Where do you publish your stories?

Discussion in 'Fiction Writing' started by SamaelHW, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. SamaelHW

    SamaelHW New Member

    I think it will be very interesting, especially for beginners, to learn about some websites where one can publish his stories. It would be preferable to be getting paid for it.
  2. acam1510

    acam1510 New Member

    Getting published by Amazon is really quick and fun. I would recommend any writer to upload material there, since you never know if your book is gonna blow up.

    Otherwise you can always upload it for free on Scribid. Sadly, you can't profit from anything there.
  3. msg17

    msg17 Member

    Sine I am a beginner in writing, I usually publish my works on Wattpad. I allow the readers to read my work and also, I do allow them to leave some comments. That way, I may know how to improve my writing. And in addition, by improving my writing, I would also attract many more readers. That is why I publish my works on Wattpad.

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