 stories, which is not yet done. Life experiences, especially those high school moments, first heart break, downfall times, teen problems, adulting and then boom! you can inspire and touch other people. Shoutout to my readers, co writers, friends and family who supported me no matter what! So much love!
  8. kreizett

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    I'm not a professional writer by any means, but I've written my fair share of essays (lol joking). In my case, I normally get inspiration from history books and autobiographies. I believe that history is the greatest storyteller of them all. Trust me, when you get into studying the past, you won't need any other source of inspiration; you'll have so much that you won't know what to do with it.

    TANPOST Member

    It's easy to write fiction manuscripts - even love letters to a sweetie - when you write using your child-like imagination. I once wrote a sweetheart a 100-page love letter ! I once wrote some very cool 40 page fiction manuscripts - when I had nothing but time to burn. Free time, is the best influence to your creative imagination - like shelled pecans are to a squirrel.

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