where country are you from?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by cha, Mar 9, 2018.

  1. cha

    cha Member

    Proud to say that i'm from Philippines. Philippines has so many beautiful places and tourist attraction.
  2. eliza83

    eliza83 New Member

    Im from Philippines..
  3. bette

    bette New Member

    i am proud to say that im from PHILIPPINES...
  4. Yanivosso

    Yanivosso New Member

    Well I was born in South Africa, livind in Johannesburg .. till we moved to Israel.. then I just made the world my home
  5. Dismas Mogaka

    Dismas Mogaka New Member

    Am from kenya
  6. dada01271

    dada01271 New Member

    proudly to say that i'm from Philippines.
  7. diana21

    diana21 New Member

    Proudly to say I am from Philippines!
  8. Dnemesis

    Dnemesis New Member

    It's more fun in the Philippines that is the slogan of my country where you can find many beautiful places, delicious food and the famous dish here is ADOBO, it has a wonderful beaches where you can enjoy diving and see the paradise underwater and off course you are accompanied by a wonderful people who always smile at you.
  9. Michael Ulian

    Michael Ulian New Member

    I'm from the might Bananaland... I mean, Brazil. XD
  10. Sophia Nevy

    Sophia Nevy New Member

    I am from Mexico, and I love it The food, the people, the music, the touristic places... Mexico is, to me, one of the best countries around the world, and I'm proudly mexican.
  11. abbey fred

    abbey fred New Member

    Am from Nigeria, the giant of Africa, one of the country with the largest market and Ibadan to be precise, the largest city in Africa .proudly a Nigerian.
  12. Junniel Rome

    Junniel Rome New Member

    I'm from the Philippines. Most of the people here are also from the Philippines and I think that would tell something about us Filipinos. That we are hardworking. We always do everything for the sake of our family. And those are only my thoughts because that's my reason also for being here. What are yours guys?
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  13. Roch Lazada

    Roch Lazada New Member

    I am from the Philippines! Wow I am amaze that there are a lot of filipinos here. I guess we are really into writing and we are really vigorous with just a lot of things! Proud pinay here!
  14. merasol mendoza

    merasol mendoza New Member

    I have nothing to say you splendedly untroduce our country with so much great comment's all i can say is im a pinay and proud to present our country Philippines.
  15. elaeva66

    elaeva66 New Member

    Would absolutely love to visit the Philippines. I have so many friends from there and it looks stunning.
  16. elaeva66

    elaeva66 New Member

    I was born in England but moved to Australia and then Canada. Went back to Australia and moved to Fiji then onto New Zealand. A bit of a nomad really :)
  17. Jacqueline Tabujara

    Jacqueline Tabujara New Member

    I am from the Philippines but consider myself as a citizen of the world. It would be nice if there is no boundaries that separate all of us.
  18. ruedasmarlon94

    ruedasmarlon94 New Member

    I'm from the land of Philippines.
  19. darn94

    darn94 New Member

    Philippines here! Beautiful place. Filipinos are kown for being hospitable. wonderful smiles are everywhere. Philippines in the last few years has become oe of the desired vacation spot of a lot of foreigners wanting to get away and unwind. Can you blame them? Philippines is a complete package. Mainly, Philippines is known for its beaches. And just recently Siargao is making a buzz. With its beautiful setting, it the primary choice of these surfers from all over the world. The place is stunning I just hope it doesn't get abused just like what happened to some places that used to be so heavenly and now was closed from tourists because of the destruction it had suffered. There are really pros and cons on things. Another thing abut the Philippines is its weather that most tourists love especially those that are from the colder parts of the world. And of course goods and expenses here are way lesser compared to the leading cities abroad. A lot find Philippines a good retirement place.

    It might have been through a lot of sufferings in the past but Philippines is fighting to be on top of its game once again.
    Just like what they say knocked out 7 stand up 8. Mabuhay Philippines.
  20. Im from Philippines. :)
  21. mariacarlapozon

    mariacarlapozon New Member

    I'm from Philippines. I can really say that I'm a proud Filipina. I love my country so much. It is really beautiful and worth living for. It really has many adoring tourist spots that you can visit upon. The people are very hospitable, kind and courteous. The food is very delicious. The weather is very fine that you can stroll and roam around 24 hours a day. And I'm really thankful that I was born in this country. This is my homeland and I will always protect it and contribute something even in the most simple way I can to make my country always a better place to live.
  22. Giselle Ann Lising

    Giselle Ann Lising New Member

    I am a Filipina. I am from Philippines. Our country is a beautiful place to live in. We are hospitable, jolly and expressive. We are not shy. We are confidently beautiful with a heart like Ms. Universe Pia Wurtzbach said. We are also hardworking that's why there are so many OFW's abroad who are willing to sacrifice for their family.
  23. perxhan

    perxhan New Member

    I'm from the "Pearl of the orient sea", the Phillipines. We have lot of things, places and even cultures that we can be proud of.
  24. yceiiya

    yceiiya New Member

    Proud to say that I am from the Philippines. A pure Filipina with a pure heart. The Philippines is known for its beautiful islands, mountains and other natures that we have. We warmly welcome tourists with hospitality and smile on our faces. We, Filipinos, give our warmest thank you to all the tourists who visited and appreciate the beauty of our country. You are all welcome here to see what we have here and feel the hospitality of a Filipino.
  25. Yordles

    Yordles New Member

    I'm fron Venezuela. I love my country, but to be completely honest, it's very hard to say something good about it right now. Back in the day it was good, maybe not the best, but good, now its pretty much a prision-country. I'm hoping that someday in the near future it all becomes better.
  26. darkvincent

    darkvincent New Member

    I'm from the Philippines. Pearl of the orient and a habitat for 100,000,000 Filipinos. It is rich in natural resources and beautiful places. My nation was cultivated by mixed culture of the west and the east. We are sharing common ideals, norms and culture. We eliminate all traces of transgressions, trials and tribulations through strengthening our faith to the Lord Almighty. We can endure all pain and hardships as long as we are united in one vision of uplifting the glory of our nation. Maybe we are divided by seas but it cannot divide our principle to instill changes in our community for the benefit of the people.
  27. prikayc

    prikayc New Member

    I’m from the Philippines and it looks like many of us are “pinoy”. I’m happy to see fellow Filipinos that are proud and enjoying the community here in postloop. I currently based out of my country and i can say that foreigners love Filipino and they always say “Filipinos are good people”. I can’t remember how many times i have heard that but it really warms my heart whenever i hear that.
  28. patricksaraspe

    patricksaraspe New Member

    I'm Proud to say that i came from the Philippines. The Pearl of the Orient.

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